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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by dinodino, Nov 20, 2018.

  1. Wait I actually like it...I see she changed direction and ditched the whole Karleuša from aliexpress thing and it actually works. Before this, I only liked Linija from her...
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  2. Sorry for the double post but this bop gotta be posted...too bad that the rest of the album is weak...
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  3. Dddddddd I hate this thread. Barely a trace of pop to be found!

  4. Think everyone also needs to hear these.

    And also a throwback to Konstrakta's early works
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  6. Not you posting the same tracks over and over! We do have a lot to offer, promise!

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  7. I love Senidah's debut so much. And the quick lil singles as well.

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  10. Bojana's album is going to be so good, isn't it? And all her recent writing credits (Behute, Muskarcina) have been incredible.

    I really like this song, feel like it deserves some attention. No idea who she is tbh but it's a delicious slice of electro pop.

    I was surprised and genuinely thrilled by the Sonja Vukicevic cameo in this video, feel like it's quite rare to see an homage like this in Balkan videos so props to Sara.

    Senidah literally never misses.

    Tam has some cute bops. Love this Venus de Milo/The Dreamers reference.
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  11. This is a really great video, she's punching way above her weight with it, but Frederik Heyman is preparing a lawsuit as we speak.
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  12. Charli XCX probably wants to have a word as well ddd.
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  13. one of my fav Balkan beats songs ever:

  14. Very hard to find a non-problematic local popstar these days, but Edita, Sara Jo and Tijana Bogicevic are total queens of grace. Here's a bit of a retro moment of whatever, these are the tracks of my childhood.

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