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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. Point taken, @TeddyPoppins. I wasn't exactly feeling sorry for her but just wondered if she'd remarked on the reunion anywhere. Marcella Detroit posted on Facebook about wishing them good luck and that was nice. If there is any ill-feeling between her and Siobhan, it doesn't appear to be on Marcie's part.

    I guess I just like happy endings. I'm sure Jacquie does wish them well but, as you say, she has long-since moved on. I'd like to think there's no animosity there after all these years, and I'm sure there isn't.
  2. Yes, 26 years would be a long time to hold any animosity for something like that. Glad she's doing well too.
  3. It's how pop fans live and breathe. A song gets left off an album? BEST SONG EVER!!! A single is a flop? UNDERRATED!!! Album sells peanuts? AHEAD OF TIME!! Member joins for a brief time? MY FAVE!!!1
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  4. Exactly. Everything is altered by hindsight and perspective. The underdog syndrome, b-side syndrome, bonus tack syndrome. It's all a factor. I don't get why people are so bothered! Is One In A Million good? Nope, but some fans are always going to consider it the smash hit that never was. Let them live!
  5. It's just the pop-isation of the general postmodern tropism : it's dirty / ugly / noisy / bad mannered : I love.
  6. Oh never saw this before.....
    It's the happiest I ever saw Jacquie in an interview! Great performance too.
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  7. These interview questions here are quite awkward:

  8. At least no one phoned in and asked them why they were so fucking shit!
  9. Yes, suppose there's that he he.
  10. That daft girl who asks the question they just previously answered. If only Sara had said, "Weren't you listening?"
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  11. I know! Silly girl.
  12. Which ones were shit-and who were the wankers-out of Matt Bianco and Five Star?

    Send your answers on a postcard, or stuck down envelope, to 'Saturday Superstore, W1A 1AA'
  13. Love it!
  14. All of you British Bananaramists, please stay safe. Prayers for all of you.
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  15. So awkward! Not only the questions but the girls in general. They really remained shy, giggly girl seven 8 years on! It's so odd how natural they come across in music videos in contrast with their stiff interviews.
  16. But enough about Just Like That.
  17. What has happened this week is absolutely horrendous, horrifying and an absolute tragedy.

    But living in fear of cowards who target innocent people should NEVER happen.

    Hopefully this despicable act will cause different communities to come together and work to eliminate threats to the safety of the entire population.... not cause us to fear each other differences anymore.
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  18. They probably gave her the answer or she was on hold and wasn't listening to the TV, stop! When you call in radio or TV they tell you to be as far away from your device as possible so as not to create static or something.

    Can you tell TV and radio competitions were my life as a kid?
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  19. Stop making excuses for her! She should have asked something IMPORTANT!

    Like-'When will you boot Jacquie out?'
    'Where can I find a copy of 'One in a Million?'
    'Were you ALWAYS female?'
    or maybe....
    'Are next weeks musical guests better at answering questions than you?'
  20. This would be all true if it weren't for the fact the girl who asked the question is sitting right there in the studio beside them!
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