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Back In Your Head: The Tegan & Sara Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Sep 19, 2016.

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    Okay but this is the meanest thing anyone said to me in this forum so far. I hate her ddddd.
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    I'm just an evil mess today I guess.
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    How many people on this forum have been personally victimized by me?
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    I think hate is too strong a word to describe my feelings for her. She just seems like a troll to me and I don't even know why. Hehe.
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    Now I know why you stan (stanned?) Taylor.

    WAIT. Are you Taylor???
  6. 2014

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    Body Work is a booooop, gutted it just missed out on top 40
  7. Screaming at these eliminations and truly being a rate villian

    screaming inside

    crawling in my skin

  8. Nineteen needs to go ASAP.
  9. EXCUSE you?

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    That's one of the two scores of his I'm mad about. Nineteen is a classic.
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    sara: this next one... i'm just all about the dedications tonight.

    tegan: you're in a sentimental mood i see.

    sara: i think so. this next one is for all the people who are dancing, you're adorable.

    tegan: last time we played here at the jubilee a couple years ago, my grandpa was in the front and he came back and he was like "there was some girl - really tall - dancing in front of me the whole time. i couldn't see anything." *shrugs* what do you say, i mean i don't know. so today i called him and i was like "grandpa i was going to try and get you a balcony seat, but we only have floor seats" and i was like "i don't know if i'll be able to stop people from dancing in front of you." and he replied "do you think i'm old or something? i'll be fine." i was like "but remember two years ago?" no. it's fine. he's going to have fun, he's going to have a good time.

    sara: yeah, i think he's pretty- i mean he's pretty badass for a grandpa and i do think- the thing that's so funny to me is that i don't know if he's as put off by the dancing as he is by um like his vision being blocked. i think if we just had like a throne or something for him that would be easier. like and then he could decide, like at one concert that we played he was standing up the whole time, he just wanted us to make sure that, you know, that he had a good spot by the soundboard and that there was candy on hand 'cause he's diabetic. we're not really- there's no room in this family for divas.

    *someone screams*

    sara: what was that mister sir? i'm cute? you think i'm cute like an elf? like a.... mime on halloween that has really interesting.. cute like you want to marry me? cute like you want to marry me and then hang out with my grandpa all the time? so you like my grandpa? okay. we're going to return to the music part and everyone else just stand up and give 'er, don't even care if you're friends are laughing at you. i'm not laughing at you, i'm laughing together with you in joy.


    #43a. Speak Slow 7.72

    HIGH: 10.00 x 1 @First2Run
    LOW: 3.00 x 1 @eccentricsimply
    MY SCORE: 9.50

    ALBUM: So Jealous
    WRITER: Tegan

    If you haven't gathered yet this is the part of the rate where things start to get weird. Buckle in, we're heading for a wild ride all the way until the end! I honestly did not expect to see Speak Slow go before the Top 40, especially since it was one of the singles from the album and singles tend to be the catchiest, instant songs that connect with most people. This is pretty much a pop song with guitars too? I don't get it. I love this song 'cause it's such an adrenaline rush and it has some classic oh ohs and a killer combo of synths and guitars. It pretty much checks off everything in the Tegan song box: short, punchy, catchy, loud. Apparently she doesn't even remember writing it!

    I don’t remember writing that song, I’m not sure I did. So I think I stole it from somebody else, so I have nothing to say about it except that I don’t remember writing it. Isn’t that the weirdest thing? Maybe you don’t think that’s weird, but I think it’s really weird. I swear to god. I don’t remember where I wrote it or what I wrote it about, but I mean, when I listen to it, I can relate to it. I wrote my portion of the record really quickly, so it’s just a blur. I demo everything at home and I was looking through my old files looking for the actual demo version of it and I couldn’t even find it. But I have it on CD, I just don’t even have a date of when exactly I wrote it. But I really enjoy playing it, it’s a fun song, and it’s kinda supposed to be cheeky, in my interpretation of it anyway. I must have been thinking, wow, this is cheeky, and that’s why I wrote it. I remember writing the bridge though. We were in preproduction and Sara thought the song was too repetitive so I wrote the bridge to break it up. I remember writing that! I think a big theme in our lives is that you create a life and a stable environment and then you pack up and leave it. And then you’re just gone and you have to sorta roll with it and try to keep your environment safe and secure and stable and it’s hard to do sometimes. Sometimes you get bullheaded and stubborn and self-sabotage and that sort of stuff. That’s definitely some of the themes I feel when I’m playing that song but god knows. You’ll have to ask Tegan the next time she appears.

