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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mr.Arroz, Sep 27, 2018.

  1. It's trending on Twitter dddd

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  2. I wonder how did Don Omar, a well known homophobe, end up on Las Que No Iban A Salir
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    This is becoming my fave so far:

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    Guess who hasn't said anything about #BLM so far. For an artist so plugged into justice for Puerto Rico, it's odd to see him increasingly silent on concerns that impact Afro-Puerto Ricans, whose music he has not only taken cues from, but his work with Black artists (Cardi, Drake, DON OMAR), and samples on his songs, which even say "n*gga", demonstrate how much he leans into influences that aren't his own as a white Puerto Rican. Disappointing, especially when placed into context of his work with J. Balvin and photo-ops with Rosalíar, as a white Latinx himself.

    He needs to do something, stat.
  5. He left his socials, didn't he? I'm sure he's still reading the news and hopefully donating money to the cause, but a comment would be nice.

    I wonder what prompted his bye post though.
  6. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I am literally so disappointed but not surprised that he...completely missed the point to rope it around to simply Latino "vs." Black, as if they're two non-colliding categories when it comes to identity. I had my suspicions over time, but hmmm. I don't know if I can rock with someone who profoundly...does not get it.

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  7. It's disappointing because I actually liked Bad Bunny even though there were times he rubbed me off the wrong way like when he wore bantu knots. I don't know it's why I don't trust non black Latinx anymore. There don't acknowledge Afro Latinos when it was the African slaves that created Boricua culture. They created the combination cuisines, they created Salsa, merengue, Bachata, and yet non black Latinx folks only credit us during September on Hispanic Heritage Month but ignore our contributions every other month of the year.

    Puerto Rican culture is African whether non black Puerto Ricans want to accept it or not. The only thing european about puerto rican culture is the language other than that White Latinos contribute nothing to the culture as most of their ancestors were nothing but violent colonizers with terrible hygiene.

    It's ignorant for him to separate Latinos and Blacks as separate groups when there are many Afro Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Cubans, etc. Caribbean latin culture is all African.

    Bad Bunny may have a small portion of African blood but I'm sure most of his genetic makeup is European (Spaniard/Portuguese/Italian/Greek).

    I'm glad my fellow Afro Latinx folks are calling them out because for many years we believed they were in solidarity with us since we grew up together and share the same culture but as I got older I noticed they were always different. The white latinos in my high school all got accepted to Ivy League colleges or NYU with scholarships, moved out of the Bronx or Harlem into the new white gentrification rich folks building, assimilate into white spaces, marry white people, etc. They cut ties with their POC friends but will still use the N word and infiltrate Latinx spaces when it benefits them.

    I feel like Bad Bunny could have used his platform to educate his non black Latinx fans on why we need to embrace black people of all diasporas and if it weren't for them Caribbean Latin culture wouldn't exist but he chose to remain silent which is ultimately disappointing. Ozuna is an Afro Puerto Rican who posted multiple IG stories the day after Geogre Floyd died about how we can help the African American community with protests and donations. We was posting 15 stories with multiple links to donations. Even Jennifer Lopez's problematic euro-rican ass showed support (genuine or not she still used her platform).

    It gives me anxiety talking about this but I'm tired of people ignoring Afro Latinos. The latin market is full of non melaninated Latinos using Afro Latin culture like a belt.

    I also need people to understand the difference between An Afro Puerto Rican, White Puerto Rican, Multiracial Puerto Rican

    Afro Puerto Ricans (Puerto Ricans whose descendants are mostly African or with an African Parent)


    Fact: Most Afro Puerto Ricans bloodline traces back to Nigeria, Mali, Congolese, Benin and Togo, and Cameroon. My grandmother's in particular is mostly Nigerian.

    White Puerto Ricans (Descendants of The Spaniards, Portuguese, Italians and Greeks that colonized the island)



    Jennifer Lopez (I decided to use this photo of her from the late 1980s with her natural brown hair and no heavy spray tan since people think she's naturally tan)


    Jon Seda (He at least acknowledges that he's a white latino)


    Unfortunately it is these white puerto ricans that thrive in Hollywood. I won't knock J.Lo too much because I do think she is a great actress (I love her movies) but she got far because of her skin tone and non ambiguous features. She played an italian women twice and people were expecting backlash but the Italians didnt care because she didn't look THAT different from them. Frank Grillo even praised her role in Maid In manhattan.

    Black people in Puerto Rico created everything we love about Caribbean Latin culture and its very upsetting that their descendants are pushed aside in many Latinx events.

