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Back In Your Head: The Tegan & Sara Discography Rate

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  1. I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_ Stop Desire was the best song left cancel the rate.
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  2. [​IMG]

    I... I am shook. After Closer was eliminated, I was dead certain this would win the whole thing. Oh my God.
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  3. sara: now we're going to play a song, notable perhaps uh because for the first time - in a song - i identify uh myself as-

    tegan: slutty?

    sara: that is not what the song - at all - is about.

    tegan: sorry, sorry-

    sara: no, i was going to say-

    tegan: it was the first word that popped into my head.

    sara: we're like one of those married couples where like the husband is always like cutting off the wife and she's like "*laughs* jim* and one day snaps. but so anyways, notable because even in 2016 the song is a bit uh gay. i mean it's sort of gay. well i mean i'm gay, but-

    tegan: all your songs are gay.

    sara: it's gayer than normal, um, because i refer to myself as wanting to be someone's boyfriend, which i guess is less gay and more about gender, but it doesn't matter, um i'll leave it to the phds to write about what i did there. but uh-

    tegan: see how she called herself notable and said phds are going to study her later on?

    sara: i'm only saying this because we've struggled to get the song outside of canada played on radio. and um most recently it really hit me- we were in singapore and uh we have a lovely fanbase in singapore, we love playing there. but we struggle you know to get things, normal like radio play, certain media just sort of would never cover us, and um when we were there recently i was doing a lot of investigating about human rights, and specifically lgbt rights, and it's actually illegal in the country to what they would sort of call "promote" being gay. and they have, there's an artist in um-

    tegan: so sara didn't get to go, only i got to go.

    sara: no, i mean you can go. i guess it's like "promote" is used loosely, you're allowed to go play a show but you know our song-

    tegan: no agenda.

    sara: i'm not saying our song should be on the radio in singapore, but it just actually legally wouldn't be allowed to be on the radio in singapore. and um i think about this a lot because we tour in the u.s. all the time and we have so much support but it's still tough. like we were just in a couple of markets in the states where you know they just don't, they don't feel our song. they want to play different songs and they don't feel their audience really can relate. and so even though to me this song is sort of silly and i wasn't even trying to make much of a political statement, it was just sort of an inside joke between me and my girlfriend, i actually think in a sort of round 'about way it's ended up reminding me - again - that there's just so much still to do in terms of making people um equal. and making sure that there's visibility for all kinds of people around the world.


    #3a. Boyfriend 9.41

    10.00 x 12 @2014 @digitalkaiser @ethansiafbjork @Ferk @First2Run @LA Hallucinations @LE0Night @ohnostalgia @Petty Mayonnaise @Posh Spears @Remorque @Slice of Life
    LOW: 6.00 x 1 @eccentricsimply

    ALBUM: Love You To Death
    WRITER: Sara

    “It’s a pretty straight-forward pop song about a relationship that I was getting into with a girl who had never dated a girl before. She had like a boyfriend/guy that she was seeing and we used to joke around that she treating me like her boyfriend and I was trying to get her to sort of, you know, tie it down. You know, I wanted her to make it official with me. And I think that it’s pretty relatable. Like obviously being gay, you know the sort of the bit of the gender twist in the song. I mean I get that sometimes it doesn’t seem immediately relatable to everybody whether they’re straight or whatever. But this idea you know that we’ve all been in that situation where we really like someone and we want to make it official and they’re not ready. That’s what the song is about.“

    Boyfriend is an incredibly important song within the Tegan & Sara discography and I will always champion their decision to make it the lead single from Love You To Death. I can't remember who posted it or where, but I remember reading on this forum about how sometimes just being gay is a political statement by itself. That's Boyfriend to me. Releasing a song about chasing your girlfriend while she was also dating a guy shouldn't have to be political or non relatable; at its core Boyfriend is a song about wanting someone who's not ready to commit to you. Unless they're the most lucky person in love, I don't know how this hypothetical straight person I'm writing to wouldn't get that, especially when it's coated in a wonderful shiny pop package. Except for the obvious reason: they don't want to. And this is exactly why I get so fucking angry about Katy Perry and I Kissed A Girl (even though our ladies are on the record as supporting the song)- because women loving women is only acceptable when marketed by a straight girl trying to turn guys on and never any other time.

