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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. Played Once In A Lifetime earlier and has such a festive feeling to it, without actually being so.
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  2. Maybe just the novelty of a Bananarama ballad..... I get the same vibes off I Could Be Persuaded.....or maybe that just talks to me as can relate to the situation described ha ha.
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  3. Slot machine thingamagig better not end with "Baby It's Christmas" ... I'm hoping for some sort of earth-shattering announcement, but I just know I'm going to be severely disappointed.
  4. I got The Greatest Hits Collection as stocking filler after all! Hurrah!
  5. Gutted I didn't get it for Christmas and now it's become unavailable on Amazon!
  6. So the official live recording isn't out yet?
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  8. Gary: Do you have anything to add, Sara?

    Sara: No. I'm tired.
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  9. Pretty good bargain.
  10. When is the DVD out?
  11. Their ballads are so underrated, I wish they would do more, but I think they are put off by the reaction (like Cheers Then being their first flop single...)

    My picks for Bananarama Ballads would be:

    "Once in a Lifetime"
    "A Trick of the Night"
    "Cheers Then"
    "What Colour R the Skies Where U Live?"
    "Breathe" (demo)
    "Dance with a Stranger"
    "What You Gonna Do"
    "Take Me to Your Heart"
    "Through a Child's Eyes"
    "Sleep" (demo)
    "In a Perfect World"
    "Maybe the Next Time"
    "Wish You Were Here"
    "I Could Be Persuaded"
    "I Can't Let You Go"
    "The Sound of Silence"
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  12. Being in a group where they were contracted to interact with colleagues who felt it normal to treat them like that - no wonder she left.

    Though during their time spent working with S/A/W, it is known that they each recorded in separate vocal booths (not around one Mic), so it is curious that Siobhan received a message in her booth that was directed to Keren’s.
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  13. You're saying Siobhan is lying based on something you read on the back of a Jackie magazine Matt Goss poster?
  14. No. Devils advocate. Don’t put words in my mouth please.
  15. You created a whole scenario of booths and messages lost. I didn't do anything. And I will ALWAYS side with the woman.
  16. E5D61060-55B6-4BA7-9C0A-B991054D3841.jpeg
    I did no such thing, I am merely recalling the above - also If you read the newspaper article, it is clearly Siobhan recounting a past memory of an experience that occurred in a vocal booth.

    You have completely ignored where I said “No wonder she left”. (Clearly not something, one would say if they did not believe someone outright).

    “Wow” (in places) features some isolated, solo (ie non ‘tradmark’ unison) vocals - this can’t be achieved from recording around one Mic. With the pace of technology it is unlikely they would have gone backwards with a change of producers.
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  17. She could be recalling an incident Keren told her / the above 'onions' incident sounds like a cute fun PR quote anyway etc etc. You can't use a quote to brand what she said a lie or that it didn't happen.

    Straight white man of power in 80s chauvinist behaviour non-shocker. In the era of 16 year old Samantha Fox doing Page 3, 13 year old Mandy Smith dating a 40 year old and when Stringfellows was the place to be, I will forever believe that men behaved that way towards women, thought it was nothing wrong and got away with it.
  18. All three of them could possibly hear Pete's comments to their booths, it's not like he could only talk to one at a time. Technology was pretty amazing even in the 80's.
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