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Backstreetjoe signs off

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by backstreetjoe, Mar 14, 2018.

  1. Just wanted to say bye to everyone I enjoyed chatting music with over the years on here. A week or so ago I got rather stuck in a discussion on the forum which left me feeling somewhat attacked and rather upset. I may be being oversensitive but I object most strongly to being told how to feel - which someone did after insulting me/then telling me to get over it. I left it a week to reflect on it but I've decided it's time to step away. The joy this forum has brought me over the years has been damaged by this experience and so I'll say goodbye for now. So many people I want to name in gratitude but big thanks especially to @Lost Boy for having my back and checking I was ok. Keep looking for the great next big pop tune everyone and make sure you support Kim Wilde and her amazing 'Here Come The Aliens' album on Friday (I get a mention in the thank yous - what a dream come true!). I'll keep updating my monthly new music playlists on Spotify - there's a thread on here for those of you who wanna follow those. Stay wilde people. x
  2. Will miss you on here but will stay in touch offline. Thanks for all your recommendations over the years and I think you are the only person who loves Kim more than me. Take care.
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  3. You can't go! Who's going to keep me up-to-date on obscure indie electronic supergroups like Mt.Si?
  4. What a shame. You will be missed.

    I hope the Kim Wilde tour is everything you want it to be!
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  5. Damn! I will miss you so much! I hope you can come back soon, will keep checking your amazing playlists on Spotify :(
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  6. I'll be able to check out your recommendations on Facebook, at least. I didn't realise you were in a fight on here, but if I were you I'd reconsider leaving. You shouldn't allow internet strangers to have such an impact on your feelings, especially since you have a lot of people on here who enjoy your posts. It's a shame.
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  7. I'm gutted that you've been driven away from here by some insensitive poster. I've bought several brilliant albums over the last 12 months or so thanks to your posts and threads and your love and enthusiasm for music always came across in everything you shared. Take care. Paul
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  8. !!!!

    I am so sorry to hear about this; you've been on PJ for so long it's going to be weird without you around. I'll be buying Dame Kimmy's album in HMV and will have immediately thought of you anyway, the two are so linked now in my mind (but Kim is the only one for me...sorry about that, haha).

    I don't do Facebook, Twitter, Spotify etc, so if needs be drop me a PM (or I will send you an email addy to keep in touch), okay?

    Such a shame when the internet does this. The fact you've stepped back for a bit, before making a decision, means you're not just acting in the heat of the moment and it's probably what you feel you need to do.
  9. You shouldn't leave because some mean old queens on here think they're on Drag Race - maybe just take a bigger break? Your contributions are valued here.
  10. 360


    You're an amazing poster and contributor - the best on the entire forum - and you represent a life support system to this place so it'll be incredibly sad to see you go after all this time and you will be missed by nigh on the entire forum. People have been mean to me on forums too and I think if you value this place as an excellent source of music of which you have supported so passionately then you should stay.

    It's entirely down to you dude but I'd love for you stay here - or return after a much-needed break.
  11. I’ll miss that feeling of joy I found creating a thread for an artist @backstreetjoe somehow hadn’t discovered.

    I understand why you have to go though. If it’s not right anymore, it’s not right.
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  12. I hate that I'm just now seeing this. It sucks that someone drove you off here - I always appreciated getting tagged by you, and I've found some great music because of it. Take however much time you need, and hopefully we'll see you again soon.
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  13. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Noooo @backstreetjoe please don't let this be the end. You're one of the good guys.
  14. I'm sorry that you felt attacked by me. Please know that when I made those comments I didn't even know your username (I rarely take notice unless they are extremely regular posters) and as soon as someone had pointed out how helpful you are in this subforum, I said that I felt bad and sincerely apologised. I don't remember telling you to get over it or being a "bitchy Drag Race queen" as @James2009 said. I have absolutely no intention or desire make someone feel bad about themselves over the internet so being caught up in all this is really quite upsetting.
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  15. Seriously, @backstreetjoe you are a shining beacon. I've discovered so much good stuff from you and I'm totally in awe of your thirst for finding new artists and good music. Don't go!
  16. Someboy

    Someboy Moderator

    I'm really upset with myself for missing what went down, and even more upset that it's led you to leave the forum. @backstreetjoe you've honestly contributed more to this forum than most of us combined by introducing countless new artists, which takes time and effort. You're absolutely going to be missed.
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  17. Ah, don't leave. That's not the answer. I enjoy your posts & it'd be a bummer to see you go over this.
  18. Always appreciate your tags. Xo
  19. Damn, so sorry to hear about this.
  20. Nooooooo please don't go!
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