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Back In Your Head: The Tegan & Sara Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Sep 19, 2016.

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    Should've used your avi!
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    I bet that stung

    sorry again
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    hello haters!
    we must bid adieu

    to my misunderstood not-quite folk pop gem.
    too good, too sweet, too pure.

    from the bumpkin bops
    living room, city girl

    to the sixties slash nineties throwbacks
    monday monday monday, you went away


    IF IT WAS YOU 6.67


    As much as I love their recent material, I often find myself yearning for the grit they had in their voices back in their early material. This song proves that they have always had a pop sensibility to their songwriting, even before they discovered synths." - @constantino

    "Dipping deep into their discography you really find some hidden gems, preludes of things that would come far later." - @digitalkaiser

    "My first exposure to the girls was this song burned onto a mixtape my best friend in high school gave me after my first breakup. It perfectly captured how mundane everything felt at the time, and it’s so catchy so I just played the shit out of it."
    - @Jwentz

    "Yath serve me that campfire sing along that I love."
    - @Petty Mayonnaise


    Highest Average: 7.96 @LE0Night
    Lowest Average: 4.79 @Ferk

    Highest Ranking Song: Living Room
    Most 10s: Living Room

    Highest Tegan Song:
    Living Room
    Highest Sara Song: Monday Monday Monday


    Maybe you're all too well-adjusted, but I live for Sara serving up several folksy and/or shoegazy melodramatic existential crises in the space of 37 minutes.

    Living Room remains a seminal Tegan & Sara classic and you all will one day regret the injustice you served in this rate.

    GROWLS: Before the indie stylings and the pop sheen, If It Was You showcased their old school singer-songwriter vocals. Honestly, Tegan needs to growl on the next album.




    Anna: How do the other members of your touring band feel about the two of you fighting?

    "They encourage it. Me and Tegan fought in Toronto, and Tegan took this big tarp and threw it at me, and then I pushed her, and she fell over this fence. I remember looking up and seeing Rob (Chursinoff, drummer) and Chris (Carlson, bassist) with their jaws open. They were so thrilled that we fought. That same tour, Tegan locked me out of the hotel room, and when she opened the door, I kicked her in the back and attacked her. We wrestled on the ground for 45 minutes and she'll tell you that she won, but she just got lucky and pulled my coat over my head and tried to suffocate me, so I gave up. But that has nothing to do with strength; it had to do with the convenience of my jacket. When they (the band) found out that me and Tegan fought, they were like, 'How come you never fight in front of us?'"

    "We try to act like adults. Recently, the most horrible fight that we had was me locking Sara out at the hotel, and then when she did get in the room, she attacked me from behind and kicked me to the ground. We wrestled around and then I pulled her jacket up over her head and shoved her in between the hotel bed and the wall, and stood on her head until she couldn't breathe. I think we get somewhere when we fight. The rest of the band was excited the next day. They were like, 'You guys fought! Oh my god! Do it again!' I like the fighting; I think it's useful."


    love pull your sore ribs in
    i will pull your tangles out
    in the back of your car i feel like
    i have travelled nowhere

    what will bring me home?
    what will make me stay, stay?
    well i don't know
    i don't know

    everything in my body says not tonight
    everything in my body says no
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    should probably post this before I cut #30

    TOP 30


    this business of art
    my number

    so jealous
    where does the good go
    walking with a ghost

    the con
    the con
    are you ten years ago
    back in your head
    dark come soon
    call it off

    on directing

    goodbye, goodbye
    i was a fool
    i'm not your hero
    i couldn't be your friend
    now i'm all messed up
    shock to your system

    love you to death
    that girl
    faint of heart
    dying to know
    stop desire
    white knuckles
    hang on to the night

    don't find another love​
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    tegan: um anyway this song is really old, i wrote this while i still lived at home. um my mom and my stepdad broke up when we graduated high school and sara and i moved into a basement suite in my mom's house and um that was a weird time, it was a weird time. it wasn't sad so much, but it was like we didn't go to university, my parents were splitting up, we lived in my mom's basement, and we were like that cliche you know, like we're going to be musicians! we'd set up all our gear twice a week and we would jam and i would like, you know, look at my mom- she would sit on the stairs and watch us play - and she would give us this look like "god move out." um then we had this weird bathroom in the apartment that sara and i had in the basement, it was the floor of the bathroom was raised up and all the piping was underneath it, but it was kind of hollowed out. and sara and i both wrote a lot of songs for our first record um in that house and that apartment we used to - i would come home from work and before i even heard her singing i heard banging on the floor of the bathroom and then i knew she was in there jamming.

    and uh i think about that often, i never think about songs, i think about two troubling things that happened to me in that bathroom. one- when we were making our first record under feet like ours we had an ant infestation in our house and i knew that we had the infestation when i was showering one day and looked down and there was two ants crawling on my chest and i was like there's gotta be a lot of ants for there to be two in the shower with me. and um we did this thing - i know a lot of people who are against like you know fumigating or whatever you call it when you get the people to come-

    crowd: extermination.

    tegan: exterminating, yeah. so for those people close your ears. but um our producer of that record, his name was jared kemper - which by the way one of the funniest people that we've ever, i still feel like we've ever met he was just so funny. and uh anyway when my mom arranged for the um exterminator to come and so uh we didn't record that day. the next day he showed up and he rang the doorbell. we opened the door because we recorded the record in our house, and he was like "holy shit." he was like "i practically flipped my car on the pile of dead ants outside your house." i call it really bad, but it was fucking crazy how many ants there were. so think about that.

