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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mr Brightside, May 4, 2014.

  1. Bad Girls was a British television drama series that was broadcast on ITV from 1999 to 2006. It was set in the fictional women's prison of Larkhall.

    Most memorable characters include Shell Dockley, Denny Blood, Nikki Wade, Yvonne Atkins, The 2 Julie's, Jim Fenner and Sylvia Hollamby aka Body Bag.

    It's my favourite TV show of all time, particularly series 1,2,and 3 but what do you think?
  2. Another one of my favourites. I actually went to Oxford prison where they filmed the exteriors for the first three seasons, they also based the interior sets on it, it's now a hotel but it was a weird experience.

    The first few seasons are classic TV but wow it wasn't consistent. Yvonne's death is one of the most horrific things ever but after that it really lost it's steam for a while until Season 7 where Fenner finally went, that was all so well written and a real return to form. Series 8 and the final episode are just so appalling that I like to pretend they don't even exist.
  3. The problem I have with the later series was the characters. They seemed to be repeats of previous characters. Natalie Buxton was a Shell Dockley wannabe.
  4. Natalie Buxton was amazing though, I loved her. Snowball was worse for me, I didn't mind her but she was such a Shell rip off without being nearly as entertaining.
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  5. This is still my favourite television show of all time. Series 1 - 4 are untouchable.
  6. One of the best UK tv shows. Got ridiculous towards the end with the (seemingly) immortal villain.

    Yvonne being locked in the basement cell haunts me still.
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  7. Shell Dockley looks like Madonna's angry, emotionally neglected younger sister.
  8. Nikki Wade and Helen Stuart's lesbian story line was my favourite which is why I loved series 1 to 3.

    Shell Dockley and Denny Blood escaping from prison and breaking into Mrs Hollamby's house is a classic episode.
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  9. I loved this show got my mother and grandmother hooked on it. Does anyone remember Tanya Turner's stint on the show?
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  10. It was all about Shell.
  11. Yes, it was in its sensationalist decline by then though.

    It was amazing at the start for being dark and gritty, then it descended into being a footballers wives fantasy land.
  12. It became a parody of itself.
  13. It's a shame the show got cancelled. I thought the final series had improved remarkably and the show stood a chance of being recommissioned but I guess time was up as the ratings were dropping big time.

    I always forget that the amazing (recently deceased) Kate O'Mara was in this show.

    Ive watch the final series again recently..... some really strong stories.

    My favorite storyline was when Yvonne Atkins got locked in the underground cell by Fenner....... I so wanted her to have got out.... and go on the run for a few months.......
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  14. I remembered very little about this show outside of a few of its main character but a friend and I thought it'd be funny to throw on the final episode, a couple of weeks back. Literally the most amazing trainwreck I've ever seen; ending on a Christmas episode is something I've always found a little problematic but there's just absolutely no resolve (there's a dead body in the toilets that seems to be completely glossed over), the characters act without any sense of direction and the 'Scrooge' element is just laughable.

    My favourite moment was when one of the inmates became incensed with the Christmas music, declaring "It's time for some real music!"... only to put on 'YMCA'.
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  15. Both Yvonne Atkins and Shell Dockley were my 2 favourite characters, they really made the show what it was.
  16. I've been tempted to rewatch this recently. Hollamby was brilliant in her vile ways.
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  17. The first two seasons are legendary as well as part of season 3 but it starts to go off the rails towards the end of 3/beginning of 4.
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  18. I still think of this show as one of my favourites. Of course, only up until the last 5 minutes of the season 5 finale. I’m still enraged about Yvonne to this day. Once it was 100% confirmed Yvonne was a goner at the beginning of season 6 the magic was gone and it was no longer the must see show it once was for me.
    Other great characters I enjoyed where Crystal, Zandra, Shell, Bodybag, Denny.
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  19. I bought the boxset last year and re-watched, and yes, I didn't get past season 5, I could go back to it. But the quality definitely dropped.

    Those first three series are still brilliant though.
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  20. Season 6 is really good, I mean, Tanya Turner gets a bloody arc, and it felt like it was at the height of its popularity, then it plummeted into awfulness.
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