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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by oliviaxmae, May 5, 2012.

  1. No search, sorry! So here's a topic.

    Last week Backstreet Boys announced they were recording a new album in London in July, and that Kevin will be rejoining the group (he left in 2006 as far as I remember).

    Did anyone go to the tour or watch the stream? I was dying to go to the NKOTBSB date in Manchester, but couldn't face going alone as everyone I knew point blank refused, and then I found out they did ticket deals as it was so poorly sold - gutted! I watched the stream on Facebook and it was AMAZING. I hope they do a few dates over summer when they're here.
  2. I got a text from my netowork about the ticket deals haha! But I didn't try it out of fear the seats would have been terrible, as when I looked it didn't tell me the section I'd be sitting in.
  3. I hope they go back to the sound of Never Gone. The dancey stuff didn't really work for them.
  4. For some reason my thirteen year-old self didn't really love Black and Blue (was it 2001? oh my) so I kind of lost track of them. I only paid attention to them again because I thought "Straight Through My Heart" was really catchy, but that last album didn't really do much in the way of sales. haha I went to itunes and got the cds I missed and was kind of bummed that I had forgotten about them for so long. I went to their show in Berlin in 2009 when I was studying abroad there and it was way better than I expected. They killed it! I was worried because honestly, the live stuff from the O2 Arena on the deluxe "This is Us" wasn't really that good. I haven't bothered with the NKOTBSB stuff because I was too young to get into NKOTB and they don't do a whole lot for me.

    I'm not sure how I feel about Kevin coming back, but I do kind of miss him on the later recordings in the lower harmonies, so this could be good. I think they should do more stuff like the "Unbreakable" album because it felt like a good mix between "Never Gone" and the dancier material. I kind of doubt Kevin would be really into full-on dance-pop. Hmmm.
  5. Black and Blue is awesome - even if just for The Call! I like NKOTB but I think the show would have been better if it was a co-headline, with one BSB set then one NKOTB show.

    I'm hoping that Kevin coming back will pave the way for a greatest hits esque tour, but either way they'll have to tour with the full line up so I can't wait for that.
  6. Incomplete still remains to this day as one of my favorite songs ever, it's such a masterpiece.
  7. In terms of comeback songs it's even better than Patience.
  8. Personally I'd love them to just churn out another 12 Bigger's with Max Martin.
  9. I went to the streamed gig at the last minute - got free tickets in level 4 so thought i'd give it a go. Fucking hell the seats are steep up there! It was quite funny watching terrified people going up even higher than us - it's practically like climbing a ladder, at a certain point. Unfortunately at that distance the sound is terrible (really echoey - several songs were unrecognisable), and even the video screens were too far away. NEVER buy level 4 seats!

    The staging and lighting were excellent, but the set list was odd - tons of stuff I didn't really recognise (I was expecting smash after smash) and pointless covers thrown in all over the place. I might have enjoyed it more with better seats, but I wasn't wowed to be honest. However, all of the guys (from both bands) performed excellently.
  10. Oh I definitely appreciate B&B more today than I did when I was younger. I'd rate it among their better albums now. I actually don't love most of Millennium that much now (although it really is worth it just for I want it that way). I'd really like them to come out with another full album as it's been 2.5 years since they came out with This Is Us (and that shouldn't have flopped; most of it is very good pop music). Unfortunately I think part of their problem is just getting the "credibility," being an older boy band now, but since they make most of their money touring, I don't feel that they're necessarily that bothered about album sales or about churning out album after album. I do hope their next one has a great comeback song like Incomplete which someone mentioned, because Straight Through My Heart and Bigger didn't cement them again in the US like that song did. I feel like Europe embraced that album more, but maybe I just feel that way because I was in Berlin at the time it was released and was doing fairly brisk sales, from its placement in the music stores.
  11. Kevin rejoins forever or is it just a Robbie/Take That-thing?

    Although their last records were actually kinda good, I hope they go back to pop. Their popsongs are just flawless (well, most of them).
  12. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Climbing The Walls.

    That is all.
  13. I think the more dancey-pop stuff is gonna be reserved mainly for Nick's solo stuff. I'm Taking Off is an awesome album. Hopefully his next album will be similar.
  14. Âctually Nick's album is really good. Don't know why it was not such a huge success.
  15. did he really do much in the way of promotion for it? The release in the US was super-quiet and the videos I've seen are just okay. Just One Kiss is good, but Blowing Up or whatever it's called features some questionable hair styling and an anonymous rent-a-rapper. Haha I really do wish he'd pull a Justin Timberlake and have a huge solo career like it should have happened with his first solo album, but continue to sing with BSB. (Note, I could care less if NSync got back together.)

    I'm kind of bummed that Howie and AJ had what seems to be only limited success with their records as well. Brian had a really good Christian record which I think did pretty well in the CCM market and I wish he'd release another. There's a dearth of good Christian pop and more young-sounding worship music, as far as I'm concerned. He could probably pull off a crossover-type career with country as well. Mostly I just wish they would hurry up and be "cool" again so I don't feel lame wearing my tour shirt from 2009 :).
  16. YES, this and Siberia. I absolutely love these tracks. The video for the latter would've made for an amazing single.
  17. MadgeBrit

    MadgeBrit Guest

    shouldnt this be in "comeback corner"?
  18. I think I should be more ashamed of rocking my BSB baseball shirt than I actually am. I've never got a positive reaction from it. Loveeee it though.
  19. Personally I don't think it fits there because they're still consistently releasing music and touring, even if the most recent stuff is with NKOTB.

    Concerning merchandise, I mentioned my shirt to a friend yesterday and she suggested doing some DIY on it to make it cooler, but I've never been one to cut up my shirts (it's actually a boys one I think because it was cooler than the women's options). haha it's fine to rock out in my apartment wearing, though.
  20. Can't believe Millenium is 13 years old!
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