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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. Ha, love this!
  2. I wish I had a signed Nana item. I love their reissues, bought them all up and wish there was more more more! Here's hoping the artwork for the live releases is better than the pledge white artwork with the fish.
  3. I heard you are not allowed to bring things to be signed, has that changed?
  4. They say so, but you bring your stuff just in case.

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  5. My Mum and I went to the meet and greet and we was told by the host that we could not take things in to be signed as we would all be getting a signed tour programme and there was time constrictions for each meet and greet.
    We met the ladies who greeted us with a hug and was lovely enough to spend a few moments having a chat about us seeing them in the past and Siobhan noticed my Shakespears Sister tour T Shirt and said she loved that particular T Shirt and gave me a hug. The host then told us to to prepare for our group photo.
    It was worth the price to meet them they really are so fan friendly.
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  6. I have a 30 Years CD already signed by Keren, Sara and Jacquie. I’m desperate for Siobhan to sign it too but don’t know how to get it.
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  7. Stalking?
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  8. How fabulous do I look?
  9. Pretty in Pink! What's this for by the way?
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  10. It’s an out take from a photo shoot that was done exclusively for the Tour Book.
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  11. 27073113_1850569041633692_5798936777606512659_n.jpg Speaking of Fabulous!
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  12. Three weeks until their show in Toronto, Canada!!!
  13. I can’t stop listening to the live version of Cheers Then. They sound the best they ever have in it. Nice to hear them all get a few solo lines too, though I think Siobhan’s mic was too low in the mix. Am jealous I’m not seeing the US dates but I do have front row tickets for Edinburgh Castle in July.
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  14. Fabulous doesn't even come close to describe how they look WOW!
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  15. "Where were you? Drunk under a table somewhere?"


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  16. Ah I see! Never got the tour book kinda of wish I'd did now!
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  17. I would of uploaded a pic, if I was not miles away from my Tour Book right now.

    I wonder if The Spice Girls were influenced by this reunion.
  18. Last night was quite amazing! John von Ahlen of the Australian synth pop group Parralox hosts a show on Saturday evenings on Australia's gay radio station. The show is called Neon Nights and last night they did a whole hour dedicated to Bananarama.

    He called me to be on the show, it was midnight in California. I just thought I would be on a few minutes, but as soon as it started, they asked if I could stay the whole hour. So they kept asking me tidbits about each song. Finally, all of the useless Bananarama information in my head was put to use! The podcast should be out in a week.

    John and his co-host Costa said that the album version of "More Than Physical" sampled Janet Jackson's "What Have You Done For Me Lately?" I had never heard that before. Anyone else? Is it the bassline? Sampled? Or just similar?
  19. I was listening to Long Train Running today and I don't think it gets enough credit as a great remake. Not a direct copy of the Doobie Brothers original. I love the flamenco guitar and the vocal arrangements and production are stunning.
  20. I think they mean the Ooh ooh oooh ooooohyeah bits.
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