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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. Unlike the men.

    I mean reading Sam Fox’s biography the way men, including her own father, used, abused and profited from her in the 80s... all trash.
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  2. My Bananarama Live At Newcastle City Hall 2CD was dispatched today! Ooooooh!
  3. Please post a photo (if it's packaged at all)!
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  5. Why the F are the downloads not available?!!!
  6. I'm listening to it now and it sounds great - a hundred times better than I'd hoped. They've probably tinkered with the vocal some how but they're in time, in tune and the musical arrangements are very high in the mix, so it doesn't sound like it was recorded on an old Aiwa cassette recorder in Croydon Municipal Swimming Pool.
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  7. Yes, mines arrived too and it’s sounding absolutely fantastic. Love that the banter has been left in too
  8. Just had mine too-the sound is excellent. Bodes well for the DVD/Blu ray.
  9. Please don't tell me that this will be the artwork on all the releases? I assumed this was a temp artwork and it is shown on all the different (forthcoming) releases as well...
  10. I enquired. Newcastle download available in next few hours. Deluxe book and London recording in May.
  11. Fucking MAY?!
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  12. Well that’s not how Pledge described it.... They just stated May...
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  13. A Trick Of The Night still sounds messy, More Than Physical and I Can't Help It sound great, and It Aint What You Do... is the very best of all the live tracks. A lovely memento of the show, but if you want one and haven't placed an order yet, there are only 313 copies of this one left.
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  14. I'm getting the Hammersmith book box, so I think one live recording is sufficient for me.
  15. Newcastle download is available now
  16. Sorry slightly off topic but I ordered Sam Fox's autobiography but never got it as it's out of stock on Amazon and I can't find it in Waterstones or WH Smith. Is it good?
  17. It's great. Why don't you get the Kindle edition form Amazon?
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  18. Disappointed in the cover artwork but otherwise it looks good. Hate to order the book or vinyl without knowing what they look like so I did the CDs and Blu ray for now.
  19. I got the Old Woman to pre-order the book box set for me for Christmas, hence the fact that I'm incensed I won't get it until MAY!!!
  20. Listening to the download now. Sound quality is great. Vocals not so. But hey it’s Bananarama. It’s about the songs and them having a ball. So I’m pleased. (I probably sang so loud at the gigs I couldn’t hear them clearly anyway ha ha)
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