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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. I'm terribly sad that we never got an album of new material from this reunion.
  2. Same and to be honest, was very surprised too. Hey ho, at least we had the reunion itself, which was pop magic more than words could ever say.
  3. me too I mean at least a single...I think a missed opportunity....guess Siobhan wasn't that into it.
  4. They were so excited about writing a new song together, posted pictures from the writing session and also from the studio last summer. Autumn came and they acted like it never happened and didn't really talk about it again. Obviously they just couldn't make it work and decided to pull the plug on it.
  5. @biff stannard can you shed any light on the track they did with you?
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  6. Sounds like that, and a shame too.
  7. I think all three of them were fairly adamant from the start that the reunion was purely a celebration of the past. The single they were planning on releasing was just going to be a treat for the fans and a bit of promo for the tour. Obviously we all got incredibly carried away with all the excitement and maybe the girls did for a little while too, but they stuck to their guns in the end.
  8. I think maybe we shouldn't make our own conclusions as to why they haven't released a song. Maybe the song or songs that they recorded will appear at some point? It's obvious that they have enjoyed performing on the last tour. Maybe they are just not ready to record further songs or release anything right now? They don't have to work according to 'our' schedule. Yes, they've mentioned that this is a temporary arrangement many times, it's on the posters too - however, it could just be a bit of 'clever' marketing - and let's face it, it worked. People bought tickets. I prefer to be optimistic and hope that there are secret plans ahead for the original line up. I do not want this to end right now. Can I get a amen?
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  9. They’ve said that this is the end of this line up. They’re not gonna get to the end and be like “Psych! We were lying so you’d come to our shows!”
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  10. Of course we want more and more naturally but that tour was a pretty perfect way to leave things. I just hope they're all still pals at this stage.
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  11. I don't mind that there was no new music but I'm sad I missed the tour.
    Times like these I miss living in the UK.
  12. CHER DOES THIS ALL THE TIME.... No sooner has she taken a wig off, she's putting it back on again for another final tour. Plus, I saw an interview when they were saying they are just seeing how it goes. Keren has said multiple times that they have never been good at planning. Siobhan said in an interview that it might go on longer. Anything is possible. The tour was apparently last time to see them live - and then when that ended they announced further gigs at festivals... Nothing is totally set in stone - which is how I see it.
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  13. I had a dream last week they released a surprise trio single which was a cover of Every Shade Of Blue that Siobhan was not even detectable on. I came here for reaction and y'all were not amused.
  14. She died Jill.
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  15. Aren't Fleetwood Mac currently advertising their 14th farewell tour?
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  16. Ha ha ha ha
  17. Wait, have they actually said that this is it and there is nothing more?!
  18. May 4th is looming which means Live DVD time (all being on schedule!)......
  19. Thanks for the reminder I still need to pre-order this!

    Is it coming out on BluRay too or just DVD? I can't remember...
  20. Oh I ordered the DVD so not sure. Can’t wait as was a highlight of last year and will get me excited to see the trio one last time at Edinburgh Castle in July.
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