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Backstreet Boys - This Is Us

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dinno, Oct 8, 2008.

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  1. A new RedOne song called All Of Your Life has leaked. It's better than the single.
  2. "All Of Your Life" sounds like a September-song.

    Edit: As in, the artist. Not the month.
  3. O M G wow! I loved that video too. Its kinda like old school BSB. The performance in the club reminded me of the performance in the "We've Got It Goin On" video and the vampire bit at the end is just great.
    This is the most excited I've been about new BSB since Incomplete came out.
  4. Every time this song starts I expect Enrique to shout 'REDONE'.
  5. Nick looks amazing with that haircut
  6. Re: Backstreet Boys New Album *Confirmed Title* - "This Is Us"

    so the album has now leaked... what do you all think?

    I think its actually really decent... :D
  7. Re: Backstreet Boys New Album *Confirmed Title* - "This Is Us"

    Oooooh it has? I think I'll wait til it comes out physically. Can't wait though because the lead single is awesome.
  8. Re: Backstreet Boys New Album *Confirmed Title* - "This Is Us"

    Im surprised I actually like it.. its quite uptempo, and nice production :D
  9. Re: Backstreet Boys New Album *Confirmed Title* - "This Is Us"

    P.D.A is actually amazing, can't believe it was written?produced? by Kevin Borg of all people considering the blandness of his debut album.
    The irony though how it manages to sound like a cross between Big Girl Now and Lights Camera Action from the New Kids On The Block album last year.

    In terms of other songs 'Bye Bye Love' is nice enough dance-pop,
    Biggers nice and fresh though not much different from the demo.

    The album isn't long enough, 'Helpless' and 'International' should of made it.

  10. Re: Backstreet Boys New Album *Confirmed Title* - "This Is Us"

    Just listening to the title track and I laugh audibly at Will.I.Am saying it "will change music". It's pretty average!
  11. Re: Backstreet Boys New Album *Confirmed Title* - "This Is Us"

    No, it won't.

    "Straight Through My Heart" remains the best track on this.
  12. Re: Backstreet Boys New Album *Confirmed Title* - "This Is Us"

    Yeah, what's with all these producers and their hyperbolic statements these days? "If You Seek Amy" is Max Martin's best? "This Is Us" changing music? Hardly! It's perfectly good, but in no way remotely provocative.

    The album is actually surprisingly good, but I was really expecting at least one track to be better than "Straight Through My Heart." Which, no.

    Though "Undone" is oddly throwback to early-90s George Michael. Which, amazing...
  13. Re: Backstreet Boys New Album *Confirmed Title* - "This Is Us"

    Gotta say, this is a solid album. It's very good.
  14. Re: Backstreet Boys New Album *Confirmed Title* - "This Is Us"

    Oddly, I am loving "Bigger," "Undone," and "What I Know Now" the most.

    Also, did Ryan Tedder produce "This Is Us?" It's got his trademark tinkling piano, slightly military shuffle beat and repeated chorus. It's probably a decent knock-off of his style, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was his.
  15. Backstreet Boys - This is US - out this week

    [​IMG]I'm really loving this album! Definitely their best in a long time, so much better then 'Unbreakable' and 'Never Gone'! I love ' This is us' , 'All of your life', 'Bigger', 'She's a Dream', 'bye bye love' and 'Shattered'. Even Ryan Teddar's track 'undone' is not the usual recycled thing he normally does and is really good!

    You can stream the whole thing here:

    The second single is going to be Max Martin's song 'Bigger'. They were shooting the video in Tokyo this week.

    Full tracklisting:
    Straight Through My Heart
    Bye Bye Love
    All Of Your Life (You Need Love)
    If I Knew Then
    This Is Us
    She's a Dream
    Helpless Feat Pitbull
  16. I'm off to buy this this afternoon. Can't wait to listen to it, hopefully it will be good from the sounds of all the reviews.
  17. Cool let us know what you think of it!!

    It's moved up the iTunes chart to #31, hopefully it will be at least top 30 in the albums chart on Sunday. STMH only got to #72, which wasn't really surprising though since no one knew about it's existence really.
  18. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Bigger is a great song, and it's not impossible that it could become a hit.
  19. Agreed that the title song sounds like Tedder pablum, but Bigger deserves to be a hit.
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