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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. Whoever put the Live Album into their iTunes & submitted its genre to the Grace Note database as "Alternative" needs a visit to Doctor Love (& pronto)!
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  2. Every Bananarama album appears in iTunes as "Alternative". It has always annoyed me too when they should quite clearly be "Pop"! Not that I can be bothered changing it.
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  3. They came from punk. I approve of 'alternative' for Bananarama.
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  4. Indeed, always find it annoying! WOW! and Pop Life, are especially far from "Alternative".
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  5. I like the panelled artwork with the fish/ bird motivs present & correct. It adds to the authenticity of the product. The white song titles (in black boxes, on the back) is not unlike that of Madonna's "American Life". Nana Edit 1.jpg Nana Edit 2.jpg Nana Edit 3.jpg
  6. @man.tis.shrimp needs to chill
  7. I don't quite get the artwork....

    The 3 birds are obviously Sara, Keren and Siobhan, but who is the bottom dwelling fish supposed to represent?
  8. Jacquie, obviously.
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  9. I’ve listened to the tour audio non stop all weekend. It Ain’t What You Do....really is special. Love the arrangement and vocals.
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  10. Has anyone seen or read any interviews of the ladies post tour? I would love
    to hear their stories/recollections of their experiences especially from
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  11. I'm sure most of you ladies and gentlemen have seen this but I hadn't. Interesting video. Cool song.
    Siobhan's gorgeous, as usual/always.
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  12. Given all the reissues and the box set, two questions for the hardcore,

    Is there anything not on cd now?
    And were there Pettibone mixes of Ready or Not and have they been issued yet?
  13. Selected Tracks from this (you will be able to identify what ones).

    + The David Bowie “Changes” Cover & the original ‘83 demo of “Cruel Summer” that features the deleted line “Who can I find while I’m trapped here inside these four walls?”

    There is a sound issue on “Scarlett (Extended Version)” 5:19 - on the First Disc of “True Confessions” & it can’t be re-sourced digitally from elsewhere. (The same Digital Transfer was later repeated on the “In A Bunch” Box Set).

    “The Pettibone And Forrest” Mix of “Ready or Not” (in it’s separate 12” Extended & Dub Forms, can be sourced from TC Disc 2).

    The Original Jolley & Swain 12” Mix can be sourced from the “Megarama” Remix Anthology.
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  14. Thank you.
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  15. What is the sound issue?
  16. Severe compression.
  17. Love this, thank you!
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  18. There is a never published shorter version (3:53) of Too Much Of A Good Thing included in a demo tape of True Confessions (1986) before Venus and More Than Physical were included in this album.
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  19. The Amazon U.S. Version of the manufactured on demand “Now Or Never” E.P. CDr - has dropped from it’s six year average price point of £27.50 to only £9.93.

    The back sleeve is plain (unlike the U.K. Edition with ‘Feet’ Artwork), it is a rare & unexpected opportunity to purchase this 4 Track E.P. In lossless quality at such a low price.

    This price drop may be connected to a general rise in demand for product Stateside, stemming from Advance U.S. Tour Promotion.

    Price history factored in, the Amazon algorithm is unlikely to remain this low forever.
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  20. They signed their back catalogue for me on the tour and when I gave the Now or Never CD popped up they were like 'was this released on a CD?' - i thought Keren was going to nick it lol
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