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Back In Your Head: The Tegan & Sara Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. Not until later on no. Unfortunately. It was genuinely my favorite album when I did the scores and I'd still probably give it at least a 9 average teens.

    BUT! Regarding this song in particular...I've grown off of it a bit since then...there's something a bit...lifeless... about the vocals? Like especially in headphones their voices sound way too processed or something and it's started to take me out of the song. So yeah, I definitely wouldn't be giving it a ten today. And this is actually the first time I've ever done a rate. Period. So it's definitely been a learning experience. I'll know better next time. (Although I wish this one didn't have to be the victim of that.)
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  2. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I'm screaming that @Ferk's average is too much for even "why are LYTD tracks leaving at 26" @eccentricsimply.
    Yes there were. I'm just glad it didn't beat anything from the holy quadruple.
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  3. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    You know I gave one of the songs in the holy quadruple a considerably low score and I hope my commentary was fair about it because it's for real the elimination that's going to make me more anxious since I don't know if I let my personal feelings speak too loud.
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  4. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I remember. I don't share your feelings but I will be giving them a fair airing. At least we can take comfort in knowing the girls would listen to you if you ever had a chance to tell them.

    @Ferk well first of all I'm sorry you did your first rate with me hahah. But what I've learned to do is list all the songs by score after to make sure I haven't rated things the same score that I actually don't think deserve it.
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  5. I do see that this making top ten is a bit much, but I also rated BWU and White Knuckles higher, and I think those are both worthy contenders from LY2D! RIP them.

    Anyway, Dying to Know is a song that just wouldn't escape my mind when I first listened to the album. It reminds me of this cute boy who I'm too scared to talk to who lives in my dorm. There was a week where I'd always run into him (the same week I was rating this album for this rate) and I'd be like omg is it fate??? Should I talk to him??? But I never did so yeah now I'm ~dying to know what it would be like if I did talk to him. The summary of this post is that I'm a mess and sorry for my scores but hey a 9 average at 9 is impressive!
  6. *Coughs* Oh hey there.

    I love this song! Uhhh...I'm feeling romantic and wistful tonight so let me talk about my love for this song and my love in general for LYTD, which carries a lot of these themes. Let me get on this stage and have some banter with you all! A @LE0Night Teas. An @ohnostalgia inspired eleganza!

    I'll ask the girls to serenade you with tambourine and dancing for the amount of extra this ridiculous post is going to serve you tonight, hens.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    *steals gifs from king @sendphoto*

    This song is really special, I don't mind if it's less heartfelt then what they usually do. I love it because its sweet and melancholy and bitter, and that is a comforting sound to me. Its really not a glowing review of me, is it? Hah. I love that it pulses and vibrates with energy. I feel like it really kind of exemplifies the music or mood I identify with, and all with just a bit of sass! I think its great!

    These lyrics in particular are just..

    "Tell me what you're doing now, where you live
    Tell me are you in love, how you been
    I'm dying to know
    Is the one you ended up with everything you wanted?
    I'm dying to know, I'm dying to know
    Is the one you ended up with everything you wanted?"

    So simple, but they convey the message I want. I feel like its condensed in a pop way but allows you to draw your own narrative. Of course they excel in storytelling and confessionals but can also turn around and ROCK something like this and it says so much about how skilled and wonderful they are. They can cram charm, sass, and urgency into those simple lyrics because they are amazing. The simplicity and the ebs and flows of the chorus really hit all this home, its the kind of song where you can read the lyrics in the exact way they sing it.

    "You've been on my mind again
    I've been crying to all my friends
    You hurt me bad, I wanna understand
    Hit me back cause you owe me that
    I keep telling this to my friends
    Can't let go of what's in my head
    You hurt me back, I wanna understand
    Hit me back cause you owe me that
    I'm dying to know

    Is the one you ended up with everything you wanted?
    I'm dying to know
    I'm dying to know"

    I guess we all have our own interpretations of things, but this song is a great example of something simple that's elevated by their sheer presence. Its easier for me to digest music that's got a little less traveling to do, because my own journey has been pretty hard, I can fill in the blanks of the songs with the meanings that are important to me and my life. This song is universal and speaks to that wonder about what the ones who have captured our hearts are getting along after they've broken them. Its just a little bit biting, it's hoping that they are worse off then ever before, its hope that they are lost without your dedication and love. Its fleeting and maddening to have those thoughts, and the sugar that coats this song makes that all the more incredible and slightly sinister.

