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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. Who knew that CountryKylie was the reinvention we all needed? I wouldn't be averse to the Rams doing something similar to Golden now.
  2. If it is good enough for our Kylie!
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  3. The unreleased song they sung on K&S's Australian tour has such a great hook - but it doesn't fit in with the current musical landscape in any way, which to be honest isn't such a bad thing really.

    Got To Get Away - the lyrics are a bit weak but I'd love to hear a studio version. It has an eighties guitar/rock/pop sound to it.
  4. The big question is; are K&S signed to label? Does anyone know? I can't see the their BMG publishing deal from 2 years ago extends to full on contract to release an album because what company would wait that time for an album....
  5. I think if BMG did it right with Bananarama they could give them a top 10 album. I mean, Rick Astley got a number 1 album with them, there's absolutely no reason why the girls couldn't score one too, especially now after the tour with Siobhan.
  6. I think as a trio with Siobhan they could’ve had a hit album......back to the duo I have doubts.
  7. Agreed! Would be good to see too.
  8. I'm sure Keren and Sara mentioned they were doing something country sounding before the trio reunion tour happened?
  9. This is the Steps CD/DVD/Bluray live photobook, out June 8th. The Bananarama one will look much the same I expect. It should be available on Amazon, too;

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  10. Looks great!
  11. Does anyone know if we are due to get any promo in advance of these last trio dates? The social media updates seem to be kicking in again, but would be nice to see the ladies and hear what they have planned for these shows and the future?
  12. Yes, it would be good if we got some more final snippets of information before the reunion ends.
  13. I doubt it. They’re probably on an extended vacation until July!
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  14. Shame, but not too surprised! Hope they are having a great break anyway. Much deserved.
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  15. We know the Bananas love a vacay
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  16. A 30 year away vacation in Siobhan's case! At least in terms of not being a Nana!
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  17. I guess after leaving Bananarama for a second time, this was the next logical step!
  18. Future reunion one day perhaps?
  19. I never thought I'd see the day!

    Wonderful to see Siobhan and Marcella reunited. Now give us a tour!
  20. Could well happen I think .
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