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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. 15 days till I see them and I still don't have my tickets. Anyone else had this issue before?
  2. Why do we think Bananarama's fanbase is almost exclusively male? If you've seen any of the meet and greet photos, or the list of pledgers for the live CDs, it's all men! I'm sure there are some females somewhere, but they're few and far between, or less obsessive!

    I only got my tickets last week, so you should get them in the next 7 days or so?
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  3. ^^At the Belfast gig the women definitely outnumbered the men although both sexes were well represented. In terms of buying records and meet n greet packages I guess gay fans or music obsessed types (who tend to be male generally in my experience) are quicker to spend those extra pounds.
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  4. How nice of them to provide a meet and greet image for photoshopping purposes... who is going to insert Jacquie?

  5. I'm going to add a Dalek.
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  6. I have never thought about the gender of the fan base. Personally I think it’s a pretty even split.
  7. Maybe it is, but I think @CatastropheBoy is right about males being the ones who collect, stalk and obsess much more than woman do.
  8. Oh yes, I can believe that!
  9. I wouldn’t panic for 5 more days at least.
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  10. Actually I like Siobhan's best. Keren looks a bit mumsy tbh. They could have included one custom change at least but I don't want to complain. Other than wheel A Trick Of The Night back in!
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  11. I did my first Meet and Greet package the other night. Granted it was for film director/musician John Carpenter, so the fact that it was 99.9% men was not a surprise but it's interesting to ponder the ticket buyers.

    Has anyone done the Meet and Greets yet? What was it like?
  12. If anyone goes to meet & greet, please do ask if there are still plans to release a single w/Siobhan at some point. I hope the idea hasn't been completely scrapped.
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  13. I don't think much of the outfits either - they never used to 'team with a theme' that much back in the day, so the TV performance outfits we saw were all much better in my opinion - similar but unique. They've tried to do that for the tour but as they're mostly black, it's almost lost on stage. I would have loved a couple of props/accessories just to brighten things up a bit - just nods to the old videos and stuff. Maybe that's a bit tacky, but it's all good fun in my eyes!
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  14. Siobhan's look was sci-fi fabulous and she wore a hat that I've got somewhere in my cupboard.
  15. Reviews!
  16. Ha!, Excellent Reviews.
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  17. Also, not to be stereotypical, but gay men generally have more disposable income. Kelly from M&S payroll probably knocked out three kids by the time she was thirty, so has to be more careful with the pennies!

    Plus Bananarama were probably every gays' dream fag-hags before the phrase was even coined.
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  18. Call me naive, but I have not been on the gay scene in a year & I half forgot that atmosphere. When it suddenly dawned on me that I was becoming surrounded by fellow gays (some of which were a bit common & wore devil horns), it was only then I thought “oh s**t, quick - try & remember the persona of someone standing in Delmonica’s”. I was also not expecting those around me to be so dependent on alcohol to the point of them disappearing to some bar somewhere to stock up during “Boy Trouble” & having to lift my bag, to let them squeeze past to go out & then return.
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  19. Not a fan of having fun then?
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  20. Of course, but I’m also a fan of using the bathroom in advance, so I don’t get the urge to go pee pee in the middle of the show.
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