    and then when i think about that bathroom i also think about one time my grandpa came over to see the new house that my mom bought and he came down into our suite, which my mom- and my mom said "this is the living room, this is the dining room, and this is where the girl's bedrooms are, and over there's the bathroom but tegan's in there." but he didn't hear that and so he just came storming into the bathroom *mmmhmmm* while the shower was starting ... yeah. it's cool, i've seen him naked so many times, but i did not want him to have seen me naked. *heavy sigh*

    sara: it's actually pretty cute for -

    tegan: i'm not complaining... well yeah i am. i'm just saying it was just - he was really fine about it.

    sara: oh i don't mean he was cute because he walked in on you, i mean like if i look like him at 86 naked it's not a big deal. i'm fine with that, like he looked pretty - he's still pretty lean, i mean he's-

    tegan: come on., come on. come on.

    sara: no no no, like sometimes in the movies old people look really bad 'cause they're old now and their skin's all saggy, but like i don't know if my grandpa what was it- he just worked out in secret - but he stayed at my house recently and i saw him rip across the living room naked in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and was like *shrug* i hope that's how i look when i'm older. but with like more woman parts, but like ..... anyways i'm just saying he looks really good.

    tegan: there's no doubt that he-

    sara: he's not ashamed of his body.

    tegan: no he dresses very well... but it's really not about his nudity, it was about him seeing me naked. i mean that bathroom's fucked up, it's a fucked up place.

    audience: there wasn't a shower curtain?

    tegan: what's that?

    audience: no shower curtain?

    tegan: it was one of those ones like where it's a glass door. one time also a friend of mine whose name i won't say out loud tonight, but we smoked this really bad oil and i thought i was going to die in that bathroom. sorry. not condoning drug use, just one time we got really fucked up and that happened so... not all on the same day. anyway, this song's from that time.


    #30. My Number 8.06

    10.00 x 3 @First2Run @Petty Mayonnaise @send photo
    LOW: 4.00 x 1 @Remorque
    MY SCORE: 8.50

    ALBUM: This Business of Art
    WRITER: Tegan

    I remember ‘My number’ was written about my best friend, who, he like had this intense emotional relationship with me and then he fell in love with me. It was so hard for me, I felt so sad for the loss, and the loss was so gigantic because I was in the midst in a kind of emotional love affair with a friend of his who was a female. The triangle between us was so sad and so hard, and I put a ‘he’ in the song and I hate playing the song now because it’s so hard to explain that to people. Where as if I has just written the song and taken that one word out, the song would make universal sense to everyone. So I think that pronouns, they really do limit the songs for me even, to be able to sing ‘Where does the good go’ you know, 5/6 years later, I can’t be overly specific or else it’s just too much. It’s like that song is about that time and I’m not there anymore so I don’t want to sing that song. Where as if you keep it somewhat general, like if I keep it about myself, it’s very easy to relate it to other things in my own life. So yeah, I don’t think it’s conscious so much as I’m just not attracted to doing it after 3 years of being on the road and playing ‘My Number’ I was like, if I have to sing ‘he’ one more time…(laughs) so I stopped saying he, and for years started saying ‘Keanu’ because ‘My number’ was in the movie he was in! So I was all like, ‘this song is for Keanu’. - Tegan

    I'm still #bitter that Living Room was not the last track standing from the first three albums, but I suppose I can live with this. Tegan was your clear favourite from the first three albums, mostly because she served up poppy tracks like My Number. You really wouldn't have to change much about this to get it to fit on their post Sainthood work... but I much prefer the bumpkin instrumentation and growling delivery. It's very charming in all its teenage candidness. Fun fact- this was @send photo's (10) original 11: "This song is a really beautiful standout, is this about coming out? I’ve never been in that exact situation but I’ve been on the receiving end of the unrequited love angle and can relate to the guilty feeling expressed in this song" And @Petty Mayonnaise (10) is going to make me cry: "Just when I was starting to think that this album was a bit one-note and meh compared to the debut, this song came along and smacked me in the face. Somehow grand, sweeping, and intimate all at the same time. Some of the most passionate, emotional vocal performances I’ve heard from these two. Might’ve gotten me a bit choked up, but we just don’t know."

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    Transcribing that was a journey. But I'd already committed and didn't have enough time to find a new, more appropriately themed video.

    By the way My Number was the song they played on David Letterman in 2000 (see first video).
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    But seriously, I am loving all their weird stories. It makes them more human. I always thought they were the kind of musicians that, like, only talk about important stuff, their artistry, etc. I love them even more now that I learned that they're just as messy as me. Hehe.
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    BWU and 100x need to get out.
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  10. This is outrageous. 3 albums lost when we hit #30. Love You To Death Needs to be cut down half soon.
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    Do you want me to cancel the rate?
  12. [​IMG]

    I'm the highest rater? With that average?
    that's_fucking tragic sad_huh.gif
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    I was mad you stole my place (I had a 7.58 average).
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    Potential Idea Alert!!!
    Anyone who wants to can message me their five discovery songs they tragically underrated and I do a little mini reveal chart? A chance to right your wrongs. Anyways, let me know if you all want to do that or not.
  15. I do like this idea! I think I definitely have at least 5 that have changed since I've rated.
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  16. What if my only regret is not tanking LY2D?
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  17. Without addressing the LY2D/Heartthrob domination, Sainthood having more songs left than So Jealous is disgusting.
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  19. If an album is entirely intact in an 8-album rate when we reached #30 it is a bit sad. It isnot that significantly better than the others and it makes it look like the other albums are worthless. Which isnot the case. I Was A Fool for not tanking that one more. I am fearing I might lose a big song soon. And my fear is the biggest, for one that is layered in this text somewhere.
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    I'm sad about the earlier albums being paid dust, but Love You To Death is an incredibly strong album that most of the new people heard first. It's really not that surprising. I'm more surprised about Heartthrob losing almost half of its tracks before Top 30. Which could be read as a testament to people giving other albums a chance.

    The extra needs to leave though.
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