    Caribbean Latin Culture wouldn't exist without these people


    This is something really personal but my grandmother has always been afraid of blonde blue eyed people because when she was living in Puerto Rico she witnessed two White blonde blue eyed Puerto Rican police officers beating her sister senseless simply because they suspected she took food off the market without exchange. My grandmother has been traumatized ever since then. She could still hear the shrills of her sister from those demons bashing her and calling her nasty racial slurs in spanish.

    I had to make this long post because it's infuriating seeing the colonizer's descendants thrive in the Latin market while Afro Latinos continue to get paid dust. We feel invisible and non existent. Bad Bunny really should have used his platform to educate on black culture and how his career wouldn't exist without black people. His silence just leaves a shitty taste in my mouth. As I said before J.Lo may be problematic but she still spoke out. Bad Bunny has no excuse.
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  8. I had to come and check to see if he’s said anything about BLM, because I usually don’t have to go far to see or hear by pure word of mouth that he’s made some sort of statement about social issues going on. Disappointing that he’s on the wrong side of history here, there’s really no excuse.
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  9. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Thank you so much for this - I feel there is so much erasure even here when we discuss how the African diaspora impacted the Caribbean historically. This shit needs to be heard. And I genuinely hope that your grandmother is OK. Our heritage is different but something traumatic happened for my dad and his mother during the Civil Rights Movement, and that has shaped not only him, but our family legacy too. So I'm there with you, and I wish your family peace.
  10. Great post!

    Are you sure about Greeks colonising Puerto Rico, I’m suck at history so I’m probably unaware but I’ve never heard this.
  11. Thank you so much it does feel good to have another person understand my perspective and the frustration that comes along with the erasure of our history. These experiences can change our view of the world drastically. I don't think every non black latino is racist because I know some really cool mixed and white latinos that are down for our cause but unfortunately the racist ones are the loudest and gave them a nasty reputation. Growing up I never realized how bad it was until I got older. One of my close friends is Dominican and she never realized how fucked up everything was until she got older. She told me she would get bullied by the white latin kids because her ponytail was short and never grew, they made fun of her wide nose and skin color. The older we get the more we realize how shitty they've treated us.

    The crazy part about this is that those same racist Latinos will still cook rice, beans and meat as if us Africans didn't create that cuisine combo

    Puerto Rican food is African food. It's not much different than West Indian food.


    It's delicious because of the many natural ingredients the Africans use such as Cilantro, Recao, Cubanelle Peppers, Ajicitos, etc

    The Sofrito base that every Puerto Rican uses to cook their beans with or marinate meats is also African


    I'm so eternally grateful for the contributions the Africans brought to Puerto Rico. Sofrito is my favorite base. I always season it on my chicken cutlet when I want to grill it. The aromatic flavors, the garden taste, you taste all of the ingredients simultaneously and its so easy to make.

    The white Latinos can ignore our contributions all they want but without us they wouldn't have a culture. That's the hard truth they refuse to believe.
  12. I just doubled checked and only a few colonized but definitely not as much as the Spaniards and Italians. Most of the Greeks actually just traveled there for commerce, spices and some eventually stayed on the island. That is why you sometimes see a Puerto Rican or Cuban with a Greek last name. Growing up I always thought the colonizers were just Spaniards other mediterranean countries were part of the colonization. It was mostly the Spaniards and Italians.
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  13. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Dónde está la mentira? Lol. Listen when I moved to NYC it was to Washington Heights with two gay white Latinos that made life hell by ignoring racism but also making it clear that they “would never survive in the Bronx because we’re not, you know, dark, like you”, so coded racism. One was a white Puerto Rican from the island with a goddamn Russian last name...the other a Chicano, and you know Mexico’s relationship to Central America and the Caribbean. The anti-Blackness in that house was stark. So you’re not alone.
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  14. Phew! As I said I’m no history buff (despite scoring a 19/20 on my high school exams!) but I definitely know Greeks only did shady colonial stuff in ancient history times.

    Also now I’m hungry as fuck after your latest post yummy!
  15. Yeah those two people are racist. They do racist actions subtly but we always catch it. A lot of them speak in a patronizing tone as well as if they know better. White supremacy did a number on many people outside America. Gina Rodriguez for example isn't a white latina. I see her as Mestiza or Triguena but for some reason she stays kissing white latino ass. It's frustrating because I actually think Gina is a pretty girl with beautiful facial features but her self hate and actions just make her highly unlikable. Even before she went on an anti-black parade, I remember she got offended when one of her Filipino fans commented on her post something praising the show Jane The Virgin and how it feels great to see another woman on screen that can be like her sister. Gina got offended and said she doesn't look Filipino she looks "Latina" as if Latina has a "look" and her tone made it seem like there's something wrong with looking asian.