    I'm going to bring up someone's commentary ahead of time because I think it works well within this write-up. It's not a viewpoint I share (and I'll explain why), but it deserves to be aired seriously. @eccentricsimply (6): "I have very... torn feelings about this song. At the same time I love it for everything it is, I feel like it's also tied to a stigma that bisexual women are not capable of being with a woman without thinking that they need to be a man, and that we don't get to struggle with acceptance of the fact that we're attracted to women because automatically it means that we're definitely straight and just interested in playing around. I understand these are Sara's feelings in one particular instance with one particular relationship and I'm definitely not implying that lesbians are obviously oppressive with this. It's just particularly upsetting when you think about what it could imply."

    I don't agree that Boyfriend contributes to the bisexual stigma (and that's fine, not all of us bi woman gotta agree on everything). Boyfriend is a song about a woman who loves another woman and wants to make the relationship official but is having trouble locking it down. Maybe this woman isn't sure about her sexuality, but honestly we don't even know that's the case. Sure we know this is about Sara's girlfriend, who didn't really date woman before Sara, but for all we know she had her sexuality completely figured out and just never met the right woman before and is procrastinating on dumping her shitty boyfriend! Or if you take it more broadly and not about Sara's girlfriend specifically, it could be that she's sure of her sexuality but in the closet (something that came up over and over again in the rest of the Boyfriend commentary I received). In that case she might not even have a boyfriend because as Sara mentioned earlier, using the term Boyfriend in the song was also related to her own gender identity, which isn't 100% straightforward. Okay, I'm giving myself a headache thinking of all the possibilities, but you get my point. Please do not interpret this as me saying I'm right and @eccentricsimply is wrong and that she's being mean to Sara. Because I'm pretty sure Sara would have an open conversation about this if Brasil ever got to meet her (and isn't that part of why we all love them so?)

    Okay. Let's see what the rest of you non bisexuals thought. Let's start with someone who expresses a suspicious amount of admiration for female aesthetics- @Petty Mayonnaise (10): "Yath relatable pursuit of someone in the closet BAWP." When you coming out of the biaesthetic closet though? The mysterious @ethansiafbjork (10) calls it "like a really good song from Heartthrob" and I don't even know what to do with that. Platinum Gay @digitalkaiser (10) is appalled!!!: "This song is so good, I was shocked when it released that people actually DIDN’T LIKE IT? Its an incredible slice of synth pop heaven. The romantic poem like verses, followed by that GIANT explosion of sound with those high school chants. “BUT I DON’T WANNA BE YOUR...SECRET ANYMORE” part!? It’s amazing." Yeah I have no idea why people deny this musically. Get some taste. @Slice of Life (10) has given a strange number of violent metaphors in this rate: "I knew... I just knew that I will love this song simply based on that snippet. I admit when I first heard the full song that I wasn't the song's most loyal defender. But this song crept up on me like a backstabber and now I love it. Also, very, very relatable. I'll leave it at that. Kii." Do we need to issue a warrant for someone? Meanwhile @Jwentz (9) turns to capitalization: "STONE COLD JAM."

    @constantino (9) is still trying to push the narrative that Stop Desire was the better single choice: "Wait at this finally clicking with me! At first I was a bit bitter over this being the lead single over the far-superior Stop Desire, but I’m over that now. The synths are glorious, but the hook is still a little too clumsy for this to be a 10…" Okay, but Stop Desire isn't a political statement wrapped up in a pop song so you can miss me with that bullshit. @Posh Spears (10) was converted by this song.... heheh converted, get it? "This song being stuck in my head for a week straight was the reason I decided to participate in this rate in the first place. Almost all queer people have felt the struggle of having a relationship with a closeted lover, and I feel like this represents that situation so well. Plus, the pause before “secret anymore” in the chorus is just YAS." I'm that person in the closet whoops. And and here's more relating with @Ferk (10): "This has quickly become one of my favorite songs by them and I love how the lyrics describe such a universal feeling despite the queer friendly lyrics. It's the perfect anthem for those straight boy/girl crushes it seems all us LGBT people go through at some point." Let's close with @send photo (8) being an idiot: "I’m not being shady but I love their Time After Time cover and I didn’t know where else to shoehorn that in." K.

