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Back In Your Head: The Tegan & Sara Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. At this stage every elimination is like ouch! but that was the right song to leave I think. Amazing top five.
  2. Oh great one song from their first 5 albums made the top 5.
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  3. There's a tie for 2nd place by the way...
  4. Oh c'mon. I figured I wouldn't be too upset with the rest of the cuts since they're all top ten anyway but this definitely deserves top five at least. PfffffT.

  5. Don't do this to us.
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  6. Only one song left didn't get an 11.
    The lowest score left in the rate is a 2.5
    At any point one of two albums could leave us.
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  8. 5. Stop Desire
    4. U-Turn
    2. Boyfriend
    2. Closer
    1. Back In Your Head

    But really The Con and Where Does The Good Go should be somewhere in here.
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  9. One of these songs got a 2.5??????

    If it's my 11...
  10. A Fireproof making Top 2 despite getting a 0 chai.
    *note I am not confirming this song got into the top 2*
  11. I thought she looked familiar.

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  12. Okay it's been two hours and I'm still not over Sara asking Tegan if she enjoys casting herself in the Betty Draper role.

    Good god woman.
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  13. Did you rate any remaining songs below a 10?

    Also where would Shock To Your System have ranked if I gave it a 10.

    Closer must take this now. IT MUST.
  15. I did not.

    It would've tied with the next one out.
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  16. Is this the part when you reveal that you'll be using the "top five underrated songs" to actually change the results?! xx
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  17. You gave Back In Your Head a 2.5 didn't you.
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  18. Why do you people always think I hate life and music. The lowest score I gave in this rate was a 4 (and was not much than 5 low scores in total). I think my lowest score left is something like 8, but let me ROOT for something!
  19. Why are people assuming I hate the winner?
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