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Back In Your Head: The Tegan & Sara Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. Wow I thought 'Walking With A Ghost' would make it farther since it's one of their more well known songs. Hmmm'T.
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    A good read about the indie rock culture of the 00s versus now, pretty illustrative of what our ladies always talk about. @constantino.
  3. Ooh, lemme add this to my reading list for when I'm not half asleep...
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  4. It's cool to see that the eliminations are pretty much neck and neck between Tegan and Sara's individual songs.
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    Yep! It's definitely evened out now. Although Tegan does have the highest ranked song of the first four albums. Not a huge surprise to me when you think about Sara's more eccentric songwriting.
  6. The highest on each of the first four albums too I believe.
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  7. [​IMG]

    This rate is a god-test.

    I hate you.
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    She sure does: Superstar, My Number, Living Room, Where Does the Good Go
    I had a very trying night and I needed to fuck with people okay???
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    so yes only one song remains on a certain album
    poor @Petty Mayonnaise

    98. Love Type Thing

    93. We Didn't Do It

    86. I Won't Be Left

    83. Take Me Anywhere

    74. Wake Up Exhausted

    59. Fix You Up

    55. Downtown

    53. I Can't Take It

    52. I Know I Know I Know

    46. You Wouldn't Like Me

    43. Speak Slow

    34. So Jealous

    31. I Bet It Stung

    29. Walking With A Ghost

    Your (rightful) last track standing is ....

    Where Does The Good Go
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    sara: you're basically saying not only can we not be in a relationship, i'm not that interested in being your friend.

    tegan: well i actually go so far to say that you're calling me a liar and a cheater and that it's all made up. i'm going on record, public record, and i'm letting the whole world know that everything you've said about our breakup is ridiculous. you're an a-hole. couldn't be your friend, even if you pretend that you don't like me i won't be your friend.

    sara: right.

    tegan: you came up with that part actually.

    sara: you seem angry. you seem still very angry about it.

    tegan: i don't even have anything else to say about the song.

    sara: i also really like the song. i feel affection for it because it's- the chorus is a true collaboration. we were in the studio, we decided that the chorus was great but we really wanted to step it up.

    tegan: we wanted it to be longer so we - it's called a b-chorus.

    sara: it's a b-chorus, but you really let me get in there. you know, i think this is one of the kind of songs that kids um-

    tegan: and adults.

    sara: and adults who still send break up tapes to each other-

    tegan: this is going to be-

    sara: this is the kind of song you say like-

    tegan: people aren't going to break up over text anymore, they're just going to send this song.

    sara: yeah it's like a snap, this is an audio snap.

    tegan: yeah. they'll be like i couldn't be your friend, isn't that that tegan and sara song? and then they'll open it up and it's just like-

    sara: yeah, game over.


    #28. I Couldn't Be Your Friend 8.212

    10.00 x 3 @constantino @eccentricsimply @Slice of Life
    LOW: 6.00 x 1 @ethansiafbjork
    MY SCORE: 8.50

    ALBUM: Heartthrob
    WRITER: Both

    I'm not saying this is about Tegan's breakup with Lyndsey (because I do not have a timeline of her relationships), but I wouldn't be surprised if it was. I Couldn't Be Your Friend is that happy sad bop, also known as one of my favourite musical aesthetics. But I'm not that mad about it leaving. The Tegan & Sara discography is full of these type of happy sad songs and I think they've done it better. Here are some of my personal highlights: the criminal line, the pre-chorus, that killer chorus, and the little bubbling oh oh ohs from Sara.