    Oh yeah.. they mashed this up with I Kissed A Girl during my concert and I for once didn't completely want to die hearing that song. So that happened.

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  4. You didn't have to come for me like this.
  5. Great writeup. Boyfriend is truly fantastic.

    My psychic powers tell me that U-Turn will win, but I hope I'm wrong because I think Sara and Back in Your Scalp deserve the title. The good thing about a U-Turn win is that it's more PJ-friendly and would see them doing better in the winner's rate? That would be two rates in a row where @ohnostalgia's 11 comes in second! But tomorrow is my birthday so I feel like I deserve to have the one I prefer to win. I'm on my toes!!!
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  6. Oh I guess I got my welcoming vibe wrong. I struggle with that.
    A what?

    Am I one day away from pulling off the long game on you all??? Or will this be Fireproof Redux???? Stay tuned.
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  7. I have no idea, both songs left are tens from me.
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    (Hehehe. Sometimes I even impress myself).
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  9. @ohnostalgia mind spilling the tea on how many 11s are left?
  10. 4.
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  11. If any of y'all gave U-Turn an 11 I will show you the song that you've earned.

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  12. Oh, this is all ending tomorrow...


  13. I better wake up to all the missing messages for underscored songs.... just throwing that out there.
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  14. I underscored nothing, and now I'm regretting bumping up my score for U-Turn to a 10 at the last minute.
  15. Aw, it's almost over?
    Oh well. Have a bunch of assorted T&S gif I'd saved up just in case some insanely specific scenario should arise which of course they never did:
    (relatable queen etc etc)


    (me in the early portions of this rate)

    (me at precisely all times in this rate)

    (not even they're immune to the curse of White Dancingapparently)

    (I thought that lady was Shura at first I got so exited but still. Sara, queen of bras)

    (ohnostalgia look away)
    (brace yourselves)


    (aand that's it)
  16. They truly are gorgeous.
  17. tegan: so we put out a new record, i know that um- we were just talking backstage about how we're just adjusting to people like "listen to it" now, they don't buy it because everybody uses like streaming or whatever, but um maybe you guys don't, i don't know. that's like been my biggest experience the last couple weeks is that people come up- it's like not even a plea, it's like i've started to consume music 'cause i listen to or make a playlist - actually sara has to make playlists all the time and then she puts them on spotify and i just listen to them at the gym. and i'm like "wow! sara has such great taste in music."

    sara: at first it was like one or two playlists and now it's like every day my manager just sends me another request for a playlist and he doesn't even put tegan on copy to give her a chance. i'm the playlist uh, i'm like responsible for playlists.

    tegan: yeah yeah. no, no, you're good at it. you help me discover new music-

    sara: you're welcome.

    tegan: you help me work on my core at the gym because you pick-

    sara: great squat. nice work.

    tegan: thank you. really it's about bum out, not putting too much pressure on the knees, you know what i mean? anyways, the point... of this spectacular stage bantering is to tell you about the next song, which is off the new record and i wrote it in particular- i want to tell you about it specifically because when i wrote this song i thought about you guys. yes, i know there's probably tons of people who are like "what's she going on about?"

    sara: that was a british accent.

    tegan: our production guy is english- he hates our accent. like when we do it at him we're always like "oi aaron!" anyway... so when i wrote this song um i called the session when i was recording it ode to to george michael. yes... i expected you guys to be more excited about that. save it for the song, that's fine with me uh, but i don't know why some people with this song- there's a lot of old era of music that we grew up listening to that we were too young to truly appreciate. um and then when we were older we went back and listened to it and it influenced a lot of what we ended up recording on this record. and so for this song george is here tonight- just kidding! can you imagine? don't worry i have your back, if george was here i'd be like "guys, george is here tonight!" i would have never let you just cheer without knowing. anyway- but if he were here tonight i'd be like "thank you so much for everything about you, including your hair."


