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Back In Your Head: The Tegan & Sara Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Sep 19, 2016.

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    ... I didn't even finish it. I just realized cause your commentary score didn't match the spreadsheet.
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    Well I gotta exercise and drink a green smoothie before I get a chance to review all the scores. So pray for an elimination tonight honestly.
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    Fun Update: I Know I Know I Know moves from 55 to 52.
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    Of course this happened with @send photo but since it upped two of his scores I'm not complaining.
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    Update 2: Someday moves from 70 to 67. Light Up down from 75 to 78.
  7. A PopalmostJustice.
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    I messed up two of @send photo's scores and bought one of my all time favourite songs a reprieve for two eliminations. Then I decided I should audit the other scores to be safe and found a mistake in the bonus tracks for Sainthood. Everything has now been triple checked and I'm now frantically trying to push out an elimination tonight after wasting 45 minutes being really sad over the original one.

    ALSO @Jwentz Soil Soil is now that #75 smash.
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    @send photo told me to just lie and pretend nothing happened.
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  11. This is more of a salt-in-wounds reminder than a moment of retroactive pop justice tibb.
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    N N N N N @send photo, babe, noooooooo! A mess!
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    2017 is the year of badgal-ing stuff.
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  14. [​IMG]
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    sara: i'm so vain lately.

    tegan: oh wow.

    sara: but usually we play-

    tegan: don't hold back.

    sara: but usually we play at nighttime and this is like when i used to- when we used to go out-

    *tegan has been inspecting sara's face*

    sara: is my face all messed up? a little bit?

    tegan: *now i'm all messed up, sick inside wondering where-*

    sara: like i just keep wearing that for the adults

    tegan: *where you're leaving your makeup*

    sara: it's pretty messed up?

    tegan: no it doesn't look messed up at all, you said messed up and i was going to sing it for everybody.

    sara: oh. i keep feeling like that thing where-

    tegan: you look fine, you look rock, it's fine!

    sara: so it does look messed up?

    tegan: no it doesn't look bad, you look great.

    sara: in my mind-

    tegan: look at me! what do i look like?

    sara: you don't look - like your makeup looks the exact same as when we got on stage.

    tegan: great! well that's good for me.

    sara: like i- inside right now i look like alice cooper. like i, the whole set i've been like well i like playing at night time.

    tegan: probably a lot of these people don't know who alice cooper is.

    sara: what? oh. alice cooper-

    crowd: we know we know!

    sara: but like okay...

    crowd: you guys are perfect!

    sara: thank you ma'am. my god.

    tegan: it's exciting.

    sara: are you guys security detail in your lives? like what do you guys do for a living?

    crowd: your mom

    sara: ... you're my mom? wow! okay, that's aggressive and .. not true, but i respect you for saying it.

    crowd: i'm so proud of your new album

    sara: thank you very much. maybe you guys are my mom, i don't know. you're so positive.

    crowd: we just love you so much!

    sara: i know-

    tegan: you guys are very sweet.

    sara: i really feel your love like intensely. i feel it hot in my direction.

    crowd: play i'm all messed up!

    sara: i'm not going to play that.

    tegan: i sang it.

    sara: yeah tegan already did it, that's the skillrex version of it, it's hard to accept.


    #29. Walking With A Ghost 8.20

    10.00 x 4 @digitalkaiser @ohnostalgia @Petty Mayonnaise @Remorque
    LOW: 5.50 x 2 @eccentricsimply @ethansiafbjork

    ALBUM: So Jealous
    WRITER: Sara

    On a different day I might complain about this elimination, but I'm still thanking the rate gods that I saved the song I was going to cut tonight. Walking With A Ghost is the song that catapulted Tegan & Sara to indie superstar status after The White Stripes covered it during a live show. Instead of writing a lot about my feelings, I thought I'd share some quotes (I'm really tired n n n).

    The lyric “I was walking with a ghost” was my way of describing the feeling of being haunted by memories. It was important to me that we capture the helplessness of obsessive thinking and the stranglehold that anxiety could have on my mind. - Sara

    The album’s first single, “Walking With a Ghost,” was written by Sara about her initial experiences of living in a new city without the comfort of friends or lovers.“It’s kind of a cheesy metaphor for walking around the city feeling like the person I wanted to date was hanging out with me, but they weren’t. Some would call it an imaginary friend; I call it a ghost.” - Sara

    “It was a transitional period in my life, I had just moved to Montreal and it was the first song that I wrote when I was living there. It was an important move for me to leave Vancouver and leave Tegan and to sort of strike out on my own, and I was attempting to write music in this apartment that was an old, basically an old folks home that I had sort of unknowingly moved into and I remember very, very vividly singing the line “I was walking with a ghost” really loud and enthusiastically when I was writing that part, and a man was banging on my door screaming at me in French..”
    - Sara

