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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. I like Let Me Love You One More Time.

    I think it’s quite a beautiful melody.
  2. I prefer it to Movin' On and Last Thing On My Mind.
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  3. Last Thing On My Mind doesn't really do it for me in any form. The Steps' version is only so-so for me.
  4. When I bought Please Yourself when it originally came out, it sounded so dated already. Over the years, I've become quite fond of it.

    You're Never Satisfied is great. There is something about the tempo that makes me feel it deserved a Silk Hurley Mix

    Movin' On is one of Bananarama's best videos. The Movin' Mix should have been on 12" and CD single. It's far superior compared to the other mixes. I was devastated when I found out that Treat Me Right wasn't a proper song.

    I think Last Thing On My Mind also has a great video. I love the black suits and Sara is rocking short hair. Someone once told me that the version of Another Lover on the cassette single is slightly different. Can anyone verify that?
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  5. Only Time Will Tell, is especially a good little bop.
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  6. Don’t forget the masterpiece Treat Me Right.

    Please Yourself unapologetic massive fan here.
  7. Always good too see more love for this great album.
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  8. I've never made it through Please Yourself in one sitting. I met them just before it came out and even then they came across as not liking it themselves.
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  9. Just catching up on old TOTP and Do Not Disturb was a new entry at #40......I know the ladies hate this song but I think it’s ok. Not a classic, but perfectly serviceable. Clear though their fortunes were on a downward spiral by 1985...... thank goodness they went to SAW with the idea of a hi nrg remake of Venus......and the rest is history.
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  10. I love Treat Me Right. It almost bridges the gap between Pop Life and Please Yourself with it's house influence.
  11. Indeed, a good little song that, but Venus saved them I think.
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  12. I much prefer Do Not Disturb to Venus.
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  13. You're an episode behind - it's now at #31! They play out with the full song at the end of the next one, too. We should get the Venus TOTP performance around... September time? Then there's only one more Banana performance, I Heard A Rumour, before Siobhan has left the group. It's crazy that they never got to perform Love In The First Degree. Considering the impact an appearance had on the charts back then, it might've even pushed it up to #1!
  14. Yeah I just watched that one too. Re. Love In The First Degree I assume it’s due to Siobhan being on maternity leave around the release date..... no performances exist that I am aware of between I Heard A Rumour and then early 1988 and Siobhan’s last promo duties culminating in the Brits.
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  16. Don't forget this awesome trio of performances! I guess that's as close to a TOTP performance as we're likely to see.

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  17. Half done? I thought it was finished at the end of 2016 and then in early 2017 they started being really active on social media, which some of us assumed was due to something being announced, ultimately resulting in the reunion news. I thought the duo album was literally sat in the wings. They don't want to take too long finishing it... a 2019 release seems ages away. That's 7 years since the EP and 10 years since the last duo album!
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  18. Perhaps the reunion has inspired them and they realise they need to improve the quality of their output? Hence they're delaying it to improve it?
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  19. Let’s be honest tge girls are hardly known to be work horses....... aside from the first 4 albums they’ve hardly been prolific.
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  20. Is the live DVD/CD box set out this week?
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