    To be honest she can pass as Filipina


    Her grandmother also looks asian. There's a small chinese population in Puerto Rico that's been there for generations. They live near Ponce and have adapted spanish last names so its possible she has East Asian ancestry and some Taino. I don't know if she sees J.Lo or Sofia Vergara when she looks in the mirror but she needs to love herself and know that those same White Latinos she kisses ass for, NEVER defend her when she gets dragged. They made it known she is not one of them and yet she still tries to impress them by doing controversial things towards black people.

    I can't forget the time she did a Latina event and the lack of melanin was...astounding.


    Notice how she used Rosario Dawson (Afro Latina) and one indigenous latina as tokens to make it seem "diverse" but nobody was letting that shit fly lol. Dascha Polanco, Gina Torres, Rosie Perez, Lala Anthony, Zoe Saldana, Yaya Dacosta, Tessa Thompson, Judy Reyes, Luna Velez, Christina Milian, Selenia Levya, etc received no invitations. Gina pretty much said Fuck Afro latinas.

    They always talk about how Afro Latinos complain too much and noticed how its always the White Latinas that have the biggest problem with the "Latinx" term. They always say bullshit like "Afro Latina didnt exist back in my day". They're so out of touch with reality. I think they're anxious because they finally realize we're tired and we're not taking this crap anymore. We want to be seen and we wont give up.

    This is why I feel in solidarity with black people of all diasporas. There are some little diasporas wars here and there but ultimately we are all black and share similar experiences of oppression. White people took credit of African American culture to the point where they manipulated their people into thinking they created rock and roll and country music. It's the same with white people in Latin America.
  16. Just wanna say thanks @EricG1990 and @Mr.Arroz because as a dumb pale Brit it's amazing to read well-written lessons on all the nuances/complexities of your social and cultural histories that I really had never even considered or thought about before until now. Queen shit.
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  17. I’m not kidding when I say most of my race awakenings have started with @Mr.Arroz posts here. I should have educated myself earlier yes but living in Greece (I don’t live in Athens where it’s much more multicultural too) these are issues that just aren’t coming up unless you go looking.

    King tbh.
  18. I recommend marinating chicken or any meat with sofrito. It's pretty easy to make with a food processor. Some vegetables like Ajicitos are so difficult to find though because they're mostly in the Caribbean and only some NYC stores have them but you can always replace it with Cubanelle Peppers (In some stores they are labeled as Italian Frying Pepper or Golden Greek Pepper since they are also grown in Southern Europe).

    Sofrito is basically cilantro, recao, green, red and orange bell peppers, cubanelle or greek peppers, a head of garlic, red and white onions, some people also add parsley as well. Whenever I make grilled chicken for my grandparents I always season and marinate the chicken with sofrito. My grandparents actually enjoy it without much seasoning because they have high blood pressure but the sofrito gives it enough flavor.
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  19. A lot of it also has to do with how ignorant White Americans are when it comes to race. Only in America are Italians seen as "other" or "non white". It all goes back to the One Drop Rule which is extremely racist and erases the true definition of what it means to be black.

    In NYC especially a lot of Italians dont see themselves as white because of the brainwashing the school systems in America taught us. We were taught that Latino was a race when it's not. The reason some Italians dont ever claim to be white goes back to this video (NSFW racial slur)

    One of my Italian co workers was flexing her DNA results at the job one day. She was flexing her 10% Sub Saharan African blood and how she always knew she had black in her because every italian has black in them. It was such a weird flex considering 10% is very tiny and she's still a white woman. Her excuse was "People think I'm Dominican" and while I did think she was a mixed race latina at first, she's still white. White Americans dont see her as white but I know genetically she is white.

    A lot of Aryan White Americans dont see them as white because their blood is not "pure". Ralph Macchio talked about how people always thought he was Puerto Rican. Frank Grillo flat out said he wasn't white. If you see shows like OZ you'll notice how the Italians are labeled as "Other" and they never fit in with the Aryans. It also goes back to the old days when Italians weren't allowed in white spaces either


    It's similar with Latinos. America taught us that Latino was a race itself when in reality it's not. That is why you see Latinos say "I'm not white or black. I'm Latino".

    When Vanilla Sky came out peope were all over Tom kissing a "Latina". Peope called Penelope Cruz "Mexican". They even featured her on Latina magazine multiple times


    Mediterranean people just aren't seen as "white" in America.
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