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Bad Gyal - Worldwide Angel

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by pitolini, Mar 29, 2018.

  1. Straight from Barcelona, Bad Gyal is a true gem. Part Riri, part Ivy Queen, maybe a bit of post-Number #1 Angel XCX... Check out her new mixtape Worldwide Angel because it is full of great melodies, hooks and choruses. So many good lyrics too, vivid, sometimes funny, a bit silly but so catchy.

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  2. I adore Worldwide Angel. Easily one of the albums of the year already. Also lately I've been coming back a lot to good old Fiebre, which is still that banger.
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  3. OMG YES, and this hook filled verse or pre-chorus:

    "Entré en el dancehall, estaba ardiendo
    Había muchos tipos pero a ti te vi el primero
    Camiseta Armani con pantalones negros
    Yo solo te bailo a ti

    I entered the dancehall, it was scorching hot
    So many guys there but I saw you first,
    Armani shirt with black pants, I only will dance for you.

    The thing about Bad Gyal that makes her so different than the rest of reggaetoneras is that her sonic vision and lyrics are so fucking catchy but evocative.
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  4. Don't forget "Internationally", co-produced by Jam City (Kelela), even though it sounds like Felix Snow meets "Closer".

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  5. Tengo to', tengo alcohol
    Buena vida (buena vida)

    So many interesting production flourishes in it too...there's great sort of EDM/Tropical thing going on with some psychedelic A.G.Cook twinky sounds. But let's not forget that Alba really does all of her own vocal production.
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  6. She’s great
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  7. She's fantastic, it's very humbling to see how there seem to be no limits for her. Truly a hard worker with a fantastic vision and creative team.
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  8. Even Charli XCX loves her! She said on Instagram she's been playing Worldwide Angel on repeat, I need them to collab.
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  9. That's what brought this thread to life.
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  11. Shoutout to @Noir for once again introducing me to someone/thing wonderful. I’ve been jamming to her quite a bit the past few weeks. I love Worldwide Angel and don’t think I ever responded to you in the Spanish pop thread, I’m garbage.

    She is so cool, there’s something so modern and slick about her as an artist. Very excited to see where she goes next, with more money and bigger collaborators.
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  12. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I really like this!
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  13. Spread the word.
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    I'm really trying to make Bad Gyal happen on here. But I love her interviews and her agency.

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  15. I had no idea she had her own thread, I only discovered her thanks to a recommendation in the Contemporary Spanish Pop thread and I’ve not looked back since. She’s incredible and her music glides through and experiments with many genres while retaining an identity.

    Also am I going crazy or does anyone else hear the melody of the Mercadona jingle in her song Mercadona specifically when she says it? Maybe that’s intentional.
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  16. I started the thread because she's a bonafide superstar and the fact she isn't smashing charts is utterly frustrating because her music is as catchy if not catchier than Bad Bunny, Maluma and all the boys leading up the Latin pop charts. Anyway, Alba is so fucking smart.
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  17. New fan here. Have the "Slow Wine" EP on repeat and can't wait to move on to "Worldwide Angel".
    But just let me binge on "Fiebre" for a while. BOP.
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  18. FIEBRE is a BANGER. Closest thing like it on Worldwide Angel is Candela.
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  19. "Mercadona" makes me miss my Spain days. Such a banger.
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  20. Pitchfork is currently streaming her Primavera set and its a real fucking ass shaking journey.
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