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Back In Your Head: The Tegan & Sara Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. Oh. Fuck.
  2. Wonderful writeup. I love this song and would've scored it slightly higher nowadays. Shame it missed top 20, but we're also definitely getting to their top tier tracks so.
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  3. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I did try to warn you all this run was going to be the most painful. I will say for those of you in panic mode I do genuinely think only one song is out of its depth in the Top 10.
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  4. This is payback, but I also expected I think.
    I atone for my sins in this rate. Blessed T&S please forgive me.

    *lights t&s prayer candle and plays The Con softly in the background in the dark*
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  5. Eeeh. OK, as I much as I (really, really) hate writing, let me just slip into my slightly-less-monosyllabic self for a bit just to try and give a sincere answer to this. Or at the very least give a counter-critique of sorts.
    I very much recognize the awkward position it puts me in and it’s really not a place I particularly want to be, I quite frankly loathe being a contrarian, but it’s been like this since way back when Heartthrob first came out in 2013, it was (and largely remains) to me a huge disappointment.

    I wasn’t expecting it to be at the time, honestly, an instant dislike to their new sound it was not; I remember hearing Closer for the first time and bopping while gleefully imagining what kind of spectacular meltdowns were happening over in the camp of twats who honestly thought fucking Hell was already too poppy for them.

    It's at this point I wish I spoke Musicianese just so I could phrase my points a bit more eloquently, but the long and short of it is that I just don’t think the material measures up to their earlier efforts (with some exceptions, put down those bolded size 6 @’s for a bit longer, please) because the dynamics of their previous albums went poof and the songs suffered for it. I get that they were quite deliberately trying to catch a more wide-spread appeal and I can appreciate that, but I still think they went overboard and sanded off too much.
    There are some slight edges lost and shortcuts taken in the songwriting area as well and it might share a little bit of the blame for hitting the same notes and keys a bit too much, but it’s largely the production and the string of choices it makes in the mid-to-early-section of Heartthrob where INYH lies that I find the hardest to get past; it just doesn’t have any range. It’s passive, flat and most importantly hogs up much too much of the tracklist into an overlong string of nearly identically paced and textured mid-tempos, and when compared to albums that contain everything from towering rushes of sadness and rage like The Con and Northshore to hushed little intimate confessionals like Soil, Soil and Call It Off, it just can’t help but fall short.
    It goes beyond comparisons to earlier work too, really; nothing dulls an impact more than repetition and redundancy, emotional or otherwise, it's numbing and it robs the tracks of any individual gleam they might've had.

    The album does for those reasons only ever reach anywhere near their earlier levels of greatness when it busts out of that beige middle-ground for a bit, and this is where we get to the only thing that kept me from building a Sasha Fierce-esque stan-card pyre back in ye olde 2013 (more on that in a later episode); the two closing tracks, Shock To The System and especially Now I’m All Messed Up, are quite frankly two of the most unambiguously fantastic tracks in their entire catalogue and easily dwarfs literally everything that precedes them.
    It’s not like I've given up on the album, I’ve been coming back to it ever since to try and catch what everybody else sees in it, but for three whole years those two songs were my last shining beacon of hope that they were indeed capable of putting out something much better in the same vein, and this is why Love You To Death was such a huge relief when it came out because it was exactly just that, everything is bigger, bolder, sharper, more colourful, varied and emotive. I don’t what his reasons are for preferring the latter but I agree with @send photo on this one, Love You To Death (and honestly, So Jealous, The Con and Sainthood too. really ) are much, much, better testaments to their pop-music skills than Heartthrob.

    Some closing statements:
    My sincerest apologies to pure little @Slice of Life for getting caught in the crossfire of my Heartthrob dislike, you deserve better.
    I would apologize to you too @Jwentz but somehow I think deep down you’re secretly just living for the drama at this point.

    (cheers to the top-page comment though because same xx)

    (on a decidedly less diplomatic note, if I can please just vent a little bit because having to see fave after fave go down in flames before these tracks was quite frankly a trial)

    And so, my dear little Soil Soil, Not Tonight, Like O Like H, Walking With A Ghost, I Was Married, Where Does The Good Go, Relief Next To Me, Northshore, Underwater, You Wouldn’t Like Me, Want To Be Bad, Sentimental Tune, Speak Slow, I Hear Noises, Take Me Anywhere, Hop A Plane, Fix You Up, etc.


    You’ve been avenged.

    *rides off into the sunset* peace out.


    [pictured above: ohnostalgia receiving send photo’s and eccentricsimply’s scores]
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  6. Jeeeeeesus.

    At least I got less tags then @eccentricsimply but DRAG ME A BIT. NAWT you discrediting the brilliance that is THE ENTIRETY of Heartthrob. ON MY PJ? One of the best pop albums in the last 5 years? BYE

    I've personally and professionally changed my life and converted to a life of stanhood since my scores let me live.

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  7. Also wanted to add that I agree the closing tracks to Heartthrob are massive and excellent (and underscoring Shock To Your System is my biggest regret in this rate) but the opening three tracks are also a flawless run. I get that the middle tracks of the album are more middling (namely "Friend" and "Love") and it definitely took me a lot of relistening to finally "get" tracks like I'm Not Your Hero and How Come You Don't Want Me.
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  8. I'm Not Your Hero is so brilliant and I will nevah stop stanning ha.
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  9. Oh. Not only does So Jealous fail to make the top 20, but also my favorite post13 track won't be either.

