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Backstreet Boys - This Is Us

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dinno, Oct 8, 2008.

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  1. I'm going tomorrow night, and I'm actually REALLY excited!

    It's also my first concert at the Echo Arena.
  2. I'm going on thursday, EXCITING. let me know if they're good!
  3. I went to their show in Glasgow last night. Loved it. I saw them last year and just had to go again this time. I went for the old classics, but haven't bothered with the new album, is it worth a listen? I wasn't keen on the one about a PDA (?) that I saw them perform last night!
  4. So glad you had great time, I'm there on tuesday and cannot wait.
    Regarding the new album its good, but I mean if you don't have it I can't say your really missing out on anything. I'm hoping hearing some of the songs live will make the album a lot better.
  5. Anyone know the set list?

    Just bought some last minute tickets off ebay. Hope they bloody arrive in time, seller hasn't contacted me yet!
    Can't get too excited yet, damn it!
  6. 1-Everybody (Backstreet's Back)
    2-We've Got It Goin' On (short version)
    4-Quit Playing Games (With My Heart) (short version)
    5-As Long As You Love Me
    6-Howie's Solo Video (The Fast and The Furious)
    7-This Is Us
    8-Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely
    9-All I Have to Give
    10-She's A Dream
    11-I'll Never Break Your Heart
    12-A.J.'s Solo Video (Fight Club)
    13-The Call (short version)
    14-The One (short version)
    15-Bigger (it includes a sampler of True by Spandau Ballet)
    16-Shape of My Heart (short version)
    17-I Want It That Way
    18-Brian's Solo Video (Enchanted)
    19-More Than That
    22-Nick's Solo Video (The Matrix)
    23-Larger Than Life
    24-All Of Your Life (You Need Love)
    25-Bye Bye Love
    26-Encore: Straight Through My Heart
  7. I had such a good time, they were amazing!

    Also can't stop playing, it's only the last 2 songs that i always end up not playing...
  8. thank you for the set-list
    please all keep your fingers crossed that this idiot ebay seller actually gets back to me to let me know he can post it in time.
    I am sure post offices close at 5pm! arggh!
  9. What was the backstreet boy's last big big hit here in the UK? I want 'this is us' to be huge it makes me sad.
  10. hmmm last big hit, I would have to say "Incomplete" and even then I don't think it exactly set the UK alight. Maybe "Drowning" as the next option.
    Glad to hear all the positive reviews.
  11. Do you think they just arent doing as well as they did before becuase of thier lack of promo? have they only done xtra-factor here this era?
  12. I think it's mainly because promo was non existent. I mean they have managed to sell out (well virtually) the O2, plus 5 or 6 other UK dates, but the album only sold about 5000 in the first week. I don't think most people were even aware they had a single or album out - I only knew cuz I'm on the internet a lot keeping up with the news etc and have always been into BSB.

    Anyway I'm going tonight to the O2!! Can't wait :D!! Might even be getting into soundcheck so that will be a bonus if it works out!
  13. MC


    I think the BSB, sadly, are the boyband version of the Rolling Stones. People will go the gigs for the old hits, but aren't as interested in new music. They're no Take That in terms of relevancy.
  14. HA!

    I'm excited they sampled some Spandau Ballet!
  15. Saw them last night in Liverpool, for the first time, and I can honestly say they were excellent. Such a good show, all the hits and great pacing, never seemed to slow or have any kind of 'all-new-songs' section.

    A few of my pics:



  16. LOVED the show in London last night!!! Was funny when Jedward & X factor contestants appeared in one of the VIP boxes just before the show too lol!

    I got to go to the soundcheck before the show (thanks to a friend who had a spare pass) and it was awesome! They sang the other TIU songs that aren't in the show... 'If I Knew Then', 'Masquerade'. 'Shattered' and also sang 'Bigger'!! So happy I got to heard 'Shattered' live!! The Q&As part was pretty funny too!

    The main show was cool, and they really got the crowd going! Backstreet shows are always such high energy!!
  17. Ugh, I'm so excited! Did John and Edward not pass out, haha?
  18. So jealous I never got to go :(
    Sounds amazing.

    I hope John and Edward didn't get any ideas, they better not ruin a Backstreet Boys song!
  19. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    They already had a BSB song as their audition in the past .... please kill me for reaidng Heat.
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