    #3b. U-turn 9.41

    HIGH: 11.00 x 1 @Remorque 10.00 x 9 @2014 @constantino @digitalkaiser @Ferk @First2Run @Jwentz @LE0Night @Slice of Life @Sprockrooster
    LOW: 6.50 x 1 @ethansiafbjork 7.50 x 1 @send photo
    MY SCORE: 9.50

    ALBUM: Love You To Death


    I didn't give U-turn a 10.


    (So what I lied? I lie to me too).​

    Oh Tegan. Tegan, Tegan, Tegan. I'm still super angry about what you all did to The Con, but in some ways I'm excited that U-turn is Tegan's highest ranking song. Why am I excited? Two words: Artistic. Growth. But why not stop there, let's throw out some more while I'm at it: reflection, introspection, realization, renaissance:

    TEGAN: I think that for me, personally, I think that this was the record where I started to think back and maybe feel, not regret, but definitely start to feel responsibility and accountability for my actions in my relationships. Not just my romantic relationships, but all of my relationships. I think that I thought I wanted to take less advantage of those relationships. I'm not necessarily saying that I felt that in the past that I'd used people, but I think that you have to be very careful when you are turning your heartbreak and your relationships into material that you're then getting up on stage in front of thousands and thousands of people and benefiting financially and emotionally...

    ZANE: Adele said something very similar when I spoke to her. There are a lot of liberties which artists have to take. But at some point, whether it's actually in person, you see someone, and they're like, "Look. I'm really proud of you. I think it's great. But don't expect me to tell you it's easy to hear these songs."

    TEGAN: Yeah. It's tough. I think for Sara and I, we're at that point in our career where there's definitely a moment right now where I think we're being more introspective. For me, a lot of this record is not about a relationship; it's about how I behave. It's about my behavior and what mistakes have I made. Every single song I can think of that's been popular with our fan base has been about me playing the victim. I'm not the victim, and I haven't been. I don't know how I got away with this perception of myself that I portrayed into the world that I was the victim. I've been the jerk. I've been the jerk and I've been the person that complains and creates this sad, weepy picture of myself.

    SARA: I agree with that.


    I mean... Tegan didn't lie: Where Does The Good Go, The Con, Nineteen, Call It Off, The Ocean, I Was A Fool. Throughout her entire career she's made spectacularly emotional heartbreak songs and we've all had a good cry (or ten... or twenty... or one hundred) to them. In many ways it's Tegan's brand, but I imagine after awhile it could feel like playing roles: Tegan, the emotionally vulnerable crier, and Sara, the prickly unreachable weirdo. Probably the closest Tegan got to deconstructing this image before Love You To Death was on Northshore, where she wrote "something's so sick about this, my misery's so addictive." If you'll remember that's also the video where Tegan & Sara destroyed a room full of their old album imagery (#symbolism). So there's something really exciting to me about Tegan writing one of their most dynamic and downright happy pop songs about how she needs to fucking write her girlfriend a love song already. It's miles away from the Tegan who wrote the most depressing songs she could think of to try and guilt her crush into dating her. AND IT FUCKING KNOCKS!!!! Well played, Tegan. Well played.

    Before I get to the commentary can I take a minute to point out that Sara is absolutely feeling her oats in the video? Good lord, I need a moment.

    @digitalkaiser (10) is dancing up a storm: "A late album high! I think was the second song from this era to come out. Everything about this is so fantastic. I sing every word to this song, its so catchy. I’ve listened to this twice just now and I’m starting to second guess my comment for dying to know having my favorite chorus ever, this one is REALLY good." While @constantino (10) continues to push a dead narrative: "C’mon 80s tinged synths! Way to summarize my indecisiveness a TAD! When it first came out I was personally offended that this was relegated to instant grad status whilst the inferior ‘Boyfriend’ got the spotlight. I still think it’s far better; the hooks are stronger, the clunkiness of the melody was actually intentional, and it’s just more ~them~." Now I'm glad I didn't give it a 10 because you have to say it tied Boyfriend. @Posh Spears (8.5) had their pulse on the rate: "This has a good chance of winning doesn’t it? Well it’s not my first choice but it’s not one that I could argue either. It’s an absolute banger and I love the tongue-in-cheek delivery!" It actually wasn't even close, but more on that later!

