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Back In Your Head: The Tegan & Sara Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. ohnostalgia

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    did you miss me?

    gather round to pay your respects
    to queering the mainstream

    to pop aesthetics
    and lady quiffs

    to leggings and tunics
    and fun!!!



    "Yath gimme that “tears on the dancefloor but you can’t quite tell how sad is it first because the production bops too hard” anthem that I love." -
    @Petty Mayonnaise

    "I always say that the best songs are the ones that make you experience intense feeling while still being really simple in nature, and this is a great example. There’s so much emotion in the simplistic lyrics, and the production is just so… fulfilling!"
    - @Posh Spears

    "Their insane capacity of making good pop shows here." - @eccentricsimply

    "Hihi I love it when the girls talk about lust. Relatable queens" -
    @Slice of Life

    "As a huge fan of Tegan and Sara I was excited when I heard they were going for a more pop oriented sound but I was also slightly apprehensive. 'Closer' calmed all those fears. A brilliant, shimmering Pop Song that perfectly captures the rush of a new love. It still gives me a euphoric feeling every time I hear it." - @Ferk

    "This feels like a very grown up song, it’s the sort of song from an artist or band who have been doing this forever and just GET what they are doing." -

    "I remember reading an interview around the time of release where they basically said that they wanted to write a song about physical attraction between two women, because such a sentiment is so hard to find in pop music, unless it’s in a tokenistic/offensive/tactless/all four way. Basically, this track summarized why a) Tegan and Sara are so important and b) Why I’m delighted about their breakthrough." -


    Highest Average:
    9.90 @Slice of Life
    Lowest Average: 6.13 @ethansiafbjork

    Highest Ranking Song: Closer
    Most 10s: Closer
    11s: Closer @Posh Spears : Goodbye, Goodbye @Slice of Life : I'm Not Your Hero @digitalkaiser : Now I'm All Messed Up @LE0Night : Shock To Your System @Ferk

    Highest Tegan Song:
    I Was A Fool (+Closer)
    Highest Sara Song: Shock To Your System (+Closer)


    Your Canadian indie folk rock pop lesbian heartthrobs storm the mainstream and serve pop epics with gay sexuality and class. The makeup line in Now I'm All Messed Up still feels like such a huge step for these ladies.

    Heartthrob feels like a rebirth for Sara's songwriting, building on the indie electropop foundations of Sainthood. Shock To Your System is a career highlight that I can't wait to see her top in the future. If only because I might die from sheer delight.

    BALLADEER: Tegan tries her hand at being a full on piano pop songstress slash balladeer and kills it. I Was A Fool remains firmly within the upper echelon of her vocal performances. Tegan stuck to the more upbeat songs on Love You To Death, but I'd like to see a follow up on this sound in the next album.



    "I know for Sara on this record, she was writing a lot of these songs thinking that we would shop them to other people, and she used this as a technique to allow herself to write without boundaries. Sara’s been a lot more contained, because I think she was afraid of just coming right out and saying it, but I think on this record she did really well—just straight up saying, “Go if you want, I can’t stop you,” rather than, like, “there’s a pile of books between us on a bed,” or whatever."


    TEGAN: And it’s that way with pop music, too. That’s why we made “Heartthrob.” Because we felt like, even someone who’s extremely popular and mainstream as Taylor Swift, she’s singing really deep shit. She’s talking about really sad things. I think what Sara and I’s goal was to try and take the content and the deepness, vulnerability, and realness of “So Jealous” and match it with what’s popular today.

    SARA: And also, we don’t listen to that kind of music anymore. A lot of kids will come to our shows and be like “I liked ‘So Jealous,’ I wish you guys still sounded like that” and I’m like well when we were making those records, I listened to music that sounded like that and now I don’t.

    TEGAN: Sara’s listening to Kanye.

    SARA: I started listening to Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Robyn … for me to go back and do “So Jealous” or “The Con” again would be so disingenuous. It would be faking a style that is not me anymore. I think that’s the evolution that will hopefully keep us around for a long time, is that we don’t want to bore each other. If Tegan sent me a song that sounded like off “The Con,” I’d be like, “Sounds like ‘The Con.’ Let’s modernize it.” I think that’s what Tegan and Sara is. We’re not a band. We’re two songwriters, and every one of our records is really different than the one before. We’re in a time where we’re interested in pop music, and who knows what we’ll be doing in two or three years from now. But for the time being, what’s interesting to us is what’s currently happening in music.


    "This was a deliberate choice. We didn't want to take a small step. We wanted to take a big step. We felt like we closed out our decade with Sainthood. We turned 30 at the end of that album and we had officially been in the industry making music professionally for a decade. This is the time to say, "What is Tegan and Sara now? What is the future gonna look like for this band?"

    Some of the answers were really boring. We are very literal people. We went through numbers: "How much do we want to sell? What kind of venues do we want to play? What's our dream size of venue? What countries do we want to play that we haven't played before?" We took all that information and said to ourselves, "OK, we can't make another record that sounds like what people expect from Tegan and Sara. We can make a record that maybe marries what we've done with the band in the past and then work with a producer who is going to help us embellish and sort of amp up the sound a bit."

