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Backstreet Boys - This Is Us

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dinno, Oct 8, 2008.

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  1. I really haven't formed a solid opinion of this album yet, but it's all rather good at the moment.
    My only complaint is that it's all a bit the same.
  2. awesome! have a great time!
  3. Backstreet Boys - 'Bigger' - X Factor performance

    Looks like Backstreet Boys may be apopearing on the X Factor to coincide with their UK tour. Apaprently Simon Cowell is a massive fan of theirs.
    If it happens it could really bring the boys back to the front and be exactly what they need.
  4. It would be amazing if they could go on there, but I'm still not sure it will happen though. I asked the BSB's PR a few weeks ago on twitter and she said no, but then things can change!!
  5. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

  6. Awful video. Not even America wanted them so they had to film it in Japan.
  7. tommie

    tommie Guest

    Oh dear. I doubt anything will save them at this point.
  8. Duet with John & Edward?...
  9. MB


    I actually really like the video, a lot better than the last one! it'll still bomb, which is a shame
  10. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    So many possibilities!
  11. Sean84

    Sean84 Guest

    Love the video. Feel sorry for them really. A few years ago this song would have been huge. Dont really see another album from them.
  12. They killed their own career with all that MOR dross.

    Even NKOTB sold more albums with their last one.
  13. Time to call it a day? It's a shame.... they use to be so good and this album is pretty well done but when there isn't really a demand or market for them, why bother?
  14. MOR?

    I can't say I love the current album, but I'm off to see them next week and cannot wait. Hopefully it will bring life to the songs, if not I can always relive the glory days of Backstreets Back etc.
  15. Middle-of-the-road, as in boring radio pop.

    When they covered "Helpless When She Smiles" I knew it was all over for them, that song was originally released by some guy that came in 2nd on German Idol and shouldn't be a single by the biggest boyband of the 90's.
  16. Im going to thier tour tonight in glasgow!
    Does anyone know who the support act are?
  17. I'm going on tuesday am sooooo excited. I'm not too sure who the support act is, but I heard somewhere it could be madcon, as it those of "beggin'" fame.
  18. Oh, never heard of them =[
    trying to decide whether to show up for the support or not, only thing is, i dont want to miss the start of BSB!
  19. You haven't heard "begging"? I'm sure you'll know it if you did.
    But apart from that song I haven't heard anything else of theirs, and bare in mind I'm not totally sure they are supporting them, I just heard it somewhere.
    Give us your review somtime please! Have an awesome time.
  20. Oooh I am tooo! Row B, I know hardly any of their songs though :( I'll be the dick singing all the wrong words!
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