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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mr.Arroz, Sep 27, 2018.

  1. He


    I think they missed the chance of having this as a feature (ala Dido in Stan -though totally not the same I know), it would have looked amazing given the theme of the song and the message he is trying to send.
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  3. Yo que te queria ver, pero no se va poder!

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  4. MPG status confirmed.
  5. He's released a new album with the songs he previewed on his IG Live saying they weren't going to be released:

  6. I can't believe I'm getting fed with a new Bad Bunny album on a Sunday? Thank you, king.
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  7. Welp, sorry Rina tengo que perrear
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  9. We had this conversation in Maluma’s thread before but Bad Bunny and J Balvin really ridin’ the wave everybody expected him to be on right now.

    Also crazy that Bunny has the first Spanish album to spend five weeks in the top 10 of Billboard. How?
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    Do not mention J. Blandvin in this thread

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  11. Maluma put himself in the fuccboi box and he seems to never ever be willing to leave it, sonically, visually, lyrically, you name it. As appealing as his looks are (dayum) he just doesn't have much else to show off other than the occasional bop every now and then.

    Bad Bunny and J Balvin consistently expanded on their original sound landing English speaking, high profile collaborators in the meantime, which Maluma never managed to. I'd argue Maluma is bigger than the two in Continental Europe and the Middle East but that's literally a drop in the ocean.

    With an album as solid as Vibras I think he's earned the right to be brought in a conversation on Latin music though?

    Colores was bland, yea.
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  12. Maluma never had the range.
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  14. Cómo Se Siente (Remix) is getting me a certain type of way on this Monday morning

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  15. This bussy belongs to Benito and Benito only.
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  16. 'Safaera' has been greyed out on Spotify and I'm about to start swinging.
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  17. So weird. It's at nearly 200M streams. I wonder if it has to do with a sample?
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  18. It probably does seeing that it has so many samples on it. But ugh, sort it out Benito!
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