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Back In Your Head: The Tegan & Sara Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Sep 19, 2016.

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    Love You To Death losing songs feels.... wrong.

    Tegan and Sara acting like the gay aunts they are in that video is amazing though.
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    @Jwentz have a present for you!
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  4. Is it a LY2D cull?

    EDIT: Oh the last elimination was refreshing.
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    sara: um i mean tegan is just able to handle speaking um both articulately and also she um you know she tells a story, it has a point. it generally can be, it can sort of explain the song and the reason for the song. and what ends up happening when i sometimes talk to you, to the people, i generally tend to use you as a sounding board for uh things that i'm going to talk about when i get back home with my therapist. and i- as i've gotten older i feel ashamed of that and partly um it also has to do with being, i've been out of a relationship for three years and when i was in a relationship i had the unconditional support of someone who it wouldn't have mattered what i said, they thought that you know that it was real and it was authentic and all these things, but what happens when you don't have that person around and that person is replaced by someone that you pay - like a therapist, not a sex worker - although that's fine too. um anyways what ends up happening is that you know you stop trusting their unconditional support. like of course my therapist is going to tell me that i'm funny and that i'm a good person and that i generally on a spectrum of dysfunction i'm quite healthy and average, but i don't know if that's true. and, what was that?

    crowd: you're awesome!

    sara: i don't know what you said, but it's not really helping my story. now it's just sort of, next time i think i'm crazy i'm going to think of all the people screaming at me, supporting me.

    tegan: see that works for me. i'm like i'll remember this moment and pretend it was mine when the audience screamed you're awesome at me. we work in mysterious ways.

    sara: it's true. um did you say that i was awesome? um i'm not worried- that's probably part of my problem is ego, i'm not concerned that i'm awesome. i'm mostly concerned that i'm so awesome that i might be like a singular awesome forever. and uh anyways, so i try not to talk to the audience as much because i think it's unhealthy for me. it's not you, it's just mostly me. and so that's it.


    #22a. Are You Ten Years Ago 8.32

    HIGH: 10.00 x 4 @constantino @Ferk @LA Hallucinations @Petty Mayonnaise
    LOW: 6.00 x 1 @Posh Spears
    MY SCORE: 8.00

    ALBUM: The Con
    WRITER: Tegan

    "The song is very much this bipolar conversation with myself about being taken. ‘Taken’ was the word my roommate and I used to explain when you were in a relationship but not… I feel very much like I’m a high-anxiety, high-stress, high-worry kind of person, and I’ve really been battling that for the last few years. And I see that circle imagery - that idea of walking in circles - as how my songs process inside of me. And I don’t find that music helps me actually get them out of me or stop doing the circle, so I just start singing about it…" - Tegan

    I had no idea this would do so well, but I suppose this rate likes weird shit when Tegan writes it (but none for you Sara!). What I like about Are You Ten Years Ago is how immediate and frantic it is- you will pay attention whether you like it or not, so you might as well stop fighting and get swept away in awesomeness. It also has one of my favourite Tegan & Sara lyrics: "I lose track of where I'm going and lose track of how to get going again. Also it's so simple but I love every single "I collapse." Perfectly captures that moment when your anxieties finally exhaust yourself.

    A few of you decided to bring up an act that I prefer to not acknowledge because I don't want to get started on another appropriation rant. @Jwentz (8): "A bit T.a.t.u. no?" @Slice of Life (8.5): "Don't kill me but this reminds me of t.A.T.u N N N N. They're almost rapping here. Kii. But I like that this sounds really cinematic. Also, a BOP." #triggered. @eccentricsimply (7.5) also picks up on the rushed singing: "This song is fun because it kind of goes against a good majority of their songs up until this point that are very simple and short lyrics wise. This sounds like they are trying to say a lot in a very short span of time." You've just described every Tegan song ever. Oh finally some praise without that unfortunate T.A.T.U. comparison. Thanks @constantino (10): "The creeping guitar hook + brooding synths are giving me EVERYTHING I need right about now. I love how they’re indulging in such an intense and sinister ~moment~ this early on in the album." Oh it's @digitalkaiser (9.5) actually stanning something on The Con: "I’m into the experimental beats on this one, and the lyrics and vocal harmonies are A+..! Wait at me discovering this gem again?! This album is such an odd combination of folk driven yet electronic and minimal, but it works when it works. I personally love the title of this song quite a bit. It’s kind of Postal Service in its atmosphere. After Like O, Like H it feels like a fantastic punchy track." Although remind people of my tracklist fuckup again.

