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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mr.Arroz, Sep 27, 2018.

  1. White supremacy is very much the common thread that runs through the American education system. A friend of mine (who is a boricua Afro Latino and living in the Dominican Republic) had to school a colleague of his who accused him of "co-opting the BLM movement" for DR since "there are no black people in Latin America" and was supposedly shocked and in disbelief that slavery was a thing in the Caribbean like?? This was an African American woman with a PhD living in Boston who apparently only just found out about the existence of....other black people outside the US.

    Also, it makes me laugh when white latinos that look like this get offended because you say they're white

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  2. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Girl, the one white Puerto Rican that I lived with (WITH THE RUSSIAN LAST NAME) said he wasn't "white, just white-passing", so I hit him with the


    He never said that shit around me again.
  3. I’ve been called ‘not white’ in (guess where...) Germany! “Greek isn’t white” um okay!

    It all boils doing to - as @EricG1990 what you’re “passing” as - my Pontic Greek cousins from my dads side all went to school in Germany, America, Canada and Australia in the 80s (all my dads siblings relocated to find work in the 60s / 70s). Pontic Greeks are darker than normal Greeks, black hair, strong features, lots of hair even for women (Lol). All my cousins were bullied by German and Australian kids because they didn’t look like them. All did terrible at school bar one female cousin.

    My mother’s brother also moved to Germany for work on the 80s, but he married a Greek Greek woman who was blonde, light skin, green eyes etc. Their kids looked like German kids basically. They passed. No bullying at all, both of them remember school as a lovely period, both excelled at school. All these things, acceptance and fitting in, definitely play a part, not at school but everywhere in a foreign country.

    I hope I’m not derailing the conversation- just wanted to add this since we mentioned Mediterranean people as well.
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  4. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I just want to reiterate again that "white" and "Black" are social constructs, in the sense that they are created, manipulated, and prone to forcible influence at any time. This is exemplified in the fact that people of all skin tones, physical aspects, and various uniquely-occurring features simply exist. But the biggest thing to take away is that this is all about power. Power dictates who has social and monetary capital, and the ability to decide who succeeds within society, and who continually fails. As @EricG1990 mentions, there is the "brown-paper bag test", and the concept of "hypodescent"/"one-drop rule", all of which are socially-introduced concepts made to ensure that people who wanted power could keep other people without power. Just think of how we use the words "white" and "black" linguistically... when we "whitelist" a site for AdBlock, or when a celebrity is "blacklisted" (for speaking out against well, anything). We are taught to think even in language that white = good, black = bad. Cartoons, television shows, books. Attaching a racial legacy to that only accelerates the potency of how people come to regard and value bodies of different appearance.

    This is also why when other POC mention "what about us?" during the plight of Black people, it is to be stated time and time again, that anti-Blackness is the key to power throughout this entire world of nations. White, white-passing, white-accessible are all categories closest to power. The closest you are to power, the more able you are able to potentially exert power. This is why anti-Blackness is prevalent in all countries of the world, because wielding it leads to the lustful possibility of one day having the all-desirable entity of what? POWER. "Black" and "white" are taught as two opposing forces, whether socially or institutionally. Black people have traditionally always been placed at the bottom, with people of color and those deemed "not white" scrambling away from that position. POC face their own unique concerns, yes, but still have access to anti-Blackness, which these groups have traditionally utilized historically as well. And this is how white society maintains power by using that as a divisive tool for POC and Black peoples to always struggle to achieve unity. That is another tool weaponized to preserve power. Ultimately it's just another demonstration that these social constructs need to be brought down for equity to be achieved. Not power, not dominance, not division. As Audre Lorde once said “the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house.” And that is why we cannot re-purpose current social tools to lead to new and better beginnings for our posterity. All this shit must burn and be rebuilt for global healing to begin. There can be no other way.

    So on that note, fuck Bad Bunny for his blind, opportunistically shallow comments. He has spoken boldly on queer, trans, and gender politics, but stops just short of speaking of racial inequity, because such would entail a conversation that he is clearly incapable of, and which would should how his privilege has factored into his celebrity and economic success. He would have to surrender to the idea that his ideas and platform are not unilaterally constructed. He would have to face his own proximity to whiteness, and how that whiteness on his own island has catapulted him to the stage on which he currently finds himself, one full of Black music, trends, and traditions. He should be held responsible.
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  7. NOT Bad Bunsy......Are we sure it's really him though?
  8. * it's not confirmed yet that it's him. Apparently some verses are old and someone could just have made an account and upload them there. Dunno what they'd gain from that if nobody is listening to them ññ

    I want to believe he's been trolling us good
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  9. I mean... I hear him and I don't at the same time on some of these songs, his tone is usually really distinctive but either he's trying new singing styles either that's a parody account as the Spotify description says itself. I'm fucking intrigued sksks

    However I'm 101% sure it's Benito on Compositor del Año (what a banger, and the lyrics!!!) but the other songs...?


    edit: @Trinu 3.0 the songs are gone ddd. For the best, really although it was nice to have Compositor del Año on streaming.
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  10. What a bop. Love when the video goes crazy too, with the epileptic editing.
  11. He went to vote with a Chromatica t-shirt. King.

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  12. Dakiti is phenomenal and about to overtake Positions in the Spotify global chart too. Sweet.
  13. It’s one already.
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  14. Sweet justice.
  15. Good lord! Those are massive numbers.

  16. Really loving "Dakiti."
  17. What it is the record of plays in one day?
  18. nn, I checked and it's Mariah's All I Want For Christmas Is You with 12,028,987 streams last year on December 24th. I have no doubt that she will beat her own record this year.
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