    @eccentricsimply (9.5) also didn't give this a 10, which is odd when you read their commentary: "A potential 11. It's the type of song I know I'm going to go back to a lot in the future because it's the type of stuff I will need to remind myself. To rein my pride in, to stop being so selfish, to give people the opportunity to speak and just listen to what they have to say. I know myself, so I know I definitely need this type of reminder at times." @Slice of Life (10) is also feeling the self-improvement vibe: "BOP ALERT! Give me that New-Year-New-Me song that I love (?). Hehe. The pre-chorus is probably one of the strongest moments of the entire album and I want to live inside it and bask on its glory." I'd probably pick Sara as my life coach, but I suppose Tegan could tag along. @Sprockrooster (10), your fave got its justice! "Catchy and when I tried this album in summer it became a small anthem. Making it the first 11-contender, but crossed of the list, because recent songs rarely need help to get far. Though I can see this one going out as one of the first from this album. Because that always happen with my favourites. I would love a U-turn in this." I feel strange. And @Ferk (10) is once again relating to a Tegan & Sara song: "I love this song so much!! I'm very familiar with having to apologize to the people I love so this song is perfect for me. It's so joyous and cute. I hope they have more explosive pop moments like this on future albums because it's a great fit for them." Versatile queens.

    For shits and giggles let's end with negative nancy @Jwentz's (10) commentary:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

  18. sara: two things. two things. you guys are really great, that's the first thing. the second thing is i think i'm allergic to this place because i had to sneeze so badly throughout that whole song. i don't know if you witnessed that but there are just sometimes, sometimes you just become a human, you know? i just, i tried so hard, i was trying to psychologically tell myself no to the sneeze. no. you will not sneeze, you will not. and then it would pass a little bit and then it would come back up and i'd be like oh you sneeze, you get out of here. i'm trying to play a show. and then it would go away and finally sir it just, i couldn't hold it in any longer and i caved, i fucking sneezed. i'm sorry, i know there's children here. anyways, this song is not about sneezing, it's not about anything with an anticipation or a release. it's actually about- well unless you consider life and death um anticipated uh release. anyways, this song is about mortality.

    tegan: what?

    sara: i know. i'm just being honest. this is what people want to hear. this song is about uh life and a lot of times people tell us that this song is on their favourite record, which means a lot to us, but it also sometimes makes me feel a tremendous amount of pressure because uh when we wrote this record i was very sad, i was in a complicated, difficult, and sometimes dark time in my life. i think tegan was too. and what happened from that sir is that uh we wrote songs that people really like, but uh now that we're happy i mostly just like to play songs for people who feel sad so why don't you stop acting like you're having such a good time, okay? thank you sir. why don't you act more sad? i think for this one everyone should, i think for this song you should stop being so joyful and maybe you should just probably get your kleenex out. are you ready for that? i'm just kidding, i want you guys to sing along. alright, ready? here we go.


    #1. Back In Your Head 9.75

    11.00 x 3 @2014 @Jwentz @ohnostalgia 10.00 x 7 @constantino @digitalkaiser @Ferk @LE0Night @Petty Mayonnaise @Posh Spears @Remorque
    LOW: 8.00 x 1 @First2Run, 8.50 x 1 @eccentricsimply

    ALBUM: The Con
    WRITER: Sara

    Honestly, knowing I would have the last laugh was the only thing that kept me sane during the emotionally traumatic bullshit that went down in this rate. You might have got almost everything horribly and tragically twisted on the road to this post, but not even you could fuck up the finale for me. I feel like I've overcome so much adversity to get to this moment, you do not even know. But I carefully set my narrative traps - you all hate Sara, you all hate the old albums, you all hate me- and harvested that seed three months later. You're welcome. I will accept thanks in the form of like payola please and thank you.​