    I honestly didn't know what to expect from this process. Tegan and I work extensively, independently on our own, writing and creating full demos with bass drums, programming, the whole thing. We're used to keeping a little bit of that, and adding other musicians into it.

    Within a day or two in the studio with Greg Kurstin, I was like, "Oh my God, this is amazing." It was very obvious he wasn't going to take gentle, slow steps towards something. He was just going to throw it out. If we didn't like it, he would throw it out, but he wasn't going to fool around."


    "We hit a breaking point in 2006 when we were touring The Con. I was able to step back and look at what we had already accomplished, and I thought, "Here we are, literally at blows with each other backstage. We are verbally abusing each other to no end. This is unhealthy." On the other hand, I realized we'd never killed each other and we do have the same goals. I started to think of our relationship as being successful instead of being difficult.

    This is getting a bit deep, but around age 10 or 11, our relationship became challenged. We got competitive. We were fighting. We chose different social circles and different friends. Since that age, I associated shame with my relationship with Tegan. We just couldn't get it together. We were being mean to each other. We physically beat each other up after school. I felt embarrassed at that conflict.

    Now, I think it's the easiest time in our relationship since we were kids. We're really good at being in this band. We're really good at getting through conflict. We are actually quite accomplished at negotiating and compromising and not holding it against each other. And the more I started to think of our relationship as a success and less as a dysfunctional fuck-fest, I was basically like. "Yeah, sometimes I do want to punch Tegan, but 99.9 times out of 100, I don't."

    It's so boring, but that's why the longevity of a project is usually curbed at 10 years. They get to a point where they are recycling the same ideas, so they get bored and break up. Sara and I started writing when were 15. I'm 32 now. I'm not gonna be interested if Sara came to me and was like, "Let's make a record; it's gonna sound like The Con." I'd be like, "Well, we already have The Con."

    Sara is on the same page as me. She was like, "With this record, don't write a bunch of self-deprecating and self-loathing songs. You did it. You wrote those songs and they're perfect. Kids are going to ask to hear them until the end of time. You're gonna play "Nineteen," "The Con" and "Call It Off" every night for the rest of your life. Something else!"

    I was like, "I still want to write about love and relationships, but you know what I've never written? A love song. An infatuation song. A sexual song." I started to think, "Okay, let's write a song about the day before you get your heart broken, when you were infatuated with someone and just being close to them, rubbing up against them in the backseat of your friend's car as you're all piling in to go to some party." I realized I could write about that for a couple of years. I have to keep it fresh. It's not just the instrumentation, but the mindset.​


    you’re only meant to hurt once in a while
    who gave you reason?

    you’re only meant to cry once in a while

    who gave you a reason?

    you got a shock to your system

    pull yourself out of it

    i know that shock to your system

    knocked your heart right out of sync

    what you are
    what you are is lonely
  2. In an alternate universe where it took me less time to realize how perfect Shock To Your System is, it would've gotten my 11 and been the highest ranked on the album, I think! Okay but also do I regret giving my 11 to the life-affirming piece of pop perfection that is Closer? No. Such a great album.
    Ddddddd queen.
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    Wait. Is this really my average? I'M SCREAMING.

    Wonderful job as always @ohnostalgia! Pretty sure I'm gonna be reading this whole thread again some time.
  4. ohnostalgia

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    That's always my goal, write something interesting for future fans of the act.
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  5. Genuinely shocked that the winner wasn’t from Heartthrob or Love You To Death.
  6. Thanks for running this @ohnostalgia ! I wasn't that active but I was catching up every so often. The results surprised me...especially like...ALL of LY2D's placements. I guess it's just...the first Tegan and Sara album that hasn't had a big place in my life. It's nice enough but a good few I couldn't hum to you. Well done it, I guess.
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  7. ohnostalgia

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    okay let's try to wrap this up

    love you to death
    controversial and contested

    a smoother and more evocative heartthrob?
    or just more gay electro pop melancholia?

    misunderstood masterpiece?
    or overrated rate villain?



    "I’m running out of ways to call these perfect bops, but that’s what they are.." -
    @Petty Mayonnaise

    "Throwback to when @ohnostalgia showed me this before the rate to introduce me to their bawps.-
    @Posh Spears

    "I remember listening to this song for the first time and when I reached "all the girls I loved before" I burst into tears. It's amazing that we get to sing about not needing a white wedding even though if I want to marry a girl, I could! That's an awesome feeling." - @eccentricsimply

    "The album seems so short but I love how it ends with this song. Like, it's a proper closure. A proper break-up. I mean, I like mess every now and then but I love how this sounds so final and epic. Like an opinion you can't change no matter how hard you argue and twist your words. I honestly don't know what I'm talking here. This song just gives me an unnecessary tendency to bitch out. I love it." -
    @Slice of Life

    "This song just drives, it’s in a lane of its own. Some of the most pristine production I’ve heard in a long time. Lovingly crafted and affecting. Anthemic chorus." - @digitalkaiser