    Many of you felt uncomfortable but liked it. @send photo (8): "This song makes me feel so anxious." Good. @Petty Mayonnaise (10): "I love how this song doesn’t give you a second to breathe. It’s relentless and frantic and emotional. It makes me slightly uncomfortable to listen to, but it’s so compelling and gorgeous." *sniff* And last, but not least, @Ferk (10): "Another favorite of mine. I adore the frantic, paranoid, almost claustrophobic production and the way their voices and melodies overlap throughout the song. It's the sound of jealousy, of paranoia, of's the sound of being overwhelmed by a relationship, watching it fall apart or is it? That constant confusion is captured so well here."

  6. Well that was swift revenge for what I said in random thots eh?

    Also I thought of the Tatu connection as purely a sonic thing, those fake homos can choke.
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    Did you all create more drama without waiting for me????
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  8. Who me?

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    Tomorrow I have to kill off #4 in my Top 10 Tegan & Sara songs, so if you all could kill each other before then I'd greatly appreciate it.
  10. [​IMG]

    I know I can't complain when we're literally at the top quarter of their entire discography but Faint of Heart is not the weakest LY2D track!
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  11. I'm glad 'Are You Ten Years Ago?' made it so far. I was dreading it being one of the early cuts. I definitely don't hear any T.a.t.u. though. But I never listened to them so who knows.
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  12. least I did SOMETHING to help the con track get further in the rate.

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    Faint Of Heart is one of my LYTD faves WHY IS IT OUT
  14. ddd well first of all I thought that'd been obvious since I made a 4 part gif-set just to eulogize an elimination, and secondably


    This backhanded shady-ass compliment coming from you of all people, oh my God!
  15. Also.
    Thank you. Everyone else too.
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    They always swear they didn't mean it, but I'm skeptical.
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    tegan: the top fifteen religious titled records and our band was on the list *grimace* ... oops. it wasn't supposed to be religious. but it's been so- i can't even fucking remember what record- sainthood again? you remember?

    sara: yeah. yeah i do.

    tegan: tell me.

    sara: i, there were a lot of reasons. do you really want me to get into this now?

    tegan: just a summary, just a summary. i don't think about it very much.

    sara: well originally the reason why- i had a song called sainthood because of a leonard cohen song.

    tegan: oh yeah.

    sara: came so far for beauty

    tegan: yeah.

    sara: remember me?

    tegan: yeah. *i came so far for beauty*

    sara: exactly yeah. so i wrote a song called sainthood but then leonard cohen wouldn't let us use the lyrics - totally respect that, mad respect - and so we decided to call the record sainthood anyway.

    tegan: and then what happened?

    sara: it was sort of moderately popular, the record. not a fan favourite...

    tegan: and then what happened.

    sara: then we made heartthrob, just whored ourselves out for you. um i'm just kidding, you guys thought sainthood was alright, right?


    sara: i barely remember that record 'cause i was severely depressed. i really was.

    tegan: what happened?

    sara: it's mostly just a blur. i just met someone... just hurt me.

    tegan: and then what happened?

    sara: *laughs* i'm fine now.

    tegan: is this one about being sad?

    sara: this one's about being sad so, i'm not sad anymore so: is anyone over here sad?


    sara: are you really sad? none of you look sad to me. how about over here? you in the red, you're sad? are you sure? you don't look sad. are you really going through a hard time?

    red shirt: yes i am.

