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Back In Your Head: The Tegan & Sara Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. W H A T T H E F U C K ?
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  2. Welp y'all just burned my teenage years to the ground.

  3. Yes. I knew I wasnot alone.
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  4. A-YO @ohnostalgia I'm probably gonna send in more commentary for some of the remaining songs if that's okay? I have much more to say about them than when I originally voted!
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    Of course.
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    Dearly non-beloved.
    We gather here today to pay tribute.

    To an album that brought us hilarity.
    Our Trees, Superstar

    But also sadness.

    And choices.
    Oh the choices.



    "I know their earlier albums tend to be overlooked by a lot of their more casual or recent fans but there are quite a few gems hidden in them, and both albums show the seeds of what would become their lyrical and musical style."
    - @Ferk

    "This is fairly aggressive, eh?" - @send photo

    "Their angry vocal delivery and those adlibs with that bombastic instrumentation is right up my alley." - @Sprockrooster

    "Is this the part where you drag me for having too many 90s references to compare the early albums to?" - @Petty Mayonnaise


    Highest Average: 7.95 @Petty Mayonnaise
    Lowest Average: 4.87 @Remorque

    Highest Ranking Song: Superstar
    Most 10s: Divided

    Highest Tegan Song:
    Highest Sara Song: Hype


    Oh Tegan:
    Our Trees. “But now," says the Once-ler, "now that you're here, the word of the Tegan Lorax seems perfectly clear. UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.”

    Oh Sara: Queen of aggressive angry teenage angst (Come On, Proud, Hype, Heavy).

    Laughing While I'm Bopping: Tegan taking us to church with the avant garde drug-fuelled spoken word masterpiece Superstar.

    That One Moment: Divided. Nothing better than getting emotional over teenage Tegan Rain Quin's love song to Sara. She just wanted to sing music with her sister!!!!!!!


    "I have a sister and her name is Sara. And we are the same age and we have all the same friends. And we look the same and I don’t have geographic tongue but I do have a deep deep deep seeded like hatred for her. No, it’s okay we are totally- this song is all about how we went to therapy together to get over it but it just made it worse. Then I felt like Sara was ganging up on our therapist. And uh- April didn’t deserve that. She probably didn’t get paid enough to get called motherfucker all the time." - Tegan

    "Listen, I don’t care who likes it. It’s me that looks back on it. It just seems so amateur. It just seems so geeky. You just sort of want to be able to keep moving, progressing and not have people go, “But, You used to be like this.” And you're like, “I used to be like that but also used to have like really bad acne and horrible hair.” That doesn’t mean I have to have horrible hair and acne for the rest of my life. You sort of grow out of things that you were once a part of and that doesn’t mean they were bad things. I had lots of friends and I was okay. It wasn’t like I was ostracized or something, but you don’t want to go back there. I don’t want to go back to writing that kind of music. I want to move forward and progress."
    - Sara


    at ease I, I feel fine
    I'll move on, I'll go on
    there's something so divided
    don't worry about me, I'll be fine

    don't live your life for me or for anyone
    live your life as if you're one
    live your life as if you're one
    and find quiet, it's awful quiet
  7. Oh I didn't see that 'So Jealous' left. (Why don't my alerts show for this thread?!?!!!!) Boo.
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    tegan: you guys have been so so so awesome. we're going to play you one last song- it's an old one. we always joke about it because it was a song that i wanted to cut off the record right from the start and sara kinda got on board and the producers making the record begged us to let them work on it while we were away and we ended up keeping it on the record. and it makes me laugh to this day 'cause it's been a song that we closed our show with for such a long time. but we've reworked it, we hope it still has the same joy in it um, and we hope you will sing and dance along with us. we thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for giving us somewhere to go and something to do, it means so much to us.


    33. Living Room 7.98

    HIGH: 10.00 x 3 @Jwentz @ohnostalgia @send photo
    LOW: 4.00 x 1 @Remorque 4.50 @eccentricsimply 5.50 x 1 @LA Hallucinations

    ALBUM: If It Was You
    WRITER: Tegan


    well I hope I never figure out
    who broke your heart
    and baby if I do

    This is actually one of my ten favourite Tegan & Sara songs and if that trio of assholes hadn't been so unreasonable Living Room could've made Top 30 and had an 8.00 average. And maybe I would be consoled because If It Was You was completely and unfairly devastated in this rate and I'm still furious about it. Living Room is that amazingly dark stalker bumpkin bop and the little swoony riff on the bridge coupled with Tegan's growl is enough to give this a 10. YOU GUISE I AM TIRED. I am tired of people refusing to see the pop in their earlier work. I am tired of people being scared of a little acoustic guitar. They're not being wielded by white straight guys; I promise Tegan & Sara won't hurt you. Expand your horizons.

    INTERVIEWER: With Living Room, did you literally live that close to someone?

    TEGAN: Yeah, just imagine a piece of glass in front of me and a piece of glass in front of you.

    INTERVIEWER: And they just left their windows open all the time?