    Well anyway...Are you bored yet? Horrified? Why...did he do this you ask?
    Moving on.

    That's not to say I haven't found myself falling in love with some of the deeper cuts on the earlier albums, this rate has showed me sooo much. I do feel bad about my lower scores for some fan favorites, but I can't ignore how important both HT and LYTD have been in my adult years. This album is just another piece of Tegan and Sara, and it shows off their strengths as brilliant pop songstresses just as much as The Con shows us their hearts, the deep feelings and the raw energy. Its all about the way they say it!

    Fantastic rate so far @ohnostalgia ! Thanks really opening up this band for me and also becoming a pretty close forum henny!! I can't wait to see the top 5, I have no idea what it will be at this point!


  7. I feel like we should do a re-rate now that @ohnostalgia has educated us.
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  8. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Well you all could send me the five songs you underscored!!!

    @digitalkaiser thanks for the post. I think they've done this sentiment much better in the past though, so you didn't convert me. But like I said I do like the song... for like the Top 40.
  9. haha, no need to convert you!
    We all like what we like, its just my perspective and a little bit of entertainment.

    and drama and theatrics yath
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  10. Done. And I've realized how many I underscored and I am disgusted.
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  12. Well I gave out like 25 10s (including the entire top 10 I *think*) so y'all can stay pressed


    especially you @ohnostalgia, you could NEVER make me guilty for my stanning
  13. Well it has to be Back In Your Head or Closer or this rate is a disaster and I rebuke it.
  14. Pop!Tegan and Sara and Rock!Tegan and Sara work on very very different levels and have thus been rated by entirely different standards.


    Dying to Know is in my top three off an album that is one my favourite of all time so there's absolutely no inflation to be found here whatsoever, sincerely.


    That most of their supposedly ardent longstanding forum stans paid this rate absolute dust and subsequently failed to give their classic albums an equal leg to stand on against the machinations of ~certain people~ ain't my damn fault.

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  15. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    That's not how a discography rate works. Rating different albums by different standards causes messes like this. I rebuke your use of a Lady Gaga gif.
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  16. I'd like to hope so too but I think ohnostalgia once said something about mentioning the winner to a bunch of T&S stans and they basically recoiled, which kinda makes it sound like the winner is something not commonly identified as a Tegan and Sara classic? I guess? I don't know anymore?


    I'd lowkey be here for a surprise Shock to your System win, tbh

    Also wait.
    What did this turn out to be, by the way? Did I miss it?
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  17. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    sara: i mean i know sometimes it feels like to really make a connection we have to talk a lot. i mean i talk a lot about that with my therapist... twice a week... for a whole year.

    tegan: did you say you go to therapy twice a week?

    sara: i did.

    tegan: oh you did.

    sara: yeah. i've gone to therapy a lot over the years- no shame in that. but anyways, one year in particular i really went for it. like i think that, i'm not saying that it should be twice a week, but it didn't feel like- it's sort of like going to therapy because sometimes you monopolize, you take up a lot of space in life and you're struggling with the ramifications of that. but then you go to a therapist who's like "i think we should talk more and spend more time together to see what you have to say about things that happen to you." but it actually was encouraging me- i felt very realized by her. i felt a lot better when it was all said and done.


    sara: i'm so glad you all feel so good about how i feel. i hope you find that kinda happiness for yourself. i hope that you find happiness for yourself, if you'd like some therapy perhaps listen to this next song.


    #8. 100x 9.05

    HIGH: 10.00 x 8 @constantino @eccentricsimply @ethansiafbjork @Ferk @ohnostalgia @Petty Mayonnaise @Remorque @Slice of Life
    LOW: 6.00 x 1 @2014

    ALBUM: Love You To Death

    “What we’ve accomplished is so astronomical compared to what most people have to do,” she says. “We have to work together, we have to share a face, an identity, we have to sleep next to one another on a bus — it’s incredible. So the fact that we even enjoy each other is a miracle. We’re lucky that I still hear Sara’s music and think that she’s a genius, she’s amazing, that she’s interesting and she can say things in a way that I could never.”

