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Back In Your Head: The Tegan & Sara Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. ohnostalgia

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    Top Twenty


    the con
    the con
    back in your head
    dark come soon
    call it off


    goodbye, goodbye
    i was a fool
    now i'm all messed up
    shock to your system

    love you to death
    that girl
    dying to know
    stop desire
    white knuckles
    hang on to the night​
  2. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    No it's Tegan & Sara's reaction if they saw the state of that Top 20.
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  3. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Oh thank God my 11 made the Top 20. That's really what matters to me. Kii.
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  4. Aw no. Such a beautiful song. I adore the production, especially on the chorus. Glad it made it so far though. And thanks, @ohnostalgia *insert heart emoji here*
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  5. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    might as well do this now.

    because really what record
    is more angry than so jealous?

    scream at me, queens
    murder me, queens

    devastate me, queens
    destroy me, queens

    SO JEALOUS 7.40


    "It perfectly toes the line between yearning, melancholy, and menacing." -
    @Petty Mayonnaise

    "This album is slowly but surely winning me over."
    - @Slice of Life

    "I really adore the chorus here, a lot of this album makes me feel like an emotional mess. I think Tegan and Sara have always excelled at this."
    - @digitalkaiser

    "We’ve all been there right? Rock bottom. It’s a pretty lonely and frightening place, but there’s always that comfort knowing artists not only experience it too, but are also able to use it to create stunning songs like this."
    - @constantino


    Highest Average:
    9.18 @Slice of Life
    Lowest Average: 5.63 @eccentricsimply

    Highest Ranking Song: Where Does The Good Go
    Most 10s: Where Does The Good Go

    Highest Tegan Song:
    Where Does The Good Go
    Highest Sara Song: Walking With A Ghost


    Where Does The Good Go is not only one of my absolute favourite Tegan & Sara songs, it's one of my absolute favourite songs to exist. Should've made the Top 10 in this rate.

    The simmering rage threading throughout Sara's songs is mesmerizing. I love how honest she is about it now when telling stories on stage.

    A LIFE DIVIDED: I love how this album deals with Sara moving to Montreal and Tegan being left in Vancouver. I'm not okay, I promise.

    BREAKOUT STARS: Without So Jealous there would be no The Con, Sainthood, or Heartthrob. Some thanks you lot gave.

    *follow to further parts


    "When Sara sent me “So Jealous,” I was shocked. The demo — which first comes out with the book — is really interesting to listen to. It was so dark. She moved away from Vancouver [to Montreal] a year prior to that, she was going through a massive break-up, she moved to a city where she knew no one, and she didn’t know the language. It was hard. Through that next year writing and recording So Jealous, she talked non-stop about the scene: Broken Social Scene, Arcade Fire, all of these huge bands. At this point, the groundswell was just starting. She was obsessed with the idea that we were outcasts, we were outsiders, we weren’t a part of any group, everybody was cooler than us. It was nonstop. It drove me crazy because I thought we were so cool. We were successful in my mind. We were playing in America, and we had been on Conan, Letterman. I didn’t understand her obsession with this world. I can remember being in the studio, finishing up the record, and going back and forth about what to call the record and her saying, “I think it would be really funny to call the record So Jealous.” Because people say it in jest or in joke, right? Like, I’m so jealous of your burrito. And she’s like, “It’s not a joke to me. I am jealous, I am so jealous.”


    "It was massive. It was probably exactly as you might imagine. We were out there on the road and some huge things have happened. We went from selling no records to selling thousands of records and gaining thousands of followers. We were on tour with the Killers, we got Coachella and Lollapalooza. Right at the peak, we got a call and saw a weird video of Jack White playing with “Walking With a Ghost.” They were going to put out an EP. Meg came to a show, and we went bowling with her. It was surreal.

    Listening to the Walking With a Ghost EP, I feel really proud that Sara and I did something that affected people the way it did. This was the year that Franz Ferdinand, Modest Mouse, and the White Stripes were the biggest bands. There were no other women in the Top 30. I was proud that we did something by accident that had that impact."


    "I remember having a fight with Tegan when we were putting together the demos. There were a few songs that she really wanted and, yeah, it was too painful. I was going through a fairly substantial breakup between If It Was You and So Jealous. I had split with my serious partner, and I had moved to Montreal and started a new relationship. It was right when we started writing So Jealous that I started to feel the intrusion of what our career was. I remember having awkward conversations with friends and family about the stories we were telling on stage and people feeling uncomfortable about what we were revealing. I really started to take into consideration what power I had and how you could really misuse that position. Some of the songs from the demo stage of So Jealous I just didn’t feel were appropriate. To listen to them now, they’re very vague, and they don’t seem more personal than any other material. At the time I remember thinking, “No, this is going to hurt me and this person too much, and I want to protect that.” I still think about those things all the time. Am I an asshole for writing about people and not allowing them any sort of agency to respond? [Laughs] I have so much more control than they do! So Jealous was really the beginning of that."


