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Backstreet Boys - DNA (9th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dinno, May 14, 2018.

  1. They're baaack new single out may 17th!!!
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  2. Why didn't they get cancelled after Nick was accused of rape?
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  3. Welp @ the first reply dddddddddd
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  4. Missed "Backstreets back, alright" opportunity.
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  5. Kevin looks like Snoop Dogg dddd

    Joking aside, i hope it’s a good POP album i don’t want “we are so mature now” boring stuff... give me mindless, big chorus bops
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  6. Lol @ the title. Wasn't already one of their songs called like that?
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  7. I wonder which one will get the Kiki Dee lines.
  8. Fantastic!
  9. Howie is still Howie.
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  10. Who did they work with on this? I honestly don’t know what to expect from a BSB song in 2018.
  11. Why are all their titles cheesy as fuck?
  12. AJ can get it.
  13. When you badly need Sugababes back and this happens instead.
  14. Just 1 more day before the boys unleash their new single to the world. This week has been soo good in terms of new music from my faves. First xtina then J.lo and now bsb as well.

  15. ♫Friday - Most awkward promotional tour ever begins
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  16. Yes!! this is like a fresh new sound for them, im liking what im hearing of the snippet.
  17. LiK


    Pretty excited for this, hope it turns out well for them.
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  18. Snippet sounds fresh.
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  19. Im hoping for great success for this song as well, they deserves it they work really hard.

    The new single will be played on top of every hour tommorow after its release.

    And also the boys rehearsing for the 1st ever live performance of the new single this weekend:
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