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Backstreet Boys - This Is Us

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dinno, Oct 8, 2008.

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    Billboard article.

    Backstreet Boys Howie Dorough and A.J. McLean are continuing to work on their first solo projects even as the group has started work on its seventh studio album.

    Dorough tells that "A.J.'s about done" with his album, while Dorough is "probably close to halfway there." He's been working with Jon Secada and George Noriega (Ricky Martin, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez) on an album Dorough says will explore the Latin roots of his mother's family, which hails from Puerto Rico.

    "I've always embraced the Latin rhythms, the Latin sounds, just the music itself," says Dorough, who even flirted with joining Menudo when he was younger. "It's just such a feel-good music, and I've always looked up to people like Jon Secada, Ricky Martin, Enrique (Iglesias), who have done a good crossover."

    Dorough describes his album as "kind of Latin-ish, English, Spanglish. It's just a mixture of my American roots in pop music meets my Latin roots. It's gonna be a good, kind of eclectic mixture."

    Release dates for both his and McLean's albums are up in the air, however. "Obviously Backstreet's always gonna be number one," Dorough says. "It's a matter of timing, when we feel each of us wants our record to come out so that we're not competing with each other or taking time away that we could be working ... as a group."

    The group, in fact, has already started working on its follow-up to last year's "Unbreakable," recording some new material while on tour in Europe. Dorough says the quartet plans to hit the studio after its tour of North America, which starts Tuesday in St. John's, Newfoundland, and wraps on Sept. 6 in Seattle.

    "We're looking at getting back into the studio quite quickly," says Dorough, adding that Backstreet Boys may work again with Swedish producer/writer Max Martin, who worked with the group on "I Want it That Way," "Shape of My Heart," "Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)" and other hits.

    "We want to hopefully have something ready to go or at least be heavily into it by the end of the year and have something out towards the beginning of next year," Dorough says.
  2. Songs

    Undone - Ryan Tedder/Josh Hoge song, demo of it is on youtube, recorded in London.
    Contradiction - Howie/Tedder song

    Shadows - AJ/Tedder song.

    Stay Like This - Eman (Inconsolable)/ Thom Leonard (Safest Place to Hide), Lindy Robbins (part of Muckala's trio)

    Scream - Nick/Josh Hoge song could be either BSB or Nick song

    Show Me How To Love Again - Nick/Desmond Child song could either be a BSB song or Nick


    Max Martin
    Rami - Matt has had "close" contact with him and lets just say the sound is going to be
    very interesting.

    Jeffrey Steele - Writing for both BSB and Nick, best known for writing What Hurts The Most for Rascall Flats/Cascada.

    Desmond Child - Writing both for BSB and Nick.
    Akon - Nick and AJ have both mentioned working with him in 2 different interviews.

    Polow da Don - Brian mentioned him during the Star Shine Magazine Interview, behind
    Chris Brown's Forever and Usher's Love In This Club.

    Ryan Tedder - hit in 2007 with Apologize, hit with Bleeding Love, hopefully 2009 they release one of his songs for the guys.

    Josh Hoge - Co-wrote and produced Undone, Scream.

    Rodney Jerkins "Darkchild"- AJ mentioned working with him in NYC to fans, also produced Shining Star.

    Rihanna - AJ mentioned to fans they were working with her but i think its the producers she's worked with like Stargate

    Jazzy Pha - Nick confirmed on the new video at his myspace that they will work with him.

    T-Pain - AJ confirmed they will work with T-Pain he's the guy that did Chris Brown's Kiss Kiss. Whether it actually happens or not we don't know.

    Josh will probably see Nick in Nashville in the next few weeks.
    "Scream" Josh isn't sure if its going to BSB or Nick's solo.
    Daniel Beddingfield's song "If Your Not The One" is similar to "Scream" - What josh said.
    Josh has not heard the BSB version of "Undone"
    "Undone" is the best song the boys have done." - Josh quoting Tedder.

    Update: Sept 15 - According to AJ via TMZ they started recording the album today, September 15.

    Update: Sept 16 - From Howie-te-amo.

    there will definitely be collaborations on this album. Howie was discussing some of them and is very excited. Even Leigh was telling us about some exciting collaborations that are going to happen. One of them is said to be "the best song ever". They are well aware of the importance of single choice this time around and the importance of collaborations actually making it onto the album.


    The song they worked on in atlanta a few weeks ago (i think that might be the one with jazzy phe, but not positive?) is said to be a really sick song and anyone that's heard it has been shocked that it's the boys and really impressed. the chorus apparently gets stuck in your head almost immediately.
  3. David Jassy, Jazzy Pha, Darkchild, Ryan Tedder, Akon, T-Pain, Polow Da Don, Max Martin...could be an a interesting hot album
  4. paul lekakis

    paul lekakis Guest

    Since NKOTB recorded the comeback album BSB should have done in the first place, I hope they do more uptempo Pop and less middle-aged faux-rock.
  5. Is the other one not coming back for this new album? Nick never seems to look any older does he!
  6. I think they're going more urban basically pop/r&b, they've admitted that they're not rock stars finally and are going back to their r&b roots finally.
  7. Dinno, I love you, I think we are the only ones who really care.
    I love Backstreet and hope they have some hot new songs.
    I just hope it isnt too late. I mean the first single will have to be out of this world or its over.
  8. i do wish kevin would come back to provide some kimberley-style limited vocal styles, sensible group advice and most attractive member qualities. i hope they forge a nice 'larger than life' style intergalatic romp instead of that dullard piano rock they more recently favoured.

    hopefully they won't have taken inspiration from the superb nkotb uncomeback.
  9. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    They can record whatever they like as long as Jason Nevins remixes it and they use his version for the single mix!
  10. I'm really surprised, but totally relieved that they are still going to be making albums. I loved loved loved their last one, but since it didn't do all that well, I figured they were going to pack it in, go solo etc.
  11. This news makes me very happy.

    I hope we get more songs like Larger Than Life, I don't care how old they are now.
  12. This is a demo version Of "Hologram" sang by Andre Merrit & Chris brown.Which has been given to bsb to record and put their own spin to it as.

    Andre Merrit the man behind "Disturbia" & "Forever" produced the song & co-wrote it with chris brown, And he claims that this is the boys 1st single.........which i believe is just wishful thinking from his part.

    The boys needs to come harder than this unless their version of the song is hotter and a few changes to the lyrics too.

    listen to the demo version here:
  13. I think this track is good - but is it too late!
  14. what do you mean its too late??? do you think its over for them??

    if nkotb can come back and have succes again then so can bsb and i do believe "Jive" records are more into bsb and will be investing more money now into the promo for the next album and all the big name producers for this album.

    Some of the record label people from jive went to one of the boys shows in america and was very surprised of how sold out it was and and the strong responsone from fans.

    That they realised there still was a market out there for them.

    And they're back with "The Firm" too who handled the boys career during the millenium days.
  15. They've done tracks with Ryan Tedder as well, should be quite good.
  16. Theyl continue to sell gigs but albums im not so sure. I love them but the last album was a bit poo really and Inconsolable may have ruined their possible return to great heights. From rock to rnb/pop will be odd
  17. oh gosh, are they still alive?.
  18. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    They need to do fun pop and dance at airports again.

    I don't like their new "rocky" sound.
  19. If BSB had recorded NKOTB's last album, they would be huge again. Here's hoping the new album has some decent tunes on it instead of the shit they gave us last time. "Inconsolable" was just awful.
  20. Boy bands doing rock is always a nono though, they think they look edgy, it just looks shite.
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