    where do you go with your broken heart in tow?
    what do you do with the leftover you?
    and how do you know when to let go?
    where does the good go?
    where does the good go?

    look me in the eye and tell me you don't find me attractive
    look me in the heart and tell me you won't go
    look me in the eye and promise no love's like our love
    look me in the heart and unbreak unbroken, it won't happen

    it's love that breaks the seal
    of always thinking you would be
    real happy and healthy
    strong and calm
    where does the good go?
    where does the good go?
  6. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member


    But genuinely I am glad I participated in this rate because I discovered So Jealous.
  7. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    They also rudely posted about how they were happy their 11 made Top 20 after ruthlessly killing On Directing ... so are you surprised?

    I'm listening to Tegan and Sara psychoanalyze their fights in the So Jealous commentary video. Very interesting.
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  8. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    So I guess you're friends now huh? Let's see how long this will last.
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  9. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    There's lots of things you don't know about us xx
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  10. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

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  11. ohnostalgia

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  12. NOooo On Directing!
  13. I'm...going to assume the reason LYTD is almost entirely untouched because it's new, shiny and easily digestible for pop fans? Shame as it's often just...there..for me. Kii at all of Sainthood going bar the only two I can actually remember. I saw that tour too. They didn't even play Arrow, the swines.
  14. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    sara: i just want to say for this amount of people you're a very civilized group. i've been sort of checking you out over the last few hours, watching you and uh you know what i appreciate about canada? it's that if we have to, i mean if we really have to get back to the wild, you know get back to "our roots" we can. but we don't necessarily do it just because we can so i just want to take this moment right now to publicly thank all of you for not peeing outdoors where i can see you. that's all i'm saying. i really really appreciate it.

    tegan: it's like what is she going to say now?

    sara: we spend a lot of time, we spend a lot of time touring all over the world. it is not a judgement on these people, but i'm telling you it's sort of a thing where people, especially those with penises - it's nothing against penises, don't think i'm hating on men. we work with some of the most amazing men who have penises, i love penises. i just am always shocked- WHAT? you guys are so frigid, we all have one-

    tegan: or not.

    sara: whatever. listen, listen, listen. just calm down, calm down.

    tegan: she's a comedian under there.

    sara: anyways, i'm sure you all have great dicks, i'm just so glad i didn't have to see any... yet. i really appreciate it, i love canada, we're a canadian band and we're so proud. anyways, that's that.


    #20. Arrow 8.33

    10.00 x 3 @Jwentz @LA Hallucinations @LE0Night
    LOW: 6.50 x 1 @eccentricsimply
    MY SCORE: 9.00

    ALBUM: Sainthood
    WRITER: Sara

    "The song was written for someone who I didn’t really know yet. It was intended as a survey about their behaviour and intentions, but also a warning of sorts about my own". - Sara

    Poor Sara, so close to finally scoring the last track standing on an album. Which... yeah, now I gotta make one of those lyric graphics for Sainthood. Could you all chill with gutting entire albums so I can get a wee bit of rest around here? Is that too much to ask? While I love Arrow I'm not particularly upset about this loss as it outlasted far superior tracks like Alligator and On Directing for some unknown reason. The best way to describe this song is shrill and alarming in the absolute best way. I love how Sara can effortlessly deliver a mood and Arrow certainly lives up to its desperate and somewhat violent name. I dare you to feel okay after hearing this:

    Would you take a straight and narrow critical look at me?
    Would you tell me tough love style, put judicial weight on me?
    If you're thinking anything, if you're thinking endlessly.
    If you're thinking anything, if you're thinking...

    @digitalkaiser (9) tries to come for the lyrics on The Con and honestly not today, satan: "It’s my personal opinion that Sainthood takes the best bits of The Con and So Jealous and smashes them into one album, and this song is a great example of that. The lyrics on this album are far more catchy than any of the ones they have done before. This song in particular sounds like some of the poppier bits of songs like “Back In your head” with the rough moments like “I bet it stung” and it works in its favor." @constantino (8) tries to make this about him when it's clearly about me: "Archery ANTHEM! Fun fact: Back in 2012 I won gold for Archery, so, as an athlete, this resonates with me." N E WAY. I was going to end with @Jwentz (10) but this isn't exactly paragraph closing work: "I’m a massive fan of Sainthood and this is a great opening track for me." Low scoring villainness @eccentricsimply (6.5) makes her sad return: "Upon first look this album already seems almost minimalistic what with the song titles being so simple. The chorus in this song is what makes it for me." @Slice of Life (7) tries that innocent act that's all A LIE: "Oh wow, this is my first taste of pre-Heartthrob T&S music. And it feels... so different. Kii. I don't have much to say but yeah... the songwriting is strong, I'll give them that." Meanwhile new frenemy @send photo (7.5) has this to say for himself: "The production is really interesting." Cool story. Last but not least, @Ferk (9.7): "Sainthood" is way too underrated as an album, in my opinion. I'll never forget hearing the opening of this song blasting through the speakers and feeling my heart lift. They'd made a leap forward sonically and I feel like quite a few of the songs here sort of foreshadowed their 'big pop move', including this one."