    TEGAN: That’s the thing is that they kept their windows closed all the time. They had blinds. I lived there for six months and they only opened up them twice. The two times that they opened them up, one time was the day I moved out and the time before was two nights before I went home for Christmas. I went to bed and just couldn’t sleep. And like probably about 2:30 in the morning, I don’t like to take cold medication, but I finally decided I’m going to take some cold medication. I went out into the living room, and I was like, “something feels weird” and I was all groggy and I was like, “It’s light. It’s light in my room.”

    I looked over and their windows were wide open. There was this man standing there like this huge guy, big, fat, hairy, no shirt on and he was really scary looking and he’s staring into my apartment and it was dark and there was this frail little, young probably in her mid thirties woman bawling hysterically and they’re both just standing there. I was like, “What the fuck?” I thought it was so weird and I kind of sulked to the bathroom and took my medication. On my way back they closed the blinds, and the next morning I woke up and we were catching a cab to go home to Calgary and I wrote the lyrics. Where I lived in that apartment and the first week I was so depressed that my windows were so close, and that there was no sunlight coming in, but there was something so close about being so close to that building and they always had their blinds shut.

    That song is like a joke. Almost making fun, like the line, “I spend all afternoon on top of you.” I got to the point where I would come out of the shower naked and walk through my apartment even though their blinds were right there. So, the song has a really weird vibe. When I sing it, it’s really funny cause it’s one of the only songs I’ve ever written that had not very much to do with me. All it had to with me was that I thought it was really sad that she was crying. Like, it was such a weird moment. So, I tried to sort of act as if I knew her or something when I wrote it. So, it was one of my quirkier songs I suppose.

    So not only did @Remorque (4) give this the lowest score, he also committed the #1 commentary sin in my rates: "What kind of musical visionaries? These girls knew what would fly high in the charts fifteen years later… Having said that, this is probably the worst song of those early tracks… It’s in constant search of a melody and sounds quite clunky." Honey, there's melody all over this track. It's goddamn beautiful. Don't go for the #1 overused nonsensical PJ criticism. I have no idea where that tiresome narrative came from, but I see it levelled against so many songs that aren't cookie cutter pop and it's time to stop. Let's just get the other voter with terrible taste out of the way. Hello @eccentricsimply (4.5): "Queens of..... guitars?" Please see above writeup, I can't be bothered. I don't know where @LA Hallucinations (5.5) is since he hasn't bothered to read any of my rate since voting.... but we'll just spotlight this horrific mistake. He's never going to see it.

    Time for some of my allies to get their say. @Petty Mayonnaise (7.5): "Yath serve me that campfire sing along that I love." If I didn't hate camping so much I'd say we'd go camping and get our lives. Maybe we can use one of those tv campfire channels. I managed to convert @digitalkaiser (8): "What kind of honky tonk banjo boogie folk song?For some reason I don’t ever remember listening to this song, but it’s banjo/ukelele riff really has me in its clutches. Thanks @ohnostalgia for this rate, because I’ve honestly given the first few albums a much bigger chance and I’m so pleased. I wish they would include the growling vocals in some of their later albums. That dreamy Hawaiian ukulele(?) bridge is incredible. The harmonies with their voices continue to be wonderful." Possible Queens of Ukuleles! @constantino (9) is bae: "I ADORE the production, particularly the warped guitar(/ukulele/banjo?). There’s just such an incredible sense of warmth to this, much like a well-furnished living room (kii)." Possible Queens of Ukuleles AND Banjos! @Posh Spears (9) calls it: "So sweet!" and I'm guessing they didn't really focus on the lyrics or are still in that stage Sara talked about yesterday.

    Well I guess I'll forgive you for that Little Things confession @Slice of Life (9.5): "Has a very Americana feel to it... And this is probably my favourite single from this album because it's rather unexpected." It isn't if you listen to the whole album which is beautiful and wonderful and folky. Hey hey @First2Run (9): "I live for this country-esque guitar going on." I can't remember if you're a bumpkin member, but welcome to the patch. @Ferk (7.3) is also feeling the bumpkin: "I adore the instrumentation here. It really elevates the song." Thank god for the Ukulele/Banjo/Guitar. @send photo (10) is unsurprisingly the only one to latch on the creep factor: "Tegan wrote this one, right? Voyeurism queen." We'll close with @Jwentz (10), who I'm secretly hoping will go on a murder spree after this tragic turn of events: "So dramatic, but I think this is a great example of their songwriting growing and shedding the cliched trappings that enveloped a lot of their earlier work as well as this anthem. I wish they’d break out the banjo a little more often."

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    I should have given this a higher score honestly. Damn. It's such a great song. Take me to the bumpkin patch, queens.
  10. Someone post the gif of that woman falling on a sidewalk because that is me right now.

    Honestly this is their best song pre So Jealous and is still a crowning achievement for them, I cannot believe it didn't make the top 20 let alone landed here.
  11. I love not being part of the problem.