    Since I don't really have a lot to say about this one, let's turn it over to the populace. @digitalkaiser (8) has a few ex-friends: "I love the slapping bass and drums in this. It packs a wonderful punch and sounds so delicious next to the gentle coo’s of the girls throughout the song. I think it has my favorite chorus on the album as well, with it just exploding after the first verse and the chants in the pre-chorus. The sentiment of the song is also really relatable and always puts a smile on my face, because who hasn’t gone through this?" I like to burn bridges so I definitely relate. @constantino (10) has an art treatment picked out: "Oh oh oh OOOOHHH!!! When this first came out I always invisaged a music video for this set in an American high school in the 1980s with plenty of colour and choreo…I still want the video…" I think you'll need to ask their protege Shura for that one. @Sprockrooster (8) also loves a good oh: "Love those 'Oh's at the end." Okay I'm lowkey excited that @eccentricsimply (10) finally lost a ten because I'm that person: "My first 10 in this rate, but it's 100% worth it. I think they describe a bad break up in the most perfect way with this song." Maybe give out more tens than in the One Direction rate next time. We'll close with @Slice of Life (10) who almost lost an eleven tonight: "A contender for my 11 simply because I am obsessed with the way they absolutely murder the line "That sounds so fictional." Yes, I'm that deep. But seriously, this is another all-too-familiar song and it's seriously spooking me to my core. But I love it to death. Yes, I'm a masochist. I don't care."

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  12. This was very very nearly me but after having struggled with it for three whole years I somehow managed to see the light only just before I sent in my scores. Miracles, etc.
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  14. The remaining Heartthrob tracks are ace and should probably all make top 20 teebs.
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    sara: this song is truly, for me anyways, it's a very special song because of all the songs on this record it was the song that- i can honestly say it really did change my life. and i remember hearing it-

    tegan: oh, you're welcome!

    sara: yeah *laughs*

    tegan: it just moved you, the demo? it just moved you?

    sara: yeah... um no but i remember tegan sending it to me, and obviously we're in a band and i enjoy tegan's songs almost always, uh but there's certain songs that when i get them i know that they're going to to be a very special song to me. and um i also remember listening to this song um at the time with my girlfriend-

    tegan: i feel like we're being inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame, but by us.

    sara: i know.

    tegan: and then i thought, my god there's something special about us.

    sara: no- i'm about to take it away from that area, so ... i just wanted to say something nice before. it's sorta a shit sandwich.

    tegan: shit sandwich, here it comes!

    sara: i wanted to give you a little nice before i got to the shit part. um anyways i remember that at the time my girlfriend and i were listening- my girlfriend at the time, she's not my girlfriend anymore - she's here, that's why i have to clarify that just in case she thinks that i'm psychotic. she's like "bitch, we broke up. it's over." anyways! so she and i were sitting and listening to these songs that tegan were sending to us and i was like these songs are so awesome, like i'm really loving them, but i was like tegan's life is so fucked up right now, like, i was like her life sucks. and at the time i was really happy with my life - i loved montreal and i loved the girl that i was dating - i mean i still love you, but in a friendship way - and i

    tegan: oh my god.

    sara: i just want to clarify. but anyways, so i was like, i was feeling great but i was like tegan's life is shitty and she's writing great songs and i was grateful for that. the truth is that this next song, we didn't realize it at the time, but it did make our band a lot more recognizable and successful and that has meant a tremendous amount to us because it's meant we've travelled all over the world, actually bought an apartment because of this song, um in montreal which is basically-

    tegan: oh my god, humble brag!

    sara: it's like ten dollars and a can of maple syrup to buy an apartment, it's not that big of a deal.

    tegan: no sara's right. this record and the people who supported it and continue to support it really changed our life.

    sara: it did.

    tegan: we wanted to be sure to play a couple of songs from this record because we want to say thank you for all the years of support and um we dedicate this one to you.

    sara: it's fun to play them and have to remember a lot of these stories, because we probably have played this song so many times and i'll just be honest - a lot of times i dissociate because i just-

    tegan: oh my god!

    sara: i'm bored of it, but tonight i'm not going to disassociate. i'm going to be really present and i'm going to really remember how shitty your life was - but it's not anymore and that's what counts! if your life is shit you should sing along, and if your life isn't shit i'm happy for you. if your life is shit, i hope it gets better. we love you, thank you very much for coming out and supporting us gethomesafegoodbye.


    #27. Where Does The Good Go 8.215

    : 10.00 x 5 @ethansiafbjork @First2Run @Jwentz @ohnostalgia @Sprockrooster
    LOW: 4.50 x 1 @digitalkaiser !!!!!!!!

