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Back In Your Head: The Tegan & Sara Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Sep 19, 2016.

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    sara: i wanted to write a breakup song, but i wanted it to be the kind of breakup song where it's like intimate, you're not angry at the person but you are, you are- it's sort of like a post break up song where you're not trying to get back together, you're not angry-

    tegan: how is "you never really knew me" not kinda like an asshole kind of thing to say?

    sara: no, no, no, no, it's not meant to be asshole, it's more whiney if anything, you know? it's sort of like just like oh here i am again, just oh god woe is me, you know? it's more like that. but i really like the idea that the song is sort of like, it's a recap. like you know in a rom com when they always do that thing at the end of the movie where you think they're really never going to be together and then they meet each other at one of those muffin cafe type places and then they just rehash it out.

    tegan: this is a rom com.

    sara: this song is sort of a rom com. it's sort of like a we you know we sit down and we talk it out and this is you never really knew me, you never really got to know me.

    tegan: what does you never really knew me, never really, never really knew me like they did- is that why you broke up? because maybe they got involved? like is this sort of like you had a relation with they and then so you-

    sara: no.

    tegan: broke up with you because of they?

    sara: it's so confusing. in the song they is sort of um it's sort of this imaginary group of people that i imagine see me like i really am. you know, peers um...

    tegan: you never really knew me, never really, never really knew me like they did. well shouldn't you know you more than they because they is just your friend and you knows you-

    sara: yeah.

    tegan: so why would you try to know you like they did?

    sara: i don't know, it's confusing when you say it like that. this is a confusing one.

    tegan: i think we've covered it.

    sara: we've confused everybody.

    tegan: a song for they.

    sara: yeah. and you.

    tegan: and you.


    #11. Goodbye, Goodbye 8.76

    11.00 x 1 @Slice of Life 10.00 x 5 @digitalkaiser @Ferk @First2Run @Petty Mayonnaise @Posh Spears
    LOW: 6.00 x 1 @Jwentz @LE0Night
    MY SCORE: 8.50

    ALBUM: Heartthrob
    WRITER: Sara

    Well well well well..... I love (manipulating) karma. Yesterday I was feeling slightly bad that I finally got to cut this Heartthrob track that's more than outstayed it's welcome, but then I logged on this morning and saw a certain score of 6 in the Big Pop Girl's Rate and honestly I give no fucks now. You chose to stan a song where the ladies are emailing Sam Smith in the video, so you get what you deserve. This is fine and all but really the only part that stands out to me is that: "you never really knew me, never ever knew/saw/loved me like they did" line, which now Tegan has confused me about so good fucking riddance. This is also my official breakup with @Slice of Life. Have a nice life.

    I am sorry that @Petty Mayonnaise (10) has once again become collateral damage: "Yath gimme that “tears on the dancefloor but you can’t quite tell how sad is it first because the production bops too hard” anthem that I love." I'll cause more drama in your rate to make it up to you, promise. I can't say I'm sorry to part with another of @digitalkaiser's (10)s highest scores: "The production and chorus in this song is otherworldly. This song takes the 80’s synths and production tweaks to a whole new level. I love the melancholy dripping throughout the whole thing. It’s such a great follow up track to Closer on the album and really keeps the momentum going, this track has a special place in my heart as well due to the time period it was released.. “You never really knew me, never ever, never ever saw me, saw me like they did. You never really loved me, never really, never really loved me, loved me like they did.” lyric should be the on the first page of the bible of pop. Fantastic." @constantino (9) is working that fitness promo angle: " C’mon post-chorus! Closer is such a tough song to follow but they managed to maintain the energy and quality wonderfully; a testament to their pop sensibilities."

