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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Fish Finger, May 31, 2012.

  1. I legit thought you had it listed!
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  2. Autobiography just announced for pre-order

    “Bananarama: Really Saying Something
    Sara & Karen - Our Story”

    Released 29/10/20
  3. Exciting times - I hope their memories have some upload_2020-5-20_9-12-42.png clarity now!
  4. Amazing! I hope there'll be some juicy stories!
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  5. Want!! This is gonna be so good.
  6. Waterstones are selling signed copies online!
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  7. I wonder how candid this will be. I’ll buy it for sure.
  8. It'd be a shame if they didn't get Siobhan or Jacqui to write something for this considering how long they were in the band for. Even like a foreword or something.
  9. Is this up on Amazon yet does anyone know?
  10. It is but only the signed version is on Waterstones!
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  11. I’m so excited to read this but why do I have a feeling they’ll gloss over Siobhan and Jacquie. We’ll see!
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  12. Cool thanks for the info!
  13. Yeah me too, I think that’s why it has specifically got Sara & Keren our story on the cover. It’s not going to be a full Bananarama disclosure.
  14. Looking forwards to the memoirs book, I would imagine that Keren and Sara would be aware that their fans would want to hear their true thoughts and feelings on the happenings in their career, they have been less commercially restricted in recent times like at the Q&A on the mini album launch tour where they was open and honest.
    I hope the book follows that format as I would love to hear the stories and feelings of the good and bad times and everything in between in every era of their career.

    Speaking of true confessions (pun intended) what is the one thing you have all always wanted to know about their career that you never knew the answer for?
  15. As long as there are no history rewrites...”we have been a duo since 1988” *facepalm*
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  16. They actually seem to have at last “warmed” to the Jacquie period and have mentioned her existence the last couple of years (maybe triggered by last years deluge of questions during the Q&A before their mini album launch shows!)
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  17. Love the gorgeous cover, can't wait to read it!
  18. Sara and Keren, just seem to look better and better with time.
  19. You know it's an old photo with Jacquie removed from it, right?

    I don't know why they didn't use a current photo.

    They did a professional photoshoot a couple of months ago and I wonder if that is connected.
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  20. Really? No, I didn't. Good cover all the same and they still look good all the same too.
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