    ALBUM: So Jealous
    WRITER: Tegan








    I don't really know what to say? I don't really have the energy to get mad at people, because I'm just disappointed and stunned. Did you honestly spend time with this song? Did you let its charms reveal itself? Did you think before entering that number? I don't think you did. Where Does The Good Go is one of two songs that started it all for these ladies (the other, of course, being Walking With A Ghost). Originally featured in Season 1 of Grey's Anatomy, Shonda loved Where Does The Good Go so much that she chose it to soundtrack the famous Meredith and Christina farewell scene in Season 10. How amazing is that? I know Grey's is not really a cultural zeitgeist these days, but the Meredith and Christina relationship was the heart of the show. Shonda deemed Where Does The Good Go as the song that they'd dance it out one last time to, and I can't think of many honours higher than that.

    "There was a time, well at least for me when I was in high school, where you have crushes on a whole bunch of different people and they have crushes on you, and you just feel on top of the world. And I got out of high school and we were making a record, and I felt so good about myself. I moved to Vancouver, felt really confident and great. And then I got dumped and the person changed their phone number and broke my heart and then I had to fire like my best friend off the road with us. And the first record, when it came out everybody was talking big numbers and big sales, but it didn’t really do that. People liked it critically and we got some cool tours but nothing really big happened. I was all in the dumps and I wrote If It Was You and it was more of a sarcastic record for me. I was kinda making fun of myself, whereas with this record I feel like I was still filtering a lot of those emotions and feelings, but this time I was being more sympathetic toward myself and maybe a little more trying to influence myself and anyone listening to be wary and be careful.In high school, you feel all on top of the world and then something like that happens in your life and you realize that you’re never gonna be the same. And now all of a sudden you have all these issues you have to deal with and it brings up all these issues from when you were a kid and things completely change, you know?"

    Oh Tegan! I painfully get that. Sometimes I have this tendency to think of myself as less than my high school self- I socialized more, I read more, I had more fun, everything felt so open and alive and ahead of me. Even though intellectually I know my life is better than when I was a teenager... I've never felt as surface level happy as I did back then? I know that's not even a correct recollection, but my mind plays tricks on me. And that's a hard feeling to let go of, isn't it? My entire life since graduation felt like a slow but steady spiral downward where I gradually crushed myself under the weight of anxiety and hibernated from basically everybody except my family. I genuinely do think the last few years I've started to regain my footing, but it's so exhausting!!! I want that instant gratification happiness of my youth and I want it now.

    I'm just going to throw the awful opinions up without comment because I can't be bothered:

    digitalkaiser (4.5): I’ve never really been a very huge fan of this song, I think the production is alright but it’s one of the weaker points on this album. At its core it’s very indie rock, but it has a sort of sheryl crow soaring chorus thing going on that makes it a bit more interesting.

    Remorque (5.5): "I kind of underscored this one, because it’s grown on me IMMENSELY after rating it at first, because it’s opened itself up to me. It sounded a bit repetitive to me at first, but now I think I get where they’re coming from."

    Petty Mayonnaise (6): "This is very Soviet Kitsch era Regina Spektor album track if you substituted piano for guitars, and I’m not sure how I feel about it."

    send photo (6.5): "The chorus picks up nicely but the verses leave me a bit cold."

    At least I have some people who understood this wonderful gem. @constantino (9) this was A Big Deal: "OK I like this a lot, it took a while for the subtleties to rise to the surface but it has a really great vibe to it (man I hate that word). Wait at this having over 14 million plays though, get cash girls!" eccentricsimply (9.5) and ha Grey's: "OKAY A HIGH SCORE, mostly because yes I knew this song because of Grey's Anatomy and I actually genuinely love this song. The lyrics are also pretty damn relatable." Sprockrooster (10) kills an album that is already dead: "I was so unprepared when I first heard this, especially because those tracks before it are not really clicking." Please forgive me jwentz (10): "A strong contender for my 11, this is just the type of song you need to listen too when you feel a bit weary of the world." Unless you're Slice of Life (9.75): "Good question, Canadian Queens. Where does the good go indeed? And why can't they just stay... like, not even permanently but just a little bit longer? Blah. I don't want to think about this right now. Ughhh. I like this song though." SOB.

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    That post was a lot messier but then I hit character limit. But what an utter travesty, the worst thing that's happened so far in my opinion.
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  18. In a fucking rate of the music of TEGAN and SARA Quinn we have left out their BREAKOUT album at #27 without which they might be baristas in Toronto.


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