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    Honestly one of Tegan's greatest vocal performances, rivalled by only The Con and I Was a Fool probably.
  14. Wait is this from that incident?
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  15. [​IMG]
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  16. Thank god.
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  17. Why!!! I should have given it full marks, my scoring habits are admittedly strange in this rate, I even changed a lot of them multiple times along the way. What an unpredictable rate.

    @ohnostalgia I dabble in bumpkin land but I tend to stick to acts with bigger pop infusions (Shania, early Taylor, Carrie Underwood singles, This Kiss by Faith Hill nn ) if you have any other suggestions though my body is ready probably.
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    Maren Morris!!!

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    tegan: when i wrote the song the story i tell about writing it was that i was told explicitly to write a love song. the intention was to be able to imagine it being played in very romantic places - like at a wedding or when you're getting it on - that's the theme, so i just threw it in. but ultimately it was supposed to be really romantic, but i'd never really written a straight ahead love song so someone suggested that i do some research. so i literally looked up the top 100 love songs of all time, and every single one of them - like i wrote a list of all the things that each song thematically covered - and every single one of them said the same things like, you know, love is one of a kind, there's no love like this love, and like you know our love is so special, and they say love is strong, and like all- i just literally wrote all the things and then realized that was going to make up the lyrics of the song, that i was just going to- it started almost as a joke, but in the end i think it ended up being quite dead on, you know? because doesn't everybody has that feeling that their love is more special than anyone else's? you can just see it when someone falls in love, they're like "i've met someone and we're in love." and you're like you think you're the only person who's ever experienced love before? and i wanted this song to be the soundtrack to-

    sara: you don't sound bitter about it though.

    tegan: no, because i feel the same way! i really went to that place, i mean there's the sense of entitlement when you fall in love, like it's something very special, and how amazing is that that something that's so universal that everyone experiences we all still feel like it's something that only we've experienced. i know. and then we got into the studio and we recorded the whole song to the movie lost boys.

    sara: right, you mean we played lost boys on the television. while we were recording the song it was playing in the background on on mute.

    tegan: yeah. so it kinda gave it a spooky vampire feel.

    sara: and 2001: a space odyssey also.

    tegan: that's right. so it's that- well when people listen to the song, you know like how with pink floyd records you can play it to- you can play it backwards or something to alice in wonderland or whatever. i encourage people to watch um space odyssey and lost boys and listen to [redacted].

    sara: but mute the volume on the movie part.

    tegan: yeah, that goes without saying.

    sara: does it? does it go without saying? i'm not sure it does. people- you have to be very explicit with people.

    tegan: it's true.

    sara: i just saw a sign that says parents shouldn't skate with children in their arms. i mean people need guidance in this day and age. there's a lot of things for people to think about.

    tegan: okay. so retraction. when you listen to [redacted] please watch space odyssey with the sound off.


    #32. Love They Say 8.01

    10.00 x 2 @constantino @Slice of Life
    LOW: 5.00 x 1 @ethansiafbjork
    MY SCORE: 7.00
    HONORARY 11: @VivaForever

    ALBUM: Heartthrob
    WRITER: Tegan

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]





    NO MA'AM NO.


    We were all too nice to this. See @Petty Mayonnaise (8): "That middle 8 completely elevates what otherwise would’ve been a pretty middle of the road mid-tempo." Yeah, unjustly elevates this into the Top 40. @digitalkaiser (9.5) shows a remarkably awful opinion, even for this rate: "This Lilith fair bawp though! I love how soft and gentle it is. Its dripping in romance and is such a feel good song. This feels like a very grown up song, it’s the sort of song from an artist or band who have been doing this forever and just GET what they are doing. It’s like all the best parts of Tegan & Sara. The guitar and synth work in the album continues to blow me away with its variety." .... it's literally a record executive demanded love song that pulls its themes from every love song on earth and has nothing unique about it. How is that the best of Tegan & Sara? I'm trying not to die laughing at this commentary after the expose Tegan just gave on her own damn song: " *Detox lighter gif* YAS! This layered, intricate, reflective and ultimately life-affirming bop. A nice nod to their past whilst retaining the sheen of the Heartthrob era. Perfection." No, that was Nineteen. Which you all chucked out ages ago, remember? I'm sure @eccentricsimply (9.5) remembers: "To be honest, I'm a bit cynical when it comes to love so this is the point of view I get when I listen to this song. It probably wasn't their intention, BUT it's the way I see it." You gave this a 9.5 with that commentary???? WHY. At least @Slice of Life (10) realizes this is tripe and doesn't try to say it's layered, intricate, or reflective: "Okay, this is bordering on cheesy/corny... but I'm weak and I still love it in all its cheesy glory. It's been a while since I could relate to this (kii) but it's still super lovely listening to it now." But I still hate ya for that 10. Final word to @ethansiafbjork (5) who chose to throw some commentary at this of all things: "The Song Of Short Comings. Sounds Like its gonna take off but no."

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