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Bad Bunny

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mr.Arroz, Sep 27, 2018.

  1. wait this is him too?

  2. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Yes, dd.

    He was definitely trolling us a bit @ the beginning with what might be seen as a reference to Rosalía. Only to have him flip the script!

    Honestly, I'm mad proud of him at every step. Yes, he trades on an ability to play with queer-leaning aesthetics, but he ultimately does them in a respectable and responsible way. It wasn't someone in a costume making fun of drag, of GNC/trans people, he played the role himself, and it wasn't even for comedy. It was to demonstrate comfort with one's self, which I find to be his message for those around him, but for those not afforded his privileges. Yes, I am a super fan, but it's brilliant. I feel so happy getting to watch his career grow only greater with each drop. Him standing with us isn't performative... it's him.
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  3. He


    He's all the main women in the vid.

    Red outfit, orange with the big breast plate (in the picture), the blond one dancing with himself...
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  4. That video was a STATEMENT! Yes Benito!
  5. That video is just... everything. I love him so much.
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  6. I love him to death but anyone knows why he didn't credited the singer on this song?
  7. Such a perfect album to blast out me out of quarantine stasis! Now I need to watch some more of these music videos and follow him on insta...
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  8. He


    Maybe an oversight of the video tagging? She's credited on the album.
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  9. His queer baiting paired with him not crediting the female singer as a guest artist on the song is... not the tea.
  10. It's what I've been questioning since I first played it on Spotify. It feels... weird for her to be the only non credited feature
  11. Yea, I know he’s doing many good things too but when I was reading the Pitchfork profile and that part where he didn’t credit her came up then I was a bit hmm...
  12. He


    Maybe label politics? He should clarify it though.
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  13. He's all I've got
    He's all I've got in this world
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  14. Whatever you want
    Whatever you need
    He’s all in meeeeee
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  15. I'd only understand not crediting Nesi on the video incase dumb people thought she was Benito in drag but she's not credited on Spotify either even though I've read she does - maybe it's region specific?
    Rock Your Body teas.

    Apparently her part was a sample that was bought 'wholesale' that's why she's not credited but it still sucks.

    And someone took this

    and made this
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  16. Can Safaera get a video too? It's in my top 5 songs released this year!


    Really hope they managed to film one before the pandemic struck.
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  17. Is she at least a writer?
  18. He


    She is credited as a writer, so I hope some checks are coming her way!
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  19. Yes get that coin Genesis!
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