    "You know when you love a song so much that you struggle to articulate your feelings towards it?? Yeah, it’s very that. The reason I love this song is because it’s essentially purejoy.mp3, like it’s 3 minutes and 18 seconds of unbridled and relentless sugary energy and positivity."
    - @constantino

    "No one hurts you like me...when did I become that girl?" I'm a guy but this song really hits me hard...the whole "Love You To Death" album really came out at the perfect time in my life. It's one of the albums closest to my heart this year and this song is one of the reasons why." - @Ferk


    Highest Average:
    9.92 @Ferk
    Lowest Average: 7.50 @Sprockrooster

    Highest Ranking Song: Boyfriend/U-turn
    Most 10s: Boyfriend
    11s: Stop Desire @constantino @eccentricsimply @LA Hallucinations : BWU @send photo : U-turn @Remorque

    Highest Tegan Song:
    Highest Sara Song: Boyfriend


    Of course Tegan & Sara never owe us anything when it comes to their relationship, but I can't help but find it endlessly fascinating. I love it when they share even a little bit of it with us so Sara opening up is one of my favourite aspects of Love You To Death. They seem to be in such a great place for the last several years and I hope it only continues!

    I really like Heartthrob I do, but there are a few songs where I think they lost their sound and went a bit generic pop. With Love You To Death I think they finally figured out how to mold pop songwriting around what makes them Tegan & Sara.

    ALL KILLER NO FILLER: Okay yes, I got mad at Dying To Know near the end of the rate, but Love You To Death is 10 amazing songs and I wouldn't skip a single one. The only other album of theirs I can honestly say that about is The Con. Well played ladies.

    SCREEN QUEENS: I think it's really cute that they actually put out a visual for every song. Some were more successful than others.... but whooooo cares. We'll always have Stop Desire and BWU.



    “With this whole record, I was looking into who I am as a person. It really started 12 or 13 years ago, when I moved up to Montreal. It was the first time in my life that I’d ever lived without Tegan. I made friends and started a romantic relationship. It was my first real adult life. I wasn’t just Tegan’s sister or a twin. It was crazy to think of myself as an individual. A lot of this album is thinking about that time: who I was, what it really meant to be on my own, the insecurity that came with it.”


    TEGAN: I think it’s all based in reality but there’s a storytelling element as well because Sara and I were both looking backwards at the last few years when writing the record. Like when we wrote The Con, I was in a really stressful and very anxious time in my life where we’d lost a couple of important people. Love You To Death is very similar in that sense; it looks at how you’ve behaved in relationships and how you’ve suffered but also the pain and anguish you’ve caused other people. Underneath that is also the questioning of loss – we lost two people that really mattered to us while working on this record. Ultimately, we’re questioning how we treat ourselves.

    INTERVIEWER: When you put it like that, the album title makes a lot of sense…

    TEGAN: It’s always hard to name the records because Sara and I always have different interpretations of the songs and we pull in different directions. At one point we were close to naming the record The Separation, though we were never 100% settled on it. It sounded like a movie title and a twin to The Con. But we thought about what separation really means and the idea of me detaching from Sara, my mother, life… Although Sara and I obviously aren’t married because we’re siblings, music in a way is like a marriage for us. We own property and a company together – we have a household and we’re great partners, but now we’re separated and creating our own lives. There’s a lyric on a song that didn’t make the album where Sara sings the line ‘love you to death’, and I just loved the idea of the similarity between that and til death do us part. It’s cheeky and quite dark.


    "In the years where I wasn’t secure in our relationship, I knew that was the one completely untouchable topic. I have left Tegan as a very protected thing — the only protected thing — and I think it’s because I was most afraid of it. Now that we’re good again and things are so strong between us, it’s really much safer for me to start to analyze it."


    "What we’ve accomplished is so astronomical compared to what most people have to do. We have to work together, we have to share a face, an identity, we have to sleep next to one another on a bus — it’s incredible. So the fact that we even enjoy each other is a miracle. We’re lucky that I still hear Sara’s music and think that she’s a genius, she’s amazing, that she’s interesting and she can say things in a way that I could never.’”


    you went silent watching as i packed
    rehearsing the words you hoped would get me back
    shout it out and let the whole world fall
    i was someone you loved
    then i was no one at all

    it was cruel of me to do what i did to you
    it was cruel of me to hurt such a big part of you

    i swear i tried to leave you
    at least a hundred times a day
    i swear i tried to tell you
    a thousand times, a different way
    i need out on my own
    i don't want to live this way

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    Also @LA Hallucinations, where's your concert review? Did they do anything iconic like this?

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  9. Iconique. Highest album average in a rate ever???
  10. I am the lowest with an average of 7.5?!?! That is pretty awesome.
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    Recent chat about the Glasgow Incident.

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  12. Oh Jesus, how did I miss this? Oh well, I have 90 pages of entertainment to read from my fellow T&S fans. Hopefully On Directing and Downtown got some love!
  13. ohnostalgia

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    I am going to kill you @send photo, you deleted posts in here, didn't you????

    All my links..... all my links.
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    All of my KPJC links (20+ editions) got fucked up as well ddddddd. And yes, I'm fixing them all. For the arts. Etc.
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