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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. That was what influenced it, but it’s not sampled.
  2. The Alma De Noche Mix is a fab remix.
  3. Honestly, "Long Train Running", "Venus", and "The Runner" are a fucking perfect trifecta of remakes.
  4. How cool! I'll have to look it up!
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  5. Interesting, I’d always been lead to believe it was “I Can’t Help It” that was influenced by Company B’s “Fascination”, though now it’s been mentioned, I can also hear a more direct Freestyle influence in “Some Girls” too.
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  6. Does anyone think they’ll change the setlist at all for the US dates? Venus would make sense as the closer as Love In The First Degree was a very minor hit there..... will be interesting to see if they drop any tracks and maybe add a couple of album cuts from True Confessions and WOW! In place since they didn’t really “break” the US until Cruel Summer.
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  7. It’s a dead cert there will be some set list alterations, though how major/ minor is anyone’s guess.
  8. Well in the last three weeks I have come to completely love all the mixes from the Pop Life album. Aside from it being the first Nana album I bought when it was out at the time, and holds a special place in my heart, most mixes are amazing. My favorite has to be Preacher Man, ironically the one I liked the least at the time, but now, being fully in love with Shep's sound, and basically the In A Bunch cd is a non-stop BananaShepFest, is just a gift that keeps on giving for almost an hour. The only thing I could do without are those vocal samples in a loop, which were so much in vogue at the time.
  9. Ahh Pop Life, an underloved gem, I think. It's my favourite album of theirs but perhaps only because it has Jacquie. Even when I was a kid and my dad (of all people!) bought me The Greatest Hits Collection, I knew Love, Truth & Honesty and Nathan Jones had the best vocals of any of the songs on the whole CD. Later I found out why but at the time, I assumed the blonde one took the lead on those vocals - was I ever that young?!

    I'm still hoping against hope for a special limited Edsel CD of all the unreleased songs from 1988-1991 with Jacquie. You all know what I'm talking about...Love Generation, the original 7" mix of I Don't Care, Don't Throw It All Away. I would pay a premium to have all those in CD or better quality!
  10. I too would love a CD release of the "lost" PWL album from the 1989 sessions.

    I'm still not over the girls blocking the release of One In A Million on Megarama, what harm could it do now? If they were worried about tarnishing their legacy have they actually listened to Exotica?
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  11. Edsel couldn’t get the girls to communicate with them for the 2013 Studio Album Remasters, those (specifically) never had their approval, this is why we got “Too Much Of A Good Thing”’ & “Vicious Circle” (from the “True Confessions” era), “Reason For Living” from the “Wow!” era & “I Don’t Care”, “Some Boys” (from the “Pop Life” era).

    In order to have a strategy pertaining to what deserved release (& what did not), Tom Parker imposed a rule on himself, that anything found in the vaults, labelled “Demo”, should not be used (“Love Generation”, “Don’t Throw It All Away”, “Nothing Lasts Forever” etc, were labelled Demos) & were therefore deemed exempt from the Project.

    To be fair on Tom, he had to make a cut somewhere as a space saving device, to make everything (that was released) fit on each CD.

    At this point in the project (after the 2013 Reissues & before the “Megarama” compilation), I believe Edsel should have reconstituted & released the partially formed “Nothing Lasts Forever” album (with artwork restored from the photo shoot repurposed for the “Cruel Summer ‘89” Single/ Japan Remix Comp) & padded NLF out - with non era specific bonus tracks: “Love, Truth & Honesty”, “Help!”, “Changes”, “Cruel Summer (Demo)” etc. With a second disc of 2014 Pete Hammond/ Matt Pop commissioned Remixes.

    Unfortunately (at this point), Keren & Sara finally got on board (after being made aware of how well the Album Reissues had been received). The commercial brand value of having there approval for “Megarama”, was deemed to be more valuable than continuing the Reissue programme without that approval and with that approval came sacrifices to track-listings.

    Now that Edsel’s license has expired & the Back Catalogue is now under Warner/ Because Music, a fresh opportunity for the catalogue to be reapprased from scratch has arose.

    Basically, Warner’s highest chance of a high selling Bananarama Catalogue product is the reconstituted 1989 recordings, unfortunately Warner may value the girls input (over actual product content), which will directly result in another lacklustre product of nothing new, like last years “Greatest Hits” Reissue.
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  12. Interesting read. Shame more never happened.
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  13. Don’t give up hope. Warner’s took over the license in order to commercially exploit it. It’s up to you, the consumer to let them know exactly what form you would like that exploitation to take!
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  14. Yes, good point!
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  15. I still have no idea who sings what and whose voice sounds how. It doesn't bother me, I can still love them.
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  16. Same here on both counts he he.
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  17. If you listen to Jacquie’s material with Slippry Feet you can hear how prominent her vocals were during her stint in Bananarama. And Siobhan’s ad libs were always clear in the early material. Was great to hear the girls have a few solo lines on tour too so I could distinguish between Keren and Sara who’ve had a tendency to shout their way through duo gigs.
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  18. I want them too add "Love, Truth & Honesty" back in! It is a brilliant song, and it got to #89 in the US charts. It was their last time in the Billboard Hot 100 tracks.
  19. Always nice to see love for the superb Love, Truth And Honesty!
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