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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. 9 days 'till NY!!!
  2. Warners: abuse me.
  3. Yes indeed! We need these Warners!
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  4. I listened to the US 12 remix of Shy Boy last night, very, very, good! Faithful to the original mix, but a bit more faster.
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  5. You will get The Greatest Hits Collection again and deal.
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  6. Yes, it will be the same as the 2017 reissue but with Preacher Man and Help! as bonus tracks to celebrate 30 years of The Greatest Hits Collection being reissued!
  7. And I'd still probably buy it-again!
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  8. Who is going on Friday at Danforth Music Hall? Just got my M & G details via email. Very exciting!
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  9. US fans let us know how the first gig went stateside?
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  10. ^Yes to this please, be good to hear.
  11. It sounds like it was a great night! Definitely a more stripped back version of the UK show which is understandable given the logistics of the tour. From what I can tell the setlist was the same. I’d say the biggest difference was the removal of the live “auto tune” effects, so the vocals were a lot more raw, although I think that kind of suited the more intimate nature of the gig.
  12. Just seen this on Facebook

    Attached Files:

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  13. They have loosened their stage clothes up slightly, most apparent is the loss of Keren’s ‘Star Treck’ like shoulder pads (which I quite liked).

    The venue acoustics don’t sound quite as good as they did (at least at my gig). I think the background screen was a lot more HD & Modern at my gig also.

    But all in all it still looks solid & together overall.
  14. I'm surprised they didn't make Venus the encore in the US.
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  15. OK but when are they touring the WOW! album in Europe.
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  16. RuPaul was there last night.


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  17. They still appear to be having fun! I do hope this is a permanent reunion...... they do sound a bit “mums at karaoke shouty” again after the sound was much improved in the UK.....however the sheer joy outweighs this. (But I do think Siobhan needs to be louder in the mix).
  18. They were AMAZING last night, here in L.A.! The three of them really did look like they were having a ball up there performing together again and the audience was going crazy. I do agree that it seemed a bit weird that Ain't What Ya Doin' & Love in the First Degree was their encore and not I Heard a Rumor and Venus, their biggest hits here in the States, but oh well. I had a wonderful time!
  19. Thanks for posting. 21/2 days until NY!
  20. Very true, seeing as it was by far their biggest hit there. Seemed a very good show though.
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