    Okay seriously.... I did not see this coming. Sure I named the rate after it, I created subliminal messages through graphics, I heavily implied that you weren't allowed to trash it, but never in my wildest dreams did I think you'd actually chose Back In Your Head as your favourite Tegan & Sara song. But maybe you don't choose Back In Your Head, Back In Your Head chooses you. At least that's what happened to me on January 9th, 2013 (yes I looked up the date on, don't fucking judge me). Probably none of you remember a streaming service called Rdio, but it's what I used before Apple Music when Spotify was still blocked in Canada. Anyways, it's now defunct, but I will always remember it fondly as that flop streaming service that included Back In Your Head in my recommended playlist one fateful day. Maybe it's not the most iconic meet cute, but it's sure the most millennial isn't it? For it was truly love at first listen; I'm a sucker for quirky little hooks and that piano line was tailor made for me (with a data driven listener algorithm to prove it). I knew of Tegan & Sara before - as any good Canadian indie fan would- but I didn't know. You'd think I'd immediately dive into their back catalogue and become obsessed, which I did to an extent, but honestly I mostly listened to Back In Your Head for like a year and a half until my friend suggested we go to their concert together. I was really busy getting obsessed with Fall Out Boy at the time, so my schedule was kinda busy. And then I got into One Direction. And then I kinda had a breakdown and didn't really have time to become obsessed, but somehow made it to their concert and then came out to myself and the rest is history!!!!!!!!!​

    "I think as women who are dating women - not that I’ve only experienced that with women, I think that when I was dating men I felt the same way - it’s difficult. You get to a point where you are feeling very comfortable and familiar with your situation and your partner and the day comes when you meet someone who knocks you off your feet. You don’t necessarily want to leave your comfortable, amazing life that you’ve set up. I know in terms of Sara’s situation, I don’t think she was saying, “I want to leave this person that I’ve been with for four years who is everything I’ve ever wanted.” From the very beginning, and this is something that Sara talks about, she admitted to her partner that she is going to, at some point, emotionally connect to someone, and it’s almost going to be a necessity. She’s going to have to get emotionally addicted and obsessive about somebody. But (paraphrasing) “I’m not going to leave you and I’m not going to cheat. But that is the way I am. And there will come a point where our relationship will become a distant thing, but I will come back.”

    SARA: It’s not about being unfaithful in a physical sense. I meant it in more of an emotional way..

    TEGAN: Which is way way worse, but okay.


    build a wall of books
    between us in our bed
    repeat, repeat the words
    that I know we both said

    relax into the need
    we get so comfortable
    remember when I was
    so strange and likeable?

    God, I've loved that last line "remember when I was so strange and likeable?" to death. I'm sure we all do, but I really really really relate to that sentiment. I don't think it's any secret that I'm a ... strong personality, to put it delicately. Okay, I'm actually a very quiet and introverted person if you don't know me, but if I feel comfortable with you you'll get the full experience. Which I know is kinda abrasive, sarcastic, argumentative, etc. I've been doing a lot of reading about my Enneagram type recently, and about how according to them my personality type can draw out strong emotional reactions from people. We're also supposed to be very good at getting people to like us. And see the thing is I often feel like people are drawn to my sharper edges, that they like my maybe not so good qualities. That I'm likeable despite myself. Until one day I'm not.

    when I jerk away from
    holding hands with you
    I know these habits hurt
    important parts of you

    remember when I was
    sweet and unexplainable
    nothing like this person,

    Oh boy does the self-deprecating, self-loathing part of myself love that last verse. Especially if I'm not having a great mental health day. It makes it super easy to mope around and feel sorry for myself!!! But actually on a productive day it's a nice little red flag- why are you feeling this way? Is there something going on? Are there some behaviours you need to change or are you beating yourself down for nothing? Etc, etc, etc. Also now that I'm getting closer and closer to being open to getting a girlfriend, the first verse really sticks out to me as a great example of how Tegan & Sara's songwriting has multiple layers, some of which will only be picked up by their queer audience. I love them.​

    I just want back in your head
    I'm not unfaithful but I'll stray
    when I get a little scared
    run, run, run, run, run, run, run

    Everything about this is perfect. Sara just has this way with words and this is such a brilliant example. The sheer anxiety you can hear within her voice as she sings these lines is breathtaking. Is this not a more articulate expression of the well worn "the opposite of love isn't hate, it's indifference" adage? To be completely cut out of someone's mind is a devastating experience, but at the same time Sara's not being the most reliable narrator here is she? Because she's gone and done the exact same thing right back by running to the next fleeting obsession. This is such a complex and sad song and I sometimes think it doesn't get the credit it deserves because it's also an extremely catchy pop song from an era that didn't celebrate catchy pop songs. I'm sooooo glad this won. Thank you.


