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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. This would've been great to hear live on the re-union tour. The 1989 live version is quite good:
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  2. Thanks for this. I agree , it would have been a perfect live downtempo moment on the re-union tour too. As well as Stay.
  3. I wish they’d done Once In A Lifetime too, mainly as it would’ve been the perfect song to nip to the bar/loo to.
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  4. Ha, fair enough, each to their own!
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  5. I had to hold my piss the entire night so I agree.
  6. I’m sorry, I’m glad people like it but we had to cross our legs as hit after hit kept coming!
  7. Yes, could not exactly have a loo break with all those classics, one after another!
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  8. First world problems hey? But so true since the Original Line Up Tour was literally all killer no filler start to finish. I remember my sister seeing them with me in Glasgow and she couldn’t bear to go to the bar or the loo as she didn’t want to miss the next song. A girl group with so many classics (even those that didn’t quite smash like they should have).
  9. The Nanas trolled us all by opening with the loo break song ha
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  10. Currently listening to the 1989 demos from the ultimately abandoned album with Stock Aitken Waterman. They are good I think, but at the same time, I get why they wanted to move on at that time with the new decade on the way too.
  11. Yes there wasn’t much stand out material there at demo stage though for me the strongest is Don’t Throw It All Away. I really think with a proper mix it could’ve been amazing.
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  12. Yes the mixes are good, but needed tighted up. A couple of the instrumentations, sound like Cross My Broken Heart by Sinitta too.
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  13. If only they came out that catchy....
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  14. I also love this with all its 80s glory:
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  15. Wow! and Pop Life are Bananarama's Spice and Spiceworld.
  16. Very good comparison I think. Although I think that Pop Life is like Spice being the more cooler and vaired album, whereas as Spiceworld is like WOW!, pure unadulterated and at times camp, dance pop fun!
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  17. The humble beginnings of Glamourama. And an instant pop classic.

  18. My go to version, always.
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  19. Far more enjoyable than the original for me. Not that I don’t enjoy the original. I don’t get why this version gets hate. It’s a sufficiently different mix it’s almost a different song to me. I just wish the remix collection had been released in the UK as this release didn’t make much sense without it at the time!
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  20. I agree, and the 1989 remix album so should have seen a full release as planned. Very odd. Could have had another single release too.
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