    sara: you are? what's your name?

    red shirt: cynthia.

    sara: cynthia. you know what? i was pretty sure that i was the saddest person in the whole world. like my sadness was more sad than other people's sadness, like people would be like this devastating thing is happening to me and i would just start going uh huh, but inside i'd be like they have no idea what it means to feel sad like i do. um or they'd be like "oh my god, but you don't understand she's so beautiful," and i'd be like probably not as beautiful as the girl who broke my heart. um stuff like that. but anyways cynthia, here's the thing- you're not going to care in two years. you're going to be like whatever bob or jane or whatever the fuck this person is, this piece of shit is, you know you're just going to be like go fuck yourself.

    tegan: *fuck yourself, i won't be the one who waits on you* that's coming up later. i'll sing it in the right key.

    sara: um but just for tonight instead of empowering you i'm going to enable you. and i'm going to dedicate this song to you on behalf of whoever is making you feel upset. you're probably like "it's not a breakup."


    #22b. On Directing 8.32

    10.00 x 5 @Ferk @LE0Night @ohnostalgia @Petty Mayonnaise @Sprockrooster
    LOW: 6.00 x 2 @2014 @Slice of Life

    ALBUM: Sainthood
    WRITER: Sara


    "But yeah, for example, “On Directing,” I was reading a collection of essays someone had given me by David Mamet about — about film making and writing scripts and dialogue — and it was called On Directing Film. I loved the idea of “On Directing.” But less about film, but more about “on directing” in the way that one would direct someone’s life or whatever. So that’s where the lyrical idea was born for me – out of this idea of direction and manipulation. And I was specifically writing about a situation where I was feeling like I was the [on the receiving end]. I remember there was this phrase that David Mamet used about getting the cuts. He kept referring to cuts, like make sure you capture exactly what you need. And that’s how I felt like this girl was treating me, like she was getting exactly what she needed from me, and nothing outside of that." - Sara

    I only have a few words to say to all of you: why? you're soulless. and goodbye.

    @Petty Mayonnaise (10): "“Go steady with me.” Emotionally kill me with your vintage terms for asking for love, queens." The earnest vulnerability there is a death sentence. @digitalkaiser (8.5): "“Go steady with me? I know it turns you off when I, I get talkin like a teen!” With those little beeps are the best bits of this song. It sounds like something that could fit in on So Jealous which can only be a GREAT thing." Deserved a higher score and you know it. @constantino (7): "‘I keep talking like a teen’ …I feel very attacked. #Teenscanbearticulatetoo." I think you... missed the point. @Posh Spears (8.5): "Great, great song. Should’ve 10’d it, although an 8.5 is still totally respectable since I didn’t have much time for it to “grow” on me when I was rating. Too many fantastic lines here from "eyes focused like a microscope" to the talking like a teen lyric." Respectable... sure. @Jwentz (9): "‘Go steady with me’ is such a perfect pop lyric." But remember we only like pop music post 2013 here. @eccentricsimply (8.5): "Oh, I like this a lot." That's nice. @Slice of Life (6): "This is a single? Weird because it doesn't sound one... doesn't sound a good one, if I may add. I mean, it's not bad but it feels kinda juvenile and not fully formed." Dead to me. @Sprockrooster (10): "Am I allowed to call this a bop?" Yes.

    @Ferk (10): "Another huge favorite of mine. I was in my first real relationship when 'Sainthood' came out. I was 19, he was 25. He was a bad idea and I knew that. Everyone did. This album was almost something of a soundtrack to our first year together...this song especially hit hard...he was directing me, and I would have done anything he asked of me, even break my own heart, which I would do years later when the excitement of flirting with danger had turned into bitterness and resentment. But in those first few months? That first year? "You're directing me/you're dressed up I lose my grip, my focus/make those eyes at me/I lose my grip my focus..."" Thank you for sharing, truly genuinely. This is one of their realest songs and I'm so glad it was there for you.


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    vibes from you.
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