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Back In Your Head: The Tegan & Sara Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. I do not mind those two going.
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  2. [​IMG] Yes, hello.
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  3. Damn LYTD master race, you scary!
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    sara: this song is off our newest record but uh, but when we play it live sometimes i feel like it's a bit of a shitshow disaster so i'm going to, we've been playing it stripped down a little bit so i'm going to play it right now. but um when i wrote it i was in a relationship but i was having the like the everything is fine except that i'm writing songs that say that everything aren't fine. but telling the person i'm in a relationship that everything is fine while saying "what do you think of this new song? what do you- how do you feel about it? ...lyrically?" *laughs* "like if it was about us?" *breaks down laughing while crowd aws*

    tegan: okay.

    sara: tegan!

    tegan: nothing

    sara: get off my back. you are driving me crazy over there.

    tegan: spoil sport.

    sara: i'm going to spank you in front of this entire audience.

    tegan: oh really?

    sara: with my words.


    #37. Relief Next To Me 7.84

    HIGH: 10.00 x 2 @First2Run @Sprockrooster
    LOW: 4.00 x 1 @ethansiafbjork 5.00 x 1 @Posh Spears
    MY SCORE: 9.50

    ALBUM: The Con
    WRITER: Sara

    and I'm not proud
    that nothing will seem easy about me
    but I promise this
    I won't go my whole life telling you I don't need

    Maybe Relief Next To Me was too ahead of its time. *sniff* To be honest I'm actually impressed Sara's little weird dark song made it this far considering what you've done to some of her other earlier off-kilter work. But I'm kinda against any eliminations that aren't Heartthrob or Love You To Death on principle, because it's getting ridiculous. The Con >>> Heartthrob, not sorry about it.

    Why don't I get #1 Con hater @digitalkaiser (7) outta the way: "I still think this is a silly song, but it has a pretty dark meaning for me. When it comes to the expression of the song, I always associated at being unreliable and a bit terrible at ..bedding? I’ve never been the most easy partner, I’m a complicated person, so I get the sentiment of not being there in the dark sometimes, but always wanting to let your partner know that you will always try, and say it. Its an admission of not being good enough sometimes. I’m not sure if that's the meaning of the song, but it's what I always associated it with." This is what happens when Sara doesn't tell us the song meanings, but he upped his score by 2.5 points so... plausible? You can always count on @constantino (9) for some interesting descriptors: "C’mon slightly baroque soundscapes! This is gorgeous, it’s all about the details." Post Renaissance Queens. Oh it's time for @eccentricsimply (7.5).... not hating on old work? "Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself but for real two tracks in this album already sounds closer to something I can enjoy for sure. This song has a very nice vibe to it. Back to the nostalgia I talked about in other songs, this is something I would've adored five years ago." I see you invoking my name for some goodwill. @Slice of Life (8) connects our gay indie queens with an actress they inspired: "This sounds like the depressing version of a song from the Juno soundtrack." Here for an Ellen Page/Quin romance. Meanwhile @Sprockrooster (10) enjoys an emotion directed at him quite frequently: " Great build-up and loving the angry vocal delivery." Lowkey I would pay Sara to follow me around and insult me, so I understand. I understand.

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  5. Whoops sorry 'bout the low score. Probably suffered from following the immaculate I Was Married. This isn't better than other Sara songs from the album like Like O, Like H and Burn Your Life Down though.
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  6. Yeah I can't believe this made it farther than stuff like 'Like O, Like H' and 'Red Belt'. PFFFFT.
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    I'm back at work and I don't feel like cutting two tonight. Maybe tomorrow.
  8. Losing Relief Next To Me is the karma for my Nineteen score isnot it? Relief is in my top 5 from them so seeing this cut now is horrendous.
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    Let me casually drop this 'cause I forgot...

    109. Everything is AWESOME!!! (feat. The Lonely Island)

    103. I Take All The Blame

    101. Every Chance We Get We Run (feat. David Guetta & Alessia)

    99. One Second

    91. Make Things Right (feat. Sultan & Shepard)

    87. Sheets

    78. Fade Out

    72. Hard to Hold (feat. RAC)

    66. Feel It In My Bones (feat. Tiesto)

    56. When You Were Mine (feat. Night Terror of 1927)

    44. Body Work (feat. Morgan Page)

    39. Shudder To Think

    Which means the best extra decided by you unfortunate souls is....

    Don't Find Another Love.
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    sara: are you guys doing okay out there?