  10. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    I'm not gonna read that @LE0Night but I appreciate the effort to collectively drag and torture all of us.
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  11. You are serving me 'cast as "Sobbing/hysterical woman" extra' in this rate and I'm living for the dedication.
  12. I gave up on thinking I'd enjoy this rate when Soil, Soil went out at fucking #75.

    Oh wait, you gave that a four didn't you.


  13. [​IMG]
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  14. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    I'm liking this not because I agree with you but because it's nice to know that you're as extra as the rest of us. x
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  15. @ohnostalgia would you mind listing what is still here? I need to know what songs I have to sacrifice chickens to get out of here thanks xx
  16. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I don't know what I just walked back into, but I'm living for this expose of @digitalkaiser and @eccentricsimply getting hurt over losing like ... three songs they care about when some of us have been near death since the beginning of this rate.
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  18. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Perhaps your emotional health should say thank you.
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  19. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    tegan: when we first started out we had no concept of like a career or the business of what we were doing, we just really did not want to go to university. and uh my parents insisted that we pay rent and so we said that we would get gigs you know playing at like local pubs or coffee shops and that's how we would pay our rent. and my mom who loved us dearly and never treated us badly and was a wonderful mom and a single parent and very young when she had us, she was like "i hate your fucking guts. why would you do this? be a doctor, be a lawyer, be anything but a musician." and then we were like also, sidenote, in addition to not going to university and being musicians also, we're gay. my mom was like "i knew that." so my mom would have her friends come over and sara and i would stand in sara's bedroom because it had all these windows so we would open all the windows and set our pa up, turn it up really loud, and sara on guitar or me on guitar and then the other one screaming hysterically. or if we were lucky both of us playing electric guitar and screaming out the windows and we thought we were awesome. we could not get enough of ourselves, i would fall asleep listening to us. i listened to our demos and i was like oh man, we are going places. and meanwhile downstairs my parents were like oh god, what are they doing? so we tried, we hired drummers and we played with all sorts of people and then we got rid of them all and it was just the two of us. and we went and started playing these coffee shop gigs and we would play these like hour and a half sets that take twenty minutes and play all the same songs again. our poor friends and family would have to sit through that. but show by show and sort of month by month and then year by year we started to get an audience.


    #23. Faint of Heart 8.27

    10.00 x 4 @constantino @LE0Night @Remorque @Slice of Life
    LOW: 4.50 x 1 @ethansiafbjork
    MY SCORE: 8.50

    ALBUM: Love You To Death

    "At the time I was in a new relationship and felt anxiety over my decision to pursue it. The song was simply a reminder to listen to my heart and not worry about what other people think." - Tegan

    Faint of Heart is in my bottom three tracks for Love You To Death, so this feels correct. Well aside from the fact that this could've left a long time ago and I wouldn't have been upset. Thematically this covers a lot of the same ground that Love They Say does, but I prefer it because it's more of a note to yourself instead of a "moving" adult contemporary anthem. Maybe because the "who cares what anyone says about it" line feels more relevant to queer relationships specifically, while Love They Say could be the straight wedding dance song. The best thing about Faint of Heart is the music video- a talent competition featuring young LGBT artists. Tyler Ford plays Prince, Ella Giselle plays Madonna, Dominic Ravina plays Elvis, Olabisi Kovabel plays Grace Jones and Cooper Treibel plays David Bowie, Ni Ching-Marino and Eli Erlick play Tegan & Sara. It was filmed the day after the Pulse nightclub shooting:

    "There was something very personal about this tragedy and that was undoubtably on our minds as we arrived on set. From the second we walked in, I felt incredibly emotional. The cast was so young, so excited, so talented, so friendly and so diverse. It was clear this video was going to be very special. I felt honored to be included... which sounds silly since it was a music video for our band. But from the second we arrived, my brain recognized the music video as something we were doing together with our community to present the bravery, the talent, the love, the art, and the connection we all have, rather than just a vehicle for our music — which was a relief. It might be hyperbolic to say this, but I think it altered how we looked at how we were going to proceed in our career. The video had meaning, and that felt very important in that moment of time.

    First and foremost we just hope it reaches LGBTQ people and makes them feel realized. Some of the themes of the video — mentorship, finding community, expression, bravery — are things you see so many LGBTQ youth actively pursuing in order to thrive. We need to be strong against a lot of hate in this world." Hopefully, she adds, "a wider audience is able to see the incredible talent and beauty of LGBTQ youth. I hope that it reminds people to not be consumed with what others might think, but instead to follow their hearts and feel empowered to express themselves freely, openly, and happily."

    @digitalkaiser (7) likes le fromage: "This is such a cute cheesy midtempo! (cheesy is a term of endearment) It’s got more of the twinkly synths of the first track but bumped up a tad, I love the moaning? Background sounds, its all very mysterious and 80s." While @constantino (10) hears... Christmas? "BOP! Now that it’s November I’m even getting some subtle festive vibes from this and I’m living for it even more." What's it feel like in the dead of January? @Posh Spears (8.5) is prepping for their career as a motivational poster composer: "Nice sentiment here. Love really takes practice!" I wouldn't know. @Sprockrooster (7) is singlehandely putting the Dutch wig stores out of business: "Everytime this one starts I try to hold on to my wig, but then nothing happens and my wig is still in place. Great potential but something goes wrong and it lacks that umph." Maybe @Slice of Life (10) will pick up the slack: "It's the sentiment of the song that really makes me come back to it. The lyrics "When it's love, it's tough" is so, so true. I will always believe that if its not tough, it's not love and I love that T&S captures that perfectly here."

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