    @digitalkaiser (6) probably stopped jumping, that fake ass: "This song is very Tegan and Sara does some punk rock by the numbers but it’s a fun song to jump around too!" @Jwentz (9) was in looooooove: "I used to watch this music video so much on their DVD because I had a huge crush on their drummer. OOP." I'm sorry to report that the picture quality on YouTube is shit for some reason. Part time rate villain @eccentricsimply (3) makes a dramatic reappearance: "You see, when they don't play with structure, lyrics or melody I feel like their songs just mix together and make everything a bit hard to distinguish. This is one of them. There's nothing extraordinary about this song that keeps me hooked." Hmm. @Remorque (7.5) comes to a similar conclusion but for different reasons: "I quite like the urgent nature of this song and it’s quite nice to hear the girls kinda rocking out. Having said that, it comes on as fast as it’s over, so it’s not all that memorable. But I’m reaching here as I really like this one." It's kinda like a quick little thunderstorm isn't it? @Slice of Life (9.25)'s production critiques are back: "Despite the chaotic production, there's a great pop song hiding here. Ah Ah. Yes girls, bring on the bops!" Meanwhile @constantino (7) tells me to look up somebody: "This is very P.S. Eliot (look them up) and I am HERE for it. If only it was longer…" Look mister, I'm too busy devoting my life to watching Tegan & Sara live performances.

    If you ever wondered what this would sound like with Sara singing it, you got your wish!


    That anecdote about her not even remembering how or where she wrote the song or if it was even her had me chuckling.
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  13. ohnostalgia

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    Tegan doesn't even know her own lyrics about 1/3rd of the time, judging from all the performances I've seen. Gurl....
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    Probably just the one elimination today cause I'm not feeling that great. #prayforme. #isweartogodimmunesystem
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    tegan: we're almost halfway through the new record, are you liking it?

    *crowd cheers*

    tegan: okay good! did any of you buy the record on tuesday?


    tegan: that's good.

    audience: i bought two!

    tegan: you bought two? thank you.

    audience: i'm in the book!

    tegan: you're in the book? you guys are not shy here. that's right, we released a book set too and you found some of yourself in there. did you like that feeling? like do you think you look good? like you weren't- sometimes when i see pictures of myself online and i go *shocked face* why? usually it's on my mom's facebook page. okay yeah, well it was a big week, there were books and cds. that's a good point.

    audience: #4 on itunes

    tegan: #4 on itunes? you guys are like tegan and sara aficionados. that's right, the record's doing okay. expect there will be a little drop next week.


    tegan: if you all go next week and buy it again it will probably be fine. you'll buy it again? aw. sweet.

    *incoherent screaming*

    tegan: what's that? the ink blots are awesome? yes the books came with ink blots and they're- we made them for you. did you try one of the custom made ink blocks? you like them? thank you. okay. i feel really close to you guys. i want to share another new song with you. i mean share it with the world, so that's not really- in return for you guys being so good i'll tell you a secret about this next song. are you guys ready for that secret? it's just between us, okay. it's just between us. in the last verse i don't know the first word. it's don't.. i don't know and pretty much for a while that's been a game where *laughs* sara's going to totally be like *mmm hmm* but for like a month and a half, maybe longer, we've been rehearsing quite a bit, but i have been playing this game where i won't go look at what the word is. one day it will pop out and i'll just be like yeah, that's the word. but so i just don't sing it, i just go don't. like sometimes i go don't *mumble* and then go on or i'll just go don't *silence.* and people will come up to me afterwards and ask what the lyrics are. 'cause nobody knows - i mean sara might know it - but it doesn't matter, this is the thing. it's not like i can't just go into the document where the lyrics were written or the booklet where it's written or just listen to it. but instead it's a game where i just don't sing it.

    audience: don't cry

    tegan: don't cry? oh i'm not upset about it, i think it's hilarious. .. what is wrong with me i think every time. i spend the whole third verse thinking that's weird.

    audience: but you wrote it!

    tegan: i know i wrote it. that's what's so sick about the game. anyways, that's my secret.


    #43b. Northshore 7.72

    : 10.00 x 4 @constantino @First2Run @LE0Night @Sprockrooster
    LOW: 4.00 x 1 @eccentricsimply 5.00 x 1 @LA Hallucinations
    MY SCORE: 9.50

    ALBUM: Sainthood
    WRITER: Tegan

    Yeah this isn't right either. Northshore definitely deserved a spot in the Top 40 but some negative nancies ruined it all for us. You think I'm joking, but the scores have been so close together for so long that a few low scores are enough to tank something out of the Top 40 (our fortieth song has a score of 7.79 to illustrate my point). I'm sad to say, however, that an even more tragic miss from the Top 40 is coming later today. Buckle up. Anyways, I love Northshore and I now regret not giving it a 10 because it's an absolute underrated gem in their discography. This fucking knocks and if you don't get that then good luck with life I suppose. Northshore was a great music video featuring lots of great Tegan & Sara dancing - Sara in particular is super cute throughout. I found this behind the scenes video with Sara featured as The Star and Tegan her Co-Star. CUTE.