    *audience chatter*

    sara: [redacted]... interesting. [redacted], for those of you who are not aware, is a song that Tegan wrote when she was just seventeen years old.

    tegan: just last year!

    sara: just last year. uh this is a song that she wrote when- you were still in high school!

    tegan: i was, yes.

    sara: anyways, we uh, we'd been taking a lot of experimental.... routes in our lives. does that translate? uh we were drinking and doing acid a lot, and we were coming off the tail end of that and tegan wrote a very psychologically uh... uh.... uh.... uh ... adventurous spoken word piece.


    tegan: which we're not going to play tonight. but!


    tegan: i know! .. well unless someone has acid, i'll drop it and we'll do it at the end of the show. just kidding, not going to happen. never again.


    36. Superstar 7.86

    9.50 x 1 @send photo
    LOW: 4.50 x 1 @2014
    MY SCORE: 8.50

    ALBUM: Under Feet Like Ours/This Business of Art
    WRITER: Tegan





    Let's take a journey....

    Dignified in what she does
    When she sings the smile that she brings
    To all of you unaware of what's to come
    I said tell me what's to come


    Green is the colour of my envy
    It's the colour of fame
    So I'm gonna write it down to scream it out
    And I'm never gonna be the same again


    Fear is the colour you've all exposed
    Now I gotta get up here
    And prove the importance
    Of my clothes of my pose I suppose again


    Hard core superstar
    By far you're the ultimate star
    Do you wanna be a superstar
    Well that's what you are
    You're gonna be a star
    Do you wanna be a superstar?


    Clever in what she does
    Competing for the attention
    Of those people that you know
    My whole life revolves around your absence
    Until I can't remember
    What I do, what I know
    Or where I go


    Every moment was that moment
    Every day was that day
    Every second was that second
    And I've lost myself again


    Soon my face will be on every magazine
    And then my voice
    Will be on every frequency
    Take my heart while you're at it why don't you
    Sign me up to sell me out


    I am my angel 'til death I do
    I saw my first angel
    And it was you


    TEGAN: I wrote this song right after we graduated high school. I listened to it recently because I had talked about it with somebody and wanted to see if it was as bad as I remember it, and it wasn’t.

    It’s not like I even think that I think it’s good or bad. We were so young for both those records — Under Feet Like Ours and This Business Of Art — that they feel more like demos, really. Good, higher-end demos because we actually did them with producers and proper engineers in a studio, but I think we were still discovering ourselves, and “Superstar” is a prime example of that. We’re exploring, even within the song, what kind of songwriters we are, what kind of singers we are, what we wanted to talk about. There’s so many left turns, so many weird elements. It’s so funny to me that it’s on two records — like, we re-recorded it because we thought, hey, we need to hear this another way. That just cracks me up.

    I remember we had played this contest and got to go play a big industry festival out in Vancouver, and heard all these other female Canadian artists — I had been so inspired and excited. We had this crazy experience where we got home the day after the festival and every major label had called and left a voicemail asking us for more information. I wrote that song as almost an answer to that, because I was just 100% rejecting the idea of being some commercial band.

    SARA: As if we had any idea what we were doing…

    TEGAN:Exactly, that’s why it’s so funny when I listen back to it. I use the term “demos” in an affectionate way, but we’re literally trying things out. I don’t even know if I truly didn’t want to be commercial — I think I just needed to be able to explore that idea within a song. So yeah… It was painful to listen to in a weird way because we were so naïve and young. In terms of the actual song, it’s just so weird… We were weird songwriters.​

    What the fuck do you all have to say for yourselves? @Petty Mayonnaise (9) continues to live for the kii: "Ok this sounds sort of like a reality tv star’s attempt at having a pop career while also repurposing a lost Courtney Love demo, but I’m kind of living for the messy gig." They are an Under Feet Like Ours stan original. @Jwentz (8.5) is that girl: "I know Tegan is mortified by this song, it is after all a bit heavy handed, but it’s just soooooo sophomore art school thesis that I can’t help but LOVE it. Always been a favorite of mine." Wait till someone shows her these results! @Ferk (6.8) provides thoughtful commentary: "I much prefer the more electronic, strange production of the original version. The lyrics are ever so grating in some places but there is an almost menacing tone that runs through the song that makes it interesting. It's also almost like a proto "Are You Ten Years Ago?" I think." Unsurprisingly @Sprockrooster (9) stans The Business of Art edition: "I was a bit annoyed by the more prominent bells from the UFLO-version, so I am glad in this was one it was more on the background. Haunting and somehow a bit poppy (dare I say it)." Meanwhile @send photo (9.5) is also loving the remake: "The beat hooked me instantly, I love darker “fuck hollywood” songs... Whew that production woke the fuck up around the 1 minute mark, eh? Improvement upon an already stellar track. Unfortunately I had to take off half a point for that tinnitus trigger towards the end."

