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Bad Bunny

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mr.Arroz, Sep 27, 2018.

  1. Also, he did indeed test positive for COVID but seems to be doing fine.

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  2. [​IMG]

    This is something else.
  3. I love Yo Visto Así, Sorry Papi, and Te Mudaste. He continues to have some of the best production about.
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  4. Halfway through my first listen and loving this! Te Mudaste is immense and I love all the rock flourishes. It’s refreshing to see Ms artist at the top of their game continue to push their sound
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  5. Maldita Pobreza is a 10. Love it!
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  6. With more than 8.3 billion streams this year, Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny is Spotify’s most-streamed artist of 2020.

  7. Yo Visto Asi is absolutely immense. It starts out seeming like a typical Bad Bunny affair and then just goes so hard on the chorus with those drums.
  8. The album is fire.
  9. This is the first time I'm listening to a Bad Bunny album from start to finish. New one is really great.
  10. Get into X 100PRE and YHLQMDLG soon! They're fantastic, top to bottom bangers.
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  11. Congratulations to him! Album’s great, though I do prefer YHLQMDLG.
  12. I've been saying all year that he's the next Big Pop Girl.
  13. Isn't he already?The fact he utilised I Like It smashing better than Cardi.... mess

  14. he’s so tacky ññññ
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  15. Yelling at the Snoop Dogg skit dd. Hoy Cobre is one or my faves from the album so I'm glad it's getting a push.
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