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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. That's what Aie A Mwana was for! Very thoughtful of them.
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  2. I wont be going to the bathroom at any point? It's Bananarama - what's the matter with you all?!
  3. I'm having a catheter fitted for the evening.
  4. No need for a toilet break in a 90 minute set! My younger sister was desperate to go.....but didn’t dare as she didn’t want to miss a single song! Unfortunately others in Glasgow were back and forth constantly and a few even left after Venus!
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  5. You all are lucky. The Toronto show is standing only (except for the balconies).
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  6. 4 people left after Venus at my gig too, two in front and the two sitting next to me, I actually thought I'd done something wrong, but it least it gave me more room to dance.
  7. It was one of my highlights, actually.
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  8. Anybody’s Brighton 30th Nov tickets arrived yet?
  9. No, I’m waiting for these too, also waiting for Birmingham
  10. Great to see the positive reviews which are fully deserved. I feared some might be a bit sniffy but this really is their time again for now, they just need to keep rolling with it.
  11. I just want them to arrive so I can look forward to it!
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  12. I now have one ticket for the Manchester show on 6 December. Face value (46.25 if memory serves). PM if interested!
  13. Our Birmingham tickets, ordered via presale arrived today.... phew
  14. Nope.
  15. Mine neither.
  16. Hopefully for the audio recording at Newcastle tonight the dropped tracks are reinstated.......would love to get the chance to at least hear them..... The 3 of them sound so good together, much better than I anticipated.
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  17. “It Ain’t What You Do” & “Stay” are the most essential to have. The first because of the Nana lead vocal replacing Fun Boy 3 & the second as Keren/ Sara replace Marcella Detroit.
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  18. Both highlights for sure! (Plus I suppose you could say Siobhan on Preacher Man)

    I just would live the chance to hear those few tracks Belfast were treated to on opening night.
  19. I am intrigued to see whether they reinstate the dropped songs. I'm still not quite over the fact I never got to experience A Trick of the Night live!

    It occurred to me that they might possibly rotate the "lesser" hits like Rough Justice/More Than Physical/Preacher Man/Love, Truth & Honesty to keep it fresh for the girls.

    Is tonight the show that is being filmed for the DVD?
  20. No, it’s merely being sound recorded only. It is being filmed at the Hammersmith Eventim Apollo
    It’s here girls . .


    Two discs less than Steps (minus the Newcastle Audio CDs), for the Same price as the SIX disc Steps set (Audio Only Date NOT Included - Unlike Steps)!
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