    If you hadn't gathered by now, I've framed much of this rate within the context of 100x. That's because 100x truly is the emotional culmination of their entire life's work together. It physically pains me to read the hate for this in their thread because it's so clear to me that some people simply do. not. get. it. 100x is by far the starkest song I've heard in their discography - and yes that includes the early days when it was just them and their acoustic guitars. The power within 100x is the breaths taken, the pointed pauses. For the most part the melody is not driven by the instruments, but rather Sara's voice. Anything else would simply overwhelm the pure emotion. It is also an extremely poignant choice to have Tegan singing Sara's words back to her on the bridge. What a moment.

    I think I've run all of the quotes Sara's given about 100x in past writeups, so I thought I'd transcribe some of their Q interview for you to make this more #emotional.

    Q: Twenty years of making music together, how does that sound?

    TEGAN: Well most days I think it's something that we're really proud of, you know sometimes um when people say it out loud it feels exhausting. Like because it feels like yesterday that we started and then sometimes it feels like twenty years ago that we started. Um but I think it's something that's a point of pride for us, you know? I think a lot of bands-

    SARA: *laughs*

    TEGAN: Are you laughing because you feel exhausted too?

    SARA: No. I was going to say like the hard days are when we have like an off day and I'll think like oh my god, imagine we've been doing this for twenty years and we can still be so bad. Like that's depressing. We practiced so hard and we're still so bad, you know?

    TEGAN: Um yeah I don't know, I think we're proud of it. A lot of bands don't make it to eight records, a lot of bands don't make it as long as we have, and I think we do it generally with a lot of positivity and a lot of love and respect for each other and I think um it's sometimes hard to see your own development, but there's a mirror in my band so I get to look at Sara sometimes and see my own development through her development. You know as a songwriter I think she's grown so much and as a performer she's grown so much and um... yeah, there' just something really special about what we've been able to keep together. Like at this point I'm like wow, we did it. We like really kept it together. And I think it's not that hard for me to go back into the body of the twenty year old fighting with Sara in a hotel room over, you know, who's going to walk to the Royal Bank at 2 in the morning to do the deposit from the show, you know?

    Also have a cute moment where Sara messes up 100x and Tegan cuddles her.

    Okay, I've written enough about this song over the last few months, I'll let you have your say. Let's open with the elusive @ethansiafbjork (10): "I'm a sucker for a good piano ballad." Me too. Oh hi @digitalkaiser (9): "Very sweet and sad song. It doesn’t need much commentary, it's very pretty." Maybe you should've advised @constantino (10) before he submitted his: "Torch BOP! This is the first time that they’ve scaled it all back (probably since The Con, come to think of it) but I am so THANKFUL. As much as I love synths, this song is absolutely essential to the album’s flow. The piano hook is magnificent, so it maintains the poppiness of the album whilst contributing some texture and range. The video is adorable, too." In what world is 100x a bop? @Posh Spears (8) is shook: "Thinking about this being about the twins’ relationship, rather than abnormal romantic relationship like how one might assume, actually makes it so much more powerful.." @Slice of Life (10): "I think I'm really obsessed with T&S ballads. They do them so right all the freaking time. This is so simple but it's gorgeous nonetheless. "I was someone you loved, then I was no one at all" is so heartbreaking and all too familiar. Stop hurting me, Kweens. I only wanted to bop!!!1!" Their sad songs are always better than their happy songs.... I'm not sorry about it. @Ferk (10) is upset: ""You were someone I loved then you were no one at all" is so sad but so very relatable. They really excel at this kind of piano based pop ballad and this song is a fantastic example of that. Knowing that the song is about their own relationship makes it even more devastating." Same.

    We'll close with @eccentricsimply (10), who finally embraced a sad Tegan & Sara song: "Of all the songs about the two of them, 100x is possibly the best one? There's this admission of mistakes that come from a slightly selfish point of view but that we can all relate to. It's probably incredibly difficult to navigate life when you're always going to be be put into the same box as someone else and others not distinguish you for who you are on your own, and Sara's necessity of going after that individuality is extremely understandable. But in this song she's very apologetic about the harsh way she did that at first. It shows how much they obviously matured and how much they love and trust each other."

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  18. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I'm not here for this hetero bullshit in my Tegan & Sara rate (I'm paraphrasing). Remember when you gave a Night Terrors song the same score as The Con? HMMMM.
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  19. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Ugh same. I will never forgive the people who dragged 100x in that thread. Heartless binches.

  20. I'm so glad this made it to the top ten. I was worried given the hate it seems to get. It still fucks me up every time I hear it.
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