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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. Can you use pledge account details to purchase the Blu-Ray (Or are the companies not affiliated)?
  2. All the audio/visual stuff will be sold through Pledge. Not sure why Bananarama's full range isn't already available to order (beyond Newcastle CDs), seeing as Steps have theirs all up already?
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  3. I'm not sure I'm bothered about the CD, but is certainly like the visuals. Maybe if they do a deal with them together I'll get both. Where do I need to keep checking?

    As @anfunny2003 says, hopefully they'll reinstate the three ousted tracks for the recording dates.
  4. They were sensational last night. I was in the first three rows so we were allowed to go up near the stage and dance. Preacher Man was a moment and I love that Siobhan mentioned how fond she was of the track even though she wasn't in the band at the time. Her cheekbones could cut stone btw.

  5. This is their page;

    And this is Steps';

    So, I'd expect Bananarama's page to look more like Steps' as the week progresses, with bundles, etc. The CDs are usually in digipaks or card gatefold wallets. The tracklist isn't on the packaging usually, but the flyers at the 'nana gigs show the inside has a photo of the band, so they'll look quite nice.

    To be honest, they probably wont reinstate the cut tracks, but hope springs eternal. If the show is now only 75-80 minutes, it would fit on one CD, but they usually put the main show on CD1 and the encore on CD2. The best from the bunch of these I've ordered in the past is probably the Kelis one. Updated arrangements of older hits and an exclusive cover, plus the artwork was really nice;
  6. They should really consider modifying the US tour setlist a bit, including moving the songs around. I think "Love in the First Degree" as the last song would be pretty anticlimactic with the general US crowd. They really should end with "Venus".

    They really should include "The Wild Life" (#70) in the US dates as it's their 6th biggest single here (Billboard 200); the only songs that charted better were "Venus" (#1), "I Heard a Rumour" (#4), "Cruel Summer" (#9), "I Can't Help It" (#47), and "Love in the First Degree" (#48).

    "More Than Physical" (#73), "A Trick of the Night" (#78), and "Shy Boy" (#83) would be their next biggest hits. Looking at the Dance Charts, however, changes it all up once again (so maybe my entire post is moot).
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  7. I made up my mind I was going to analyse every nuance between them. They really do have a punk spirit, it’s unusual in that I’m not used to coming into contact with people who authentically have that but I’ve been around the block & I really did sense it.

    They were lovely & full of flirtatious banter, there was no tension whatsoever between S/K & Siobhan (they clearly had a self awareness of that perception & I realised in an instant that perception was now a cliche).

    But there was something . . a tangible undercurrent, not between members (they were all on the same page). It was a strange mix of girlish playfulness & a repressed steely jadedness, the repressed punk undertone & a feeling that the moments of joy were mixed by a very real desire to make money.

    There experience as women in the public eye literally oozed out of them & they were very very almost studiously wry (except it was completely natural).

    It raised the question in my mind, how can a group with authentic punk values marry the twin capitalist desire to make money?

    That is not a criticism it is merely a question, the answer to which was not revealed, that is the ultimate mystique I was left with as they vacated the stage.
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  8. Sara muttered, "Silly bitch," into her microphone at one point. I don't know what she did though. Siobhan also gave orders during one song for a technician to sort some sound problem, gesturing at him. I was delighted. It isn't Bananarama without a touch of the shambolic.
  9. I would have agreed but last night's set list was perfect. It flowed SO WELL.
  10. I see it this way, I think it is obvious that Keren, Sara & Siobhan reunited for something special that they had never done together before and that it was a now or never type thing.
    A celebration of friendship and the back catalogue and a tour that fans have long craved for is being delivered.
    Of course the corporate money vacuum is behind the scenes, it is a tour of 20 plus dates with lots of time effort travel and money being put into it so of course they would want to make a profit.
    So I feel the message of the tour is genuine in that the friendship and celebration is the main reason behind it but lets be honest who would not want to see their bank balance increase also.
    The way I see it , everyone is happy, the girls, the fans and management as they all seem to be getting what they want from it.
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  11. Everyone is punk and 'I can live on 5p' and 'stealing this lol' when they are 18 but once you sample the capitalistic hedonism, you want nice things.
  12. This is a reminder that they are going to be on “Children In Need Rocks The 80’s”, in 90 mins time (at 8.30pm) on BBC1 tonight guys.
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  13. I assume the US dates will be filled with fans traveling from all over to see them, so I don't think it really matters. Everyone will know the songs.
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  14. I was genuinely and pleasantly surprised that some of the lesser hits still commanded dancing and rapturous applause and cheers. Only twice in glasgow last night did I detect a “slight” (and I mean slight) drop in mood and that was during aie a mwana and cheers then as the only ballad. However as I said before other than that the gig was electric and even More Than Physical, Rough Justice and Preacher Man went off big time which was lovely. I suppose in venues medium in size there is a hardcore fan base with the more causal there for the big hits. Luckily the Rams have more than enough of these to please any crowd. Can’t wait til London on Sunday when I see them again and sing and dance like it’s 1987 all over again (I was too young to know that era of going out but imagine it was the best fun!)....
  15. Was also at the Glasgow gig last night - and hence knackered today as had to get the redeye flight back to get to work - but it was worth it. What a night!

    Nathan Jones as an opener was inspired - the ‘89 tour started with it - so doing it again but this time with Shuv was a great idea.

    I had avoided spoilers so Preacher Man and More Than Physical were fab surprises (and the disappointment of there being no LTH and ATOTN didn’t arrive until I logged on to this place when I got back to the hotel after)

    Great atmosphere - was also in the front few rows so we had the Dancefloor space ahead - probably drunkenly shares the moment with a few of you guys...

    Quite emotional today (not just from the tiredness) - I saw 3 Bananas at Wembley in 1989 and have seen Sara and Keren a few times over the years but never thought I’d get to see 3 again, let alone the original 3.. and not just doing “the hits” but performing some inspired and moving choices.
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  16. They've got it.
  17. The show tonight was amazing. I’m a very casual fan so I’ve never heard a lot of the songs they did until today but now I wanna hear more!
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  18. Their discography is amazing, so I envy you that you get to explore their discography. Their Greatest Hits album is really one of the best greatest hits album of all time, up there with The Immaculate Collection. And their individual albums are terrific, not just hits with some filler. You'll understand why we all lost our minds a few years ago with the Edsel 2CD/DVD reissues, then Megarama and then the incredible singles box set.

    The last few years have been an amazing time to be (and become) a Bananarama fan with all these goodies and, of course, the tour.
  19. I know this is trivial in light of the banana greatness we have gotten lately but does anyone here actually like their tour clothes? They've been so well styled on Graham Norton, Children In Need and a some photoshoots they have done lately. And the tour outfits are just drab in comparasion. To much black. Siobhan would have rocked them silver pants she's been wearing lately!
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