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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. Delayed till June
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  2. Yes, a Top Of The Pops performance of Love In The First Degree, could have been an extra push for the song. Not to mention just brilliant to have had anyway.
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  3. Yes, a trio album, what a joy that would have been.
  4. I wonder if they even discussed the matter of taking the reunion further than the tour itself?
  5. Yes, wonder that too.
  6. Just been listening to the edit of True Confessions - think it would’ve been a good single. Actually I like that album a lot despite its lack of success outside of Venus.
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  7. It's actually one of my favorite Bananarama albums.

    Really looking forward to the new album - I love the girls both as a trio and a duo. It would have been fun to get one more trio album but the shows were amazing and I'm just glad the girls are still recording and releasing music at this point.
  8. Yes lots of good songs. I’ve always loved Dance With A Stranger too.

    As for the new album I will continue to support the ladies, but I don’t want a duo any more. I want another Jacquie era now! I know not realistic, I’ve always felt the group should be a trio whether that be with Siobhan or Jacquie.
  9. Dance With A Stranger, is a superb song I think!
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  10. I’d hoped if the reunion was permanent on the next tour they’d explore some deeper cuts......obviously not to be unless we get a U Turn this summer.....
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  11. Hopefully we will! But alas, can't quite see it.
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  12. They're on good terms with Siobhan so she can still turn up at any time.
  13. I'm optimistic that something will happen....maybe not this year....
  14. Yes, always that now.
  15. It’s strange to think that whatever album they end up releasing may very well be their last. I’m basing that on the amount of time since they released Viva.
  16. At some point they mentioned country music, which sounded ridiculous at the time, but would have put them ahead of the curve.
  17. That was a comment made by Sara when they appeared on Pointless 5 years ago about recording in Nashville. Several curves come and go while the Nana's are developing their next masterpiece - let's hope they catch a curve this time round. I personally don't know what I'm more hopeful of getting my hands on first - a new Bananarama album or a recording of a Bananarama gig I went to six months ago!
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  18. I could imagine the Rams doing something like Dancing by Kylie. Not sure it would suit them across a whole album though.
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  19. ^You never know!
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