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Back To The 90's

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by storm, Dec 13, 2007.

  1. As mentioned on the homepage earlier in the week, next Tuesday will see the very first 'Back To The 90's' night at Trash Palace. It's free entry, and we'll be playing loads of stuff that gets talked about in the retirement thread - so if you like 90's dance music, come on down....

    Do you reminisce about a time when your favourite club was moving to the sounds of 2 Unlimited, N-Trance and Ace Of Base? Do you yearn for the glory days when names on the cutting edge of dance music were Corona, JX, Culture Beat and Haddaway? Do your legs go weak with nostalgia when you hear your favourite Baby D, Grace or Robin S records?

    Tuesday December 18th sees the first 'Back To The 90's' club night at Central London’s 'Trash Palace'. Hosted by DJ Storm (Club Popjustice, Shinky Shonky), the night will take a musical journey through some of the highlights from the decade of dance music. From The KLF and Utah Saints through to Crystal Waters and CeCe Peniston via Deee Lite and De’Lacy, 'Back To The 90's' will mix wall to wall forgotten gems, alongside enduring 90’s classics.
  2. Sounds like heaven!
  3. If I lived anywhere near London, you would find me attending every single night and you would not be able to drag me away from the dancefloor.

    Hope it's still going when I eventually live nearer.
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