    It’s so complicated. They wouldn’t be able to do it. There’s so many sections repeating in different ways. To quote my manager — this is not something I would ever say — “Our songs are deceptively simple.” They’re not actually simple. Halfway through “Walking With A Ghost,” Sara shifts it. So halfway through the song she starts to sing the verse over the chorus and then when she goes back to the chorus, she sings over the verse. I’m not trying to say like, “Woahhhhh,” but really when I’m playing these songs, I feel like I have to use my whole brain. - Tegan

    One of the songs I long, long, long ago wished I could stop playing because I didn’t like it anymore was “Walking With a Ghost.” But it’s one of those songs that I know people like, so I’ve tried to have an emotional change of heart about it. I recently reworked it and it’s allowing me to think a little bit more about what exactly makes it such a classic Tegan and Sara song, and one that a lot of people I really respect, musically, also enjoy. I will say, I don’t think it’s easy to write a simple song; sometimes songs that seem simple are actually deceptively hard. With “Walking With a Ghost,” the rhythm of the guitar part and the vocal part are against each other, so I’ve never felt very relaxed when I play it. There’s a lot of mental focus to play it properly. There’s also never really any release or climax, because the two parts of the song are both sort of choruses. It’s just kind of a big moment from start to the end, which I can appreciate makes it an interesting and complex song. One thing I like about it, too, is that I recently heard it in a Barney’s shoe department, and everybody was just kind of going about their day. It was sandwiched in between two mainstream current pop songs, and I just thought, This song is standing up. It’s doing okay, like no one was covering their ears and being like, What just happened? [Laughs.] - Sara

    @constantino (6) clearly wasn't paying attention to all the subtle shifts that Tegan so helpfully pointed out for us: "The imagery is cute but overall this is a tad repetitive for my taste…" You tried.@Jwentz (7) needs to go back to T&S school: "I know it was the big hit, but I always found it to be a bit simple." Please see above Sara quote. Funnily enough @eccentricsimply (5.5) picked up these points, but sadly it was not enough to garner a higher score: "I love the structure of this song. It's pre-chorus/chorus/pre-chorus/chorus. Sometimes it's nice to listen to non-pop songs for the sake of seeing different structures and how songs can be build in different ways." @Slice of Life (8.25) comes for their supposed fave: "I love the naked guitar strings in the first few lines. The vocals could have used a little less severe effect though. It distracts me after listening to 7 other songs with pristine vocals." I THINK THAT'S THE POINT!!!! @Sprockrooster (9) couldn't have been that disappointed with this score: "Had high hopes for this one, but a bit of a disappointment as I heard so much better by them. Still very good and with the last score upped from an 8 to 9." @send photo (8) gives me a new name: "I’d want to walk with Carrigan from Casper, she’d be a scream. Although she’d probably walk me off that cliff." @ohcarrigan.

    @Remorque (10) was sadly wrong about the new listeners: "This is proof that these girls can BRING IT (yes, I’m using capitols) with a song that consists of about 6 sentences that are being repeated. It’s definitely one of the standouts on So Jealous as it’s more immediate for the casual listener to get into and one of my early favorites from the beginning." @Petty Mayonnaise (10) is going to kill you all and I won't stop him: "“No matter which you go. No matter which way you stay” is such an earworm hook for me. Definitely walked around humming that bit for the rest of the day the first time I heard this one. It perfectly toes the line between yearning, melancholy, and menacing." Maybe @digitalkaiser (10) will help: "This was most of the people I know’s first real experience with Tegan and Sara. It was mine! My boyfriend at the time was obsessed with this song and he encouraged me to take a listen and watch the video and I was INSTANTLY entranced by these ladies, hilariously we broke up and this very album was my number 1 played for months after. Thank you shitty ex boyfriend! This is one of the few earlier songs that use some gorgeous synths heavily. The punchy lyrics, vocals and guitar work are all very good. I feel like this was a big pop moment for them in disguise. This song IS a bop."

    The video is wonderful and the very embodiment of this Walking With A Ghost quote from Tegan: "This is the song that I thought Sara had lost her mind but I followed her into the darkness."

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  16. Walking With a Ghost and Where Does the Good Go are both amazing songs, but I wish their more interesting cuts like So Jealous and I Bet it Stung were the top two from the album.

    Oh well.
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  17. Not my heart falling out of my chest thinking Now I'm All Messed Up was leaving this early.

    Anyway Ghost > Where Does the Good Go but okay.
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  18. ohnostalgia

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    Where Does the Good Go is the best song on So Jealous and you all will deal.
  19. Me realizing that one song from So Jealous might make the top 20.

  20. What the fuck?????????? Literally everything left form Sainthood should've been cut before this (and tbh it should've been the second album to be fully out but let's not)
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