    Okay, I've bored you all to death enough. Time for the voices of the people! Let's open with @send photo (9), who participated in the best of activities: "The only song I was really familiar with prior to Heartthrob. This was even my myspace profile song for a bit, nñn." I hope you turned on autoplay to be extra obnoxious! @Sprockrooster (9) calls it: "Catchy as hell!" and @eccentricsimply (8.5) is tripping: "I'm preeeeetty sure I've listened to this song before. Either way I like it, probably because it has a very poppy vibe to it." Meanwhile @First2Run (8) is charmed: "How cute is this! Adorable vocals and melody." While @Slice of Life (10) is something something violent metaphor: "INDIE BOP! Best lyrics of the album so far too. "I'm not unfaithful but I'll stray"... What kind of brutal honesty? I was not prepared."

    @constantino (10) throws his mom under the bus: "DDD my mum fucking hates this song. I remember when this was rotated quite heavily on NME TV (RIP) when I was like 9 and my mum would never forget to remind me how much she hated their ‘nasally’ vocals. Well you know what mum? I happen to like nasally vocals, ok! Oh and the production (especially the piano) is so light and bouncy, it always used to perk me up." GET HER JADE!!!!!!!!!! @Posh Spears (10) reads me: "Is this @ohnostalgia’s 11? I feel like it is because it’s the thread title. But anyway, I’m giving it full marks. I really enjoy this. It’s 3:35AM, and I have a research paper due at 11AM, but rather than completing it I’ve decided to work on my commentary for the Tegan & Sara rate, because I have this song stuck (back) in my head! That piano just gives me life." You should write your next paper about Tegan & Sara, I'm sure it would be a lot more fun. I finally got a fucking 10 out of @digitalkaiser from The Con: "YAAAAAS this song is so great. It’s honestly the best song on this album, and makes so much sense as a single. The piano bit is catchy, lyrics are fantastic and vibe is top notch. “When I get a little scared, When I get a little scared, When I get a little scared, when I get a little...RUN RUN RUN” is the standout catchy lyrical moment of this. It almost feels like the kooky production shouldn’t work but it really does. I connected heavily with this song when it was released. I associate this song with running, it just has that beat, its a great escaping song." I feel so proud.

    Oh, you want some emotions? We can do that. @Petty Mayonnaise (10): "“I just want back in your head.” It’s such a simple, relatable sentiment. Not necessarily wanting or thinking you can fix everything in a relationship but wanting the smallest possible thing: to be thought of. To not be pushed out. Let me go cry for a biT." STOP IT. @Ferk (10): "It's a perfect pop song really. One of my favorite things about them is the way their lyrics are so intensely personal to them yet it can often seem like they're written about me...I can relate to them all too well. "Remember when I was so strange and likable?" is one of my favorite lines by them. And I love how they're not even really asking the person to come back and love them again...they 'just want back in your head'. It's almost twisted in a way." YOU TOO!!!!

    And even though he's been trying my patience left, right, and centre lately, I'll still let him have the last word. @Jwentz (11): "The Con cemented me as a full blown stan and at the time I greatly favored the title track as a single over this one and my stan like nature at the time made me sweep this one to the side. Luckily years later I would discover just how great this song is and I think I couldn’t appreciate it properly until I was a bit more mature and better understood relationships. To me the 2nd verse is just a sublime piece of writing that shines above the rest. This is my 11 because it’s from my favorite album from high school, but I still love this track at 24."

    Now don't ask me to explain what the fuck is happening in the video, because I do not know. It's provocative, gets the people going.

    Last edited: Feb 3, 2017
  19. I'm so glad that Call It Off won.
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