    A List of Times Tegan was forced to perform Superstar:

    For 10 seconds in an old medley:

    Mashed up with Hop A Plane

    ... that's it.

    UFLO: go to 36:14 here

    Bonus Red Tape Demo Edition Mess With More Spoken Word

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  11. Superstar is fantastic and you as well as Tegan will deal.
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    I gave it an 8.50 so do not take that tone with me mister.
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  13. Stay winning and stay twinning.
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  15. Scream.
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    Well. There's only one This Business of Art song remaining.
    I do agree with this result though so yay you didn't fuck it up!!!

    108. All You Got

    105. Proud

    94. Not With You

    90. Come On

    89. Hype

    80. More For Me

    77. Freedom

    69. Frozen

    61. The First

    36. Superstar

    Your number one song is.....

    My Number.
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    tegan: we're going to play a couple new ones and then we'll go back to playing old songs. thank you so much for being so kind and letting us play all our new songs. it's a little self-indulgent, but uh it's also that we hope that you end up loving all those songs and um

    audience: we already do!

    tegan: you already do. of course you do. uh this next song um i wrote about that thing that you do when you think maybe somebody likes somebody else and you like them so you really wish they didn't like someone else at the same time that you like them. and um then maybe let's say sometimes like it gets so crazy that you get out of the car and you are crying and then you run and then you lay on the sidewalk and um the person's like what the fuck? and then um you're really embarrassed for days and then you write a song about it.


    #35. The Ocean 7.88

    10.00 x 2 @Jwentz @send photo
    LOW: 5.50 x 1 @eccentricsimply
    MY SCORE: 8.00

    ALBUM: Sainthood
    WRITER: Tegan

    I'm conflicted again. I'm not that invested in The Ocean leaving as it outstayed better Sainthood songs... but I'm also still staunchly against the narrative shaping up here where all the pre-Heartthrob tracks keep dropping like flies. Maybe I need to run away and cry on a sidewalk for a teensy bit. I'll get back to you. Let's just get back to Tegan being Tegan.

    I wrote that song [The Ocean] after a very uncomfortable incident with a girl I was dating. I had been chasing her for two years and when she finally agreed to date me there was a relief but also a new level of intensity and fear and awkwardness. I was trying to remain calm. I was trying to “be the boy” (advice Sara had given me)* and so every once and awhile my emotions would spill over and I would have a fit. A crazy, dramatic, cinematic style fit. The Ocean was in response to one of those fits. I realized that a lot of the fire and love and fun had been left behind. Even though we had just started dating, we were already two years into a relationship. The chorus “It’s been so long since you said, well I know what I want and what I want’s right here with you” is silly. I mean.. we were dating, of course she wanted to be with me. Why did she have to say it? Well when you start dating you say things like that. You reassure the person you’re with. But we had been “together” for two years as friends… all that romance had been said. It was confusing. My inner child who had issues with commitment, divorce, trust etc. was really visible at that time. I’m afraid you don’t want me, even though you fought with me to have me. That was what the song really was trying to say.

    *Sara.... sis. #yourfaveisproblematic

    Poor @digitalkaiser (9) and ha mostly half-assed Sainthood stanning: "The vocals here are so heavenly, I love the more fast paced punkrock-lite songs on this album. They are done immaculately, and the choruses are so catchy and on point. There is something about a really fast strum of the guitar and a well place drum and bass kick that really pumps me up. One of my favorite on this album by far." @constantino (7) pulls out my pet peeve critique: "I appreciate the ~fizziness~ of this track, but the chorus is a bit of a let down in the melody department I’m afraid…" But I also think the chorus is not that great so I'll let it slide. I hope @eccentricsimply (5.5) listened to Superstar to get the real Tegan spoken word effect: "Another song where it sounds like they are trying to fit more lyrics than it will fit. Which is obviously not a problem, but it's just not as compelling." This is barely anything in comparison. @Slice of Life (9.5) has interesting ideas about choruses: "Massive chorus. Panicky verses. What a combo. I'm here for it."' K. Poor poor @send photo (10). .... hehehe like how it feels when you're the one losing the tens??? "The insecurity in this one really hits you, eh?" If you learn one thing from this rate it should be Tegan is the Queen of Insecurities. Oh and coming off his liking poorly articulated and argued T&S shade in Random Thoughts, here's @Jwentz (10) : "Midtempo perfection with some of their best lyrics." I'm not saying the universe planned this... but it is the year of visualizing things (copyright @Island).

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  18. I ain't mad about it.
  19. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    They didn't cut On Directing...
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