    There's also a pretty cool story behind Northshore that I just had to share with you guys. Because it's just so Tegan:

    Northshore was actually written about this terrible movie (also called Northshore). I was dating someone who lived in Southern California and was a surfer (I found this so hot) and was trying to play it cool (same girl as The Ocean) and kept dropping hints that she might teach me to surf at some point. She suggested I watch Northshore. The movie is about a guy who wins a surf competition in Arizona and goes to Hawaii to surf the Northshore (crazy waves and good surfing). He’s an indoor surfer though and doesn’t understand the power of the ocean and almost drowns his first day. He befriends an old surfer dude who teaches him the ocean and the way it moves and in the meantime he meets a beautiful Hawaiian girl and falls in love. The movie is awful. But it made me crazy. What was the message? Did this girl want to teach me or not? I made a list of things that I would NOT say to her in our next conversation, as I watched the movie. Those ended up being the lyrics to Northshore.


    So what do people have to say for themselves? I'm sure we can count on @eccentricsimply (4) for some trademark coherent commentary: "This is... different from the rest." Heh. @Slice of Life (7.75) must've been doing some research before the rate: "Has a early Paramore feel to it (or must I say, Paramore totally jacked this style... kii). I like the roughness." This is around the time Tegan really started connecting with pop punk groups like Paramore (they even opened for them!). @send photo (8.5) does some research of his own: "If they can see the North shore I’m pinning their home at somewhere in Gastown. You’re welcome sis." I'll add this to our list of places to go if I visit you ever. Meanwhile here's @Petty Mayonnaise (6.5), our sadness addict: "“My misery’s so addictive.” Relatable queens x" You couldn't have upped your score just a tiny bit???? I was going to stan for @digitalkaiser's (7) husband until I read the last part: "I think this is one of the more well done punk-lite songs they have done. The ending is my all time favorite. It sits nicely alongside “Hell”. My husband loves this song the most when I play this album, I’m not sure that means anything though he has a straight male’s taste in music. Eeeek." Let's move on to @Sprockrooster (10): " Absolute instant fave. Fantastic mix of teenpop and punk. And yes at those prominent guitar solo's." Tegan & Sara made me like guitar solos. Their power. Last word to @constantino (10) who brings up a completely legit point and some food for thought: "C’mon grit and ferocity! I lowkey miss their punky moments, I feel that that’s the one style that they haven’t/couldn’t be able to continue now that they’ve fully embraced synthpop…which, as much as I love their recent output, is a massive shame for me." Well who knows where the next album may take them. I too sometimes miss elements of their older work and would love to see it come back in a poppier frame. But I don't think it will happen until Sara loves guitars again. So that could be a loooooong wait.

    Haters listen to the 2016 tour remix video at least.

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  17. So like, why doesn't Sara like guitars anymore? Feel free to drag me for not knowing since you've definitely explained it before.
  18. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    This interview is a pretty good summary.

    Shura: Pop is obviously that's something that you guys have explored across the last two albums and especially with this one. Something I struggle with is the concept of the perfect pop song. I kinda feel like I started making pop music by accident but for you guys it's been a steady evolution, hasn't it?

    Sara: One thing that really changed for me working in that genre is that we came from the world of rock music - originally we came from punk rock, then splintered off into indie rock. I always felt like we were unqualified. I don't know if that was self-imposed or if that was the insitutionalised nature of that genre. We didn't go to music school, I couldn't wail on the guitar or do crazy leads. I always felt like we were up against people who had very specific skills and qualifications and we were always gonna be outsiders.

    Shura: Within rock music?

    Sara: Yeh. And even when it wasn't directly said to us, it was implied in so many ways. I remember when we put out So Jealous and "Walking With A Ghost" got reviewed so badly initially. Like so many reviews on big publications like Pitchfork were calling us boring and saying the guitar was boring and so simple. Now it's really easy to look back and be like "well they were fucking wrong!", like that's song's awesome! People love that song.

    There was sort of the understanding that we were never going to be considered amongst the guitar gods, that we were not good enough. And some of that was self-imposed and insecurity but one thing I really like about pop music is it feels like there are less rules. It's sort of a wild west, you can kind of do whatever you want...unlike the national scene and the indie rock scene. There's not these rules that we have to adhere to. So in a way we chose to get into pop music cos we liked the idea of being able to move up the ranks - because the only qualification you need is ambition and to be able to write a good hook.

    Nobody looking at us now is going "oh yeah the songs are boring" and if they are then I'm like "then you write 'Boyfriend' if you think it's so simple and easy!! It's much easier for me to defend our position in pop music than it ever was in rock music.

    Shura: I think that writing a good pop song is much, much harder than people realise -

    Sara: Yes! Yeh!

    Shura: - to get something that really works, that has the ability to cross over and become a 'hit'.

    Sara: When I think about the way people used to talk about our band back in the day, the catchiness of our music was often one of the things that was talked about in a critical way. I'd read these reviews that said our songs sounded like we were writing jingles...that there was no substance. In a weird way it was always setting us up to do much better in pop music. Writing things that are interesting and hooky and you can't get out of your head. There's a complexity to that I always understand but in rock music: "oh yeh their guitar riffs suck and their songs are too catchy."
  19. I just love going through their discography and seeing their progress. Can you believe I was this close to not participating in this rate?!
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  20. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I can't imagine. You're becoming a stan and you deserve that.
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