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Back In Your Head: The Tegan & Sara Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. Oh look, another song from not Heartthrob or LY2D.

  2. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Remember all those fake ass long time T&S fans who couldn't be bothered to show up? This is what happens.

  3. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    No, that's still you.
  4. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    I have a feeling the Top 20 would be 80% Heartthrob and Love You to Death. That would be okay for me because that would mirror my personal top 20 but... yeah, it would suck because that's not representative of Tegan & Sara's entire discography.

    The older T&S stans should've done their work by participating in this rate. Shame.
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  5. On Directing into Red Belt slays.

    I Couldn't Be Your Friend and Love They Say should go soon because they're the weakest on Heartthrob next to I Run Empty and it would help appease @ohnostalgia and other long time fans.
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  6. I never saw them live so that might be reflected in my score for 19. I still do not like it though.

    With 19 out I think I have only 6+ scores left. Well done everyone.
  7. [​IMG]

    i'm sorry. yep that's my bad guys.
  8. Me too!
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  9. Me. That was me. I am disgusted that Nineteen is out already and with THAT score, but it's my own damn fault for not hustling and getting my scores in on time.
  10. [​IMG]
  11. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

  12. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    tegan: the other day my mom told me she downloaded a record- like stole it. what is the world fucking coming to when my mom stole music. she said she was going to put it back, she just borrowed it, but uh... that was a dad joke. uh but we're really excited to play new stuff for you and we're going to play old stuff as well. yeah.. but this next song we get really tired after that last one so we have to talk to you right now because we're getting old and we might die here on stage if we just-

    sara: you know it's funny this morning for the first time, i don't even remember, i don't even know the last time i skipped rope or jumped rope - i don't know what you say in america, but - the last time i skipped rope was in high school, which was um like-

    tegan: twenty years ago.

    sara: twelve. twelve years ago. and uh i skipped rope today and i actually was just thinking that i feel amazing.

    tegan: yeah?

    sara: right now. yeah. because um i think i'm still feeling the effects of the extra oxygen that's going through my brain, like i can't even tell you. i actually feel like a different person, it could be that i'm wearing short sleeves, but i also- sometimes you know how you just don't do something for a really long time like skip rope or wear short sleeves, and then you just feel like you're a new person? and tonight uh, tonight because i skipped rope i have more oxygen and you potentially are getting a better show than anyone else on this tour so.

    tegan: that's a good one.

    sara: see what you think.

    tegan: maybe with more oxygen you'll be able to play the next one right.

    sara: that's a good way to keep the energy down, is by hurting my feelings and making me feel bad about exercise and myself.

    tegan: hey! you're not the one who has audience members holding cue cards with lyrics on them. i'm the one who constantly is-

    sara: maybe you need to skip some rope before some of the tougher songs.

    tegan: i apparently- i started doing yoga, which is the opposite. i started to be like i forgot the words, no problem. i forgive myself. i love myself.

    sara: okay um... now we're going to play this next song-

    tegan: perfectly.


    #39. Shudder To Think 7.80

    9.50 x 2 @ethansiafbjork @First2Run
    LOW: 5.50 x 1 @Remorque
    MY SCORE: 8.50

    ALBUM: Music From and Inspired by Dallas Buyers Club
    WRITER: Sara

    "I've been very excited about Dallas Buyers Club ever since hearing about the film," says Sara Quin. "With the soundtrack supporting such an important cause, we're very excited to contribute a previously unreleased b-side to the campaign."

    The b-side is from the Heartthob era and the important cause is the (RED) charity, in case you were wondering. I don't really know what to say: its cute, but it's not Top 40 material. This definitely got a boost from voters upping their points because pop instrumentation. How else does a song with no 10s beat clearly superior songs in their discography??? You might be thinking well @ohnostalgia you gave it an 8.50, but I also gave out wide and varied scores throughout their entire discography so you can take several seats. I had no way of predicting you'd all push this so far and by the time I did I wasn't going to cheat and change my score.

    @Petty Mayonnaise (9) has some concerns: " This is a certified bop, but people who make music videos like this from really sad movies like this are a bit I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_." @digitalkaiser (6) is not feeling this: "The singing is a little weak, but the song is okay." Poor Sara! She'll just have to hide from the intensity of @First2Run (9.5)'s compliment: "I love when they use their voices in different ways, this song is cute. The instrumental is very ambitious." I guess we know @constantino (9) watched Dallas Buyer's Club. Or T&S had a surprise bubbling under hit in the UK I don't know about: "Ooh I recognize this one! And I recall loving this on first listen…nothing has changed. The hooks are really simple but it’s just a great 80s tinged bop." @eccentricsimply (8) approves of this career move: "They.... had a song in the Dallas Buyers Club soundtrack? Amazing." @Slice of Life (8.5) is shook: "I DID NOT EXPECT FOR THIS TO COME FROM THE DALLAS BUYERS CLUB SOUNDTRACK N N N N. I thought this movie's soundtrack is rather emotional and depressing. Color me mildly impressed." Oh finally someone to acknowledge what a shithead Jared Leto is (you can google it yourself, I'm not educating you), thanks @send photo (7): "I shudder to think Jared Leto won an Oscar for that movie, but I digress."

