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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. Has anyone else noticed the really quite good quality Wembley 1989 live tracks appear on youtube in recent days? The best quality yet as far as I know.
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  2. Yes! It’s got the full intro too!
  3. Just read the last three pages. I’m happy that there is so much love for Jacquie. Kinda sad there isn’t much love for the duo.

    Sara and Keren are Bananarama. And I hope they continue doing music. Hopefully we’ll get “Looking For Someone” this fall.
  4. Same it's nice to know Jacquie wasn't forgotten and has a fanbase even if it's just here on popjustice. She'll always be my fave Banana she's an angel.

  5. You’re right they are Bananarama and I will continue to support their music. I think what has become even more apparent since the original line up reunion is that they always will be seen as a 3 - going way back to when Jacquie was introduced - the public, the record labels, managememt etc. see the group as a trio. Their most successful time was as a trio and it just looks, feels and sounds better that way. However, Keren and Sara have carved out a niche in touring and will no doubt continue down that road for years to come - albeit with a more limited audience. I genuinely do wish them the best, but can also see the other side of the coin.
  6. I’ll always support and love Sara and Keren, but it’s going to be a hard slog for them to promote a new album as a duo.

    They’ve still got nine (I think) performances left as a trio so I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed for some sort of miracle
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  7. Amen to this!
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  8. Jacquie is great.

    It must have been so hard for her. She saw that some fans wouldn't take to a newbie joining.

    Recently, somebody tweeted about their dislike for her and tagged everyone, including Jacquie. Unbelievably stupid and hurtful.

    People have their favourites and that's OK - but Jacquie did nothing wrong - she just accepted an offer to join the worlds most successful girl group.
  9. The Jacquie singles run between I Want You Back and Tripping On Your Love, is nothing short but incredible.
  10. I don’t think in general the fans were the problem. Jacquie herself said she was a little out of control back then and didn’t realise what a business Bananarama had become. Couple that with Sara and Keren being so tight as friends it just didn’t work out. Sad really as the music was amazing during those years.
  11. Indeed, as she once said herself, the idea that she was ever an equal member of the group in least the other girls eyes, was alas not the case at all. The fact that she stuck it out for 3 years at all with this and still being asked in 1991 by the press "What was it like to have replaced Siobhan", is commendable in its self.
  12. I’d also add I think the fans did accept Jacquie - I got on board as a fan in the Greatest Hits era and although Siobhan was certainly a presence, I feel vocally and image wise Ms O fitted in perfectly.
  13. Yes ,she added a different look and vibe to the group ,no one can surely deny that. Two high points for her must be joining Bananarama and being part of the group at it's commercial heights ,and then also being on the Pop Life album ,which for many is their best era/record.
  14. If J was out of control at the time, it was probably because it was a weird situation that she walked into. An established group with two very close friends. A long history that she hadn't been a part of. That would be hard for anyone to suddenly be thrust into. J was probably very frustrated - and maybe she felt acting up was her only way of having some sort of control, even if it didn't do her any favours.

    It's also a bit understandable that K & S may have found it hard to carry on with a new person. Siobhan played a huge role and to then go and leave left K & S wondering what to do next. It was probably very difficult for K & S to accept and they were no doubt very reluctant to bring in a new person, but ultimately they gave in to record company pressure.

    J joining was the right decision. Who knows what might have happened if she didn't join? I'm sure that even K & S realise that Bananarama have always been better as 3. Visually, it works a hell of a lot better. The dance routines don't look anywhere near as good with just 2. The vocals are stronger with 3.

    K & S are great as a duo but I almost wish that they had not kept the Bananarama name for that period. For years and years whenever K & S did anything, they were always asked; what happened to the other girl?
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  15. Oh - and imagine a 1989 tour with just 2 bananas. That wouldn't have happened.
  16. They'd have probably quickly gone on to record a new album with SAW, getting Kylie/Donna/Sonia cast offs and flopped even worse than 'Pop life'.
  17. Seems Australia will miss out on the trio reunion shows...
    Thats a shame, the tour would have sold very well here.
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  18. Gimme.
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  19. Brilliant post!
  20. Thinking of just saying "fuck it" and seeing them in Edinburgh. Even though it's an outdoor venue. I think.
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