    @Posh Spears (10) gives me another reason to be mad: "Even though I love to replay “Closer” over and over again continually, I feel like I can’t listen to that without listening to this one next. From the little opening riff (that strangely makes me think about bees buzzing, which is a good thing) to the “don’t feel the need… to see YOUR FACE!” to the simply anthemic chorus, this is a really really great pop song." I hate bees. Tegan hates bees. The only bees should be the ones stinging @Slice of Life from the Beyhive thank you. @eccentricsimply (8.5) is once again pretending they don't have an entire back catalog of genius songs: "Here is the proof that joining the simplicity of some of their lyrics to a more pop melody and they create a genius song." @First2Run (10) doesn't always hold the highest production standards so I'm skeptical: "The production on this song is absolutely infectious and kind of beautiful in a way." @send photo (9): "Product placement? In my* Tegan and Sara video? (*yours)." Yes it was a choice to promote Sam Smith, wasn't it?

    And here's the snake of the hour, @Slice of Life (11) who tries to guilt trip me with this commentary: "I'm probably the only 11 for this one, right? Oh where do I begin? I love this song because I can relate both to Tegan and Sara and the person they're singing about here. Is that weird? Kii. I relate to the fact that the song concerns those who avoid face-to-face interactions when breaking up. Someone broke up with me through a Facebook private message. But don't feel sorry for me because weirdly, I like that the break up happened through that medium. I despise confrontations and frankly, I thought that if the break-up was done face-to-face, I wouldn't know what to do. Because when that someone broke up with me, I was actually thankful for it not because I don't love them anymore but because I knew that that relationship was dying anyway and because I am me, I didn't have the range to fight for it some more, to revive it one more time. Wow, that's a lot of because N N N N. Anyway, I think I'm getting very off-topic here. I just love this song. It's so joyous despite the subject matter. And the way the girls say 'goodbye' is heartbreakingly gorgeous. It's an 11 since day one. The middle 8 alone call heal (or destroy hehe) lives. I can't imagine another song that deserves it more."

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

  2. I loved reading the 'White Knuckles' intro. Their relationship fascinates me, especially recently since they've been opening up about the rough patch they went through.

    And that was great commentary for 'Goodbye, Goodbye' @send photo .
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    the con
    the con
    back in your head

    i was a fool
    shock to your system

    love you to death
    dying to know
    stop desire

    Any guesses on which track I think is out of its depth? No it's not 100x before you @ me @2014. Also I promise I have not forgotten the eulogy for Sainthood, I just wanted to post it closer to the end of the rate so we could pretend it made it near the Top 10.
  4. The correct answer is Dying To Know. also you put closer in the graphic twice.
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    And that's on purpose cause both Tegan and Sara wrote on Closer.
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  6. [​IMG]
    *investigates because this sounds familiar*
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    Hmmmmmmm. I guess you'll have to wait and see.
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  8. [​IMG]
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    After a rough patch @Jwentz and I are back to this:

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  10. I am so so happy Shock To Your System made it to the top ten even though I harshly underscored it when it's now one of my favorite songs in this rate.
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  11. 10. Stop Desire
    9. Shock To Your System
    8. Boyfriend
    7. 100x
    6. Dying To Know
    5. Back In Your Head
    4. U-Turn

    These can all win:
    3. I Was A Fool
    2. Closer
    1. The Con
  12. Boyfriend needs to leave like...yesterday.
  13. A top 10 without Call it Off and Now I'm All Messed Up?
  14. Re: Now I'm All Messed Up being ignominiously chucked out at fucking #17:


    Not Sprocksatan keeping his scores uncontroversial for so long I'd forgotten he was even here, only for ha to strike at the worst possible point when I least expected it, the absolute snake.

    I would write a proper soliloquy but, like I said. Protracted writing sessions does my head in in the worst way. Not today.
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  15. Also.
    @Tegan, what's your PJ username.
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    Today we cut the last score in the 8 range and I'm super mad it didn't get a 9 average.
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  17. UHHH. Love the new nickname 'Sprocksatan'. Let me add it to 'Sprockmonster' and 'Shockrooster'.

    Now to calm you. I have one 6 left and looking at my list above, you might guess which one.
    Without giving to much details: more than half is 9+ what I have left. So chill!
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  18. U-Turn came on earlier and I've decided it deserves to win for being a perfect pop song.
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  19. R92


    I hope "Formation" wins.
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