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  13. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I'm still not over Sonia telling her daughter - a musician- that she pirated music. Queen.
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  14. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member


    Talent. Always. Wins.
  15. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    audience: we love you!

    tegan: thank you. i love you too. i mean i don't know you. that's basically what love is, right? like people are always "i love you" after two months but like they don't love you yet. they don't know that, they don't.

    audience: we like you!

    tegan: you think you do. you know what, you spend like two friday nights with me and you'd be like "tegan's boring." i am. sara's super interesting, she's the interesting one out of the two of us.

    *sara shrugs*

    tegan: you guys we're so excited to be here! we have been off so we're rested. sara got a trainer - look at how strong her legs are.

    *sara walks away and shakes head*

    tegan: she's starting to look so good and her legs were so strong that i started to work out with him. *does a squat* squats are hard if you do them right.


    #38. Drove Me Wild 7.83

    10.00 x 1 @First2Run
    LOW: 4.00 x 1 @LE0Night
    MY SCORE: 8.00

    ALBUM: Heartthrob
    WRITER: Both

    This isn't Love They Say.......

    TEGAN: So when I was starting to write Drove Me Wild the comments I had been given by our co-writer Sultan and Ned were something light and fun, and you know they're writing for the club so they're writing kinda fist pump kinda stuff. Which for me, I felt the track really wasn't all that fist-pumpy, which made me think we'd be able to keep it for our own record because it felt a little bit more mellow than that um. And so I almost immediately kinda went to all these different metaphors and sort of um, you know, like imagery of like bedrooms and like summer and like laying out on a blanket and like romantic stuff. And then I sent the song to you um with an empty bridge because I wanted you to cowrite on the song as well. And you really took the car metaphor to the next level.

    SARA: I really like that the song is a bit light. I think it's light in the way that some of my favourite songs from the 80s and 90s were a little bit lighter so um.

    TEGAN: What does that mean, light?

    SARA: Like Tunnel of Love, like it's something that a boyfriend and girlfriend or girlfriend and girlfriend or boyfriend and boyfriend - like whatever is your fancy, you know - that you can just sort of like be chilling in your car and you're driving and listening to it and it can be like our song. A lot of the songs that we write are the songs that you associate with really bad times in your life or the times that you were using music to get over someone. And I feel like Drove Me Wild is the kind of song that could be your song. The couple's song.

    TEGAN: But don't you think - like in the chorus - the verses feel that way, but what about the chorus? I mean when I said you know that "you carry romance in the palm of your hand, you called the plays for us," I mean doesn't that feel like-

    SARA: Manipulative, but in a fun way. In a sexy way.

    TEGAN: Gotcha. ... "You put the brakes on this."

    SARA: Yeah you know, just a tease.

    TEGAN: Okay.

    I agree with Tegan (sorry Sara). I've never thought of Drove Me Wild as a happy song, mostly for the lyrics singled out by Tegan in the chorus. But I guess I forgot that Sara's type is bitch so this makes sense from her perspective. If we must get rid of more Heartthrob tracks (and don't get me wrong, we must), then Drove Me Wild is an acceptable choice. It's lovely, but I don't think of it as a particular highlight from the album. Seems like most of you agreed since it only got one ten from the group. @Petty Mayonnaise (8.5) comes for the @Slice of Life gig: "God the production on this is just sublime." So does @digitalkaiser (7): "I think this song takes the synth centric vibes of this album and turns the dial up to 100%.It sounds like some sort of 80’s movie coming-of-age song, and it really works. For some reason, originally the vocals on this bothered me a bit, which is weird because this usually never happens with T&S but after a few listens I quickly learned how brilliant the lyrics + tone where to the song and now I love it." Oh also @Jwentz (6): "The vocals wear just a little thin on me." But what about the actual @Slice of Life (9.75)? "Hihi I love it when the girls talk about lust. Relatable queens. Oops. I mean, I love how this sounds like an infatuation but it's actually soundtracking a pretty serious part of a relationship already. It's cute." Meanwhile @constantino (9) is a Sara: "Well idk but y’all are driving me WILD from all of these consecutive BOPS! The middle 8 before the final chorus just…does things to me. And @eccentricsimply (9) reminds me I still didn't watch that episode with the bi ladies: "This is a song I would use for a fanvideo of Yorkie and Kelly from Black Mirror if I made those." Whoops.

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    I love being psychic! I don't love that this is out already though. Bawp with a brilliant intro.
  17. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    What's going next @Posh Spears?

    Also I feel like nobody talked about the absolute shade that is Tegan & Sara fans bringing posters with lyrics and displaying them on Tegan's side of the stage.
  18. Well I shuffled their music and Call It Off came on first which I think would cause meltdowns so let me keep shuffling til it's Love They Say or I Couldn't Be Your Flop.
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