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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. Completely agree, this version was amazing. Such a shame it wasn’t performed in London so we could have it on the CD
  2. I remember watching this in 1988 then rewatching if from my VHS recording to learn the routine, one of their best TOTP performances surely (and they did some great ones)
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  3. The 7" inch mix of Is She Good To You is a bop! I also don't think that the parent album is as bad as people say.
  4. I agree the songs are great, but maybe the production even at the time was dated hence it isn’t well loved. Definitely some gems on there though.
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  5. I thought the album was dreadful at the time. Today I like it.
  6. It’s an OK album which, coming off of four amazing albums and an eclectic and attention keeping album, is not a great compliment.

    I do think “Is She Good...” should’ve been the second single off that album (or third single if we take the existence of the 7” mix into account) and then the rest can remain. Oh well
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  7. Do we know if Love, Truth & Honesty was always going to lead a Greatest Hits album or would we have gotten a proper album if it had been a Top 5 smash?
  8. From what I have read a Greatest Hits was always planned but the lead track was going to be One In A Million until the girls realised they hated it! I think Nathan Jones being rerecorded was a last minute addition.
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  9. The only good songs on Please Yourself (for me) are Movin' On, Is She Good to You?, Only Time Will Tell, and Last Thing on My Mind. Once in a while, depending on my mood, I enjoy More More More and I Could Be Persuaded, but the rest are filler at best. Let Me Love You One More Time is beyond dreary and dreadful. I rarely actively loathe Bananarama songs, but that's one of the very few. Another Lover is one of their best b-sides, but Treat Me Right is not my cup of tea at all. Just really up and down across the board.
  10. The album version of More More More is brilliant and the ultimate version of the song for me. I don't like the watered down production of the 7" mix, especially the weak, less punchy intro.

    That and Is She Good To You (one of my favourite Rama songs in its album incarnation) are the only tracks I listen to from Please Yourself with any regularity. I don't mind Movin On, Give It All Up For Love and You'll Never Know What It Means, whilst Give It All Up For Love and You're Never Satisfied are passable too. They've certainly released far worse albums.
  11. I absolutely love and agree with this post so much! That so should have been a single, such a mistake it wasn't. Though guess that they thought it would be a flop if they did though.
  12. The short answer is no, we wouldn't have gotten a proper album in 1988. According to the original press release of the “Greatest Hits”, the first single was “Love Generation” and it was scheduled for release on July 25, 1988. The then titled “Greatest Hits” was to be released on August 15, 1988.

    At some point between early July and early September, Bananarama performed “One In A Million” and “Love, Truth & Honesty” at Festivalbar ’88 in Ibiza. I don’t know the exact date.

    Ultimately “Love, Truth & Honesty” was chosen as the lead single and released on September 12, 1988. “The Greatest Hits Collection” followed in October.

    The original press release had the “Greatest Hits” track listing as …


    I Heard A Rumour
    Love In The First Degree
    Trick Of The Night
    I Want You Back
    New Track
    New Track


    Really Saying Something
    Shy Boy
    Robert De Niro’s Waiting
    Cruel Summer
    It Ain’t What You Do
    Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)
    Rough Justice

    With extra tracks on the CD …

    Aie A Mwana
    Venus (12” Mix)
    Love In The First Degree (12” Mix)

    Hope that helps.
  13. They were considering not putting I Can't Help It on the tracklist...?!
  14. Jeez glad that tracklist was averted.
  15. And (A) Trick of the Night on side A?! I assume that was because they like the song. The record company obviously saw sense (from a commercial point of view; not dissing the song as I like it) and relegated it to a CD bonus track.

    I guess this means that they don't like 'I Can't Help It'.
  16. Perhaps initially it was planned to leave I can't help it off as an incentive for people to buy Wow! to get it. As it ended up being on the album I bet it killed Wow!'s sales stone dead as all 5 singles were on there. I'm guessing they would have used the SAW version of 'Trick' had it kept to that tracklisting.
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  17. Amazing. They probably saw sense and realised this could sell well and moved it to Q4 with the big press and TV campaign.
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  18. I gave up smoking recently, and have been treating myself to some box sets and vinyl with the money I'm saving. My Please Yourself white vinyl arrived today, and I was surprised to find it came with a CD of the album plus mixes - I'm delighted.
    I had the double CD back in the day with the mixes as CD 2, and I only bought the vinyl because I love the cover, it's for framing and hanging, not for playing. I will order the True Confessions, Wow & Banarama vinyl tomorrow now that I know they come with a CD.
    Also, Love Truth & Honesty was AMAZING in 1988 and is still amazing today. I was an 11 year old pop fanatic when it came out and it was the first time I actually paid attention to them. I was one of the many who got Greatest Hits for Christmas that year, and I discovered that they also sang Robert de Nero's Waiting, I knew the song, but never knew it was by them until then.
  19. Condragulations on giving up smoking, I have been cigarette free for nearly 3 years now too, good idea to use the money you save on music!

    I too have bought True Confessions, WOW!, Pop Life and Please Yourself on vinyl just to frame and think they look amazing. WOW! in particular really pops on the wall.
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  20. Congrats, and that's the most popjustice incentive ever to quit smoking!
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