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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. Jacquie is a legend. I love the story about her taking acid the night before the 89 world tour! I wish she’d write her autobiography.
  2. It is outdoor!

    Let’s just hope the peak of British summertime is a good one!
  3. It's your last chance, flop fan. Go!
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  4. Oh that would be just so cool if she did!
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  5. My friend Norm and I met Jacquie again for cocktails tonight. I was telling her how much love there is for her out there with Bananarama fans. I mentioned the Popjustice Forum and I got out my iPhone and read her a couple of posts that you extra nice folks have said. She was very touched. She really is just so lovely!
  6. Tell Jacquie we love her and live for her icy popstar persona! She added a lot of magnetism to the band!
  7. Does anyone know why the July gig in Bristol has been cancelled?
  8. Oh has it? Glad I didn't get tickets for it.
  9. Must be all the album of new music work.
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  10. Had Is Your Love Strong Enough on earlier ,so cool that song.
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  11. Hometown shade.

    Everyone’s at a Blue Aeroplanes gig at the Thekla.
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  12. Considering they sold out the Colston Hall in November I was surprised they added this date so quickly afterwards.
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  13. Anyone have any idea when we should expect our dvds and blurays of the tour? I ordered mine back in December. I regret not going to multiple shows and want to experience it all over again!
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  14. Thought the same. Oh what a show that was that night too!
  15. 4th of May.
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  16. Thank you!
  17. Please don't tease
  18. The opposite.
    There's probably nothing coming.
  19. I know. That's the sad truth.

    I actually think It's A Trip by Shakespeares Sister would have worked well as a Bananarama song, or indeed most of Songs From The Red Room. I'm talking about if they did it 10 years ago of course, it would sound dated as hell now.
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