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  15. I was already feeling irrationally protective of poor misunderstood little quirky Sara and her tunes and this rate is just making it so much worse.
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  16. Aweee boo!
    I love this song. *runs to listen to it*
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  17. She'll snag it with Back In Your Head though x

    (And maybe a LY2D track but probably not when Tegan has Stop Desire and U-Turn.)
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  18. I don't think so sweaty
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  19. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    tegan: we're starting the show a little differently tonight. um we just wanted to say a couple of things before we start the show and just do something a little different then we've been doing, just so you know how much we love you and how sad we are for you today. sara and i we uh we've been out on tour for a couple of months and giving you know a lot of time to talking about this election and it feels really really sad today, but i will say this that uh i'm really glad that you guys all came out here tonight and while we feel very very very sad and disappointed and we can only imagine your sadness and your disappointment, we also want to say that there are millions and millions of wonderful and open minded people who are progressive in your country and we've been down here for seventeen years touring so we know that firsthand. and we so want to play a couple of songs acoustically, i know a lot of you were writing us that you felt really sad and you were going to come out anyway, but um i hope that you feel some joy and some happiness and you can sing and dance for one good night together.


    #19. Dark Come Soon 8.39

    HIGH: 10.00 x 4 @constantino @LE0Night @send photo @Slice of Life
    LOW: 6.00 x 2 @ethansiafbjork @First2Run
    MY SCORE: 7.50

    ALBUM: The Con
    WRITER: Tegan

    (So what?)
    I lie
    I lie to me too
    (So what?)
    I lie
    I lie to me too
    (So what?)
    (So what?)

    So. There's quite a story accompanying one particular live performance of Dark Come Soon and I debated if I should share it or not since it seems to be a tenuous topic within the Tegan & Sara fandom. Ultimately I decided that since our ladies talked about this incident openly a few times, it would be okay:

    "Last year before a show in Scotland, they were arguing back and forth, something about an interview Tegan didn't want to do. They'd been going back and forth for about an hour when Sara, exhausted, says she just 'hauled off and hit her.'

    'It's not like she's some defenseless kitten,' Sara says. 'She hit me back three times.' '

    Yeah, open handed,' Tegan protests.

    Sara nods: 'She bitch slapped me.'

    During the show Tegan broke down crying while performing Dark Come Soon and turned away from the audience. Sara finished the song alone.

    "I know Tegan thinks I wasn’t gonna pick one of hers, but I think “Dark Come Soon” is my favorite Tegan and Sara song. I remember receiving the demo, thinking it was really heartbreaking. Tegan does this better than I do — you immediately visualize a location, sort of like the beginning of a novel. You know exactly where it takes place, what’s happening; she’s very good at setting that tone. I always see this song almost as a set. Whatever she describes is what I see, there’s just something very noir about it. I’ve always loved it a lot."

    This actually is not one of my favourites from The Con, so I'll let you all do the talking instead. Or in @Petty Mayonnaise's (8.5) case, the giffing:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    @digitalkaiser (8) is awed: "Very melancholy and pretty song with some gorgeous production...I’ve noticed Tegan and Sara have a very handy knack for writing songs that grow and evolve as they go. This one is one of those songs! I like how this is like a subdued 80’s song masked in old school Tegan and Sara flair. Its wonderful. The second part of the song reminds me of production from the album Return of Saturn, which is another difficult yet amazing album for me." @Posh Spears (8): "There are so many different hooks in this song and they’re all great, so [email protected] that! It’s a great “second-to-last track” if you know what I mean." I do. @eccentricsimply (8): "Another very relatable song." Adele who? @Slice of Life (10) : "COME THROUGH, EXTENSIVE EXPLANATION FROM GENIUS.COM! Seriously, thank you to whoever explained the song so well. Because I understand what they talk about here, I can understand them more too. Because the thing that they talk about here is honestly very relatable - so much that it should be considered criminal." Maybe @send photo (10) should've hit up too: "It feels weird not giving commentary to a 10 but I can’t come up with anything. I just like it. Really cool, urban, fun." Did you and @Petty Mayonnaise coordinate that? Thankfully resident commentator @constantino (10) will bring the articulation: "Melodically, this is still one of their best in my opinion. It starts off as this lonely and desperate plea for the darkness to engulf them and evolves into one of their richest and most textured songs yet. I